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Journal Journal: The time has come for us to say sayonara 1

My heart will always be yours for eternity
I knew some time we'd have to say sayonara
So promise that...
Uhh, Colonel, fair is fair. If I nail Hotlips and punch Hawkeye, can I go home?
I'll remember our romance until the day that I die
I'll see your face in the moon and stars in the sky...

Comment First (Score 5, Insightful) 161

Demand that all service providers act as common carriers, or "dumb pipes", if you will. To insure access for everybody, the basic infrastructure must be managed by a publicly accountable entity, the government, just like the roads. And these "roads" must accept all kinds of traffic. No tiering, no filtering, none of that. The "last mile" can be leased out to those who will accept these conditions. We need consumer protection with real teeth. They won't do it unless they hear from us. So speak up, and speak LOUD. I am formulating my letter at this very moment. To those of you who want to leave it up to the market, I respectfully remind you of the AM stereo debacle, and American cell phone service.

Comment Re:RTFS?? (Score 1) 904

My position is that you have no right to tell a person where he can be simply because of the misfortune of his place of birth! It's no different than racism, sexism, or any other of those things. It's Jim Crow on a grand scale. And it doesn't matter if you watch FOX or not. I do sometimes. So I can tell you that you are merely echoing their tiresome bullshit.


Comment Re:Your society is unwilling to pay the price (Score 1) 34

Likely- they already charge pregnant women..

That sucks! In that case they should price it like cargo...by the pound. And that would give good incentive for some to go on a diet :-)

Well, in natural law- most siamese twins didn't make it to the age of reason...

That's what I was thinking. It is a mutation of sorts, and mutants rarely survive.

But based on the success often of medical intervention to separate such twins, I'd treat them as two people.

Okay, but they are two equals. I doubt very much one could call for the other to be killed or "aborted". Though sometimes that is necessary for the other to survive.

Not if she's being forced into it due to being unable to care for the child...

Well, she can always check into the ER :-), give birth, and run off...The "force" to abort is still an internal decision.

It would be better for the species to replace the economic system with something just and merciful.

Exactly. So do that and the abortion rate will plummet to almost zero. Again, deal with the cause. And if the economy is actually forcing women to abort. Then the economy is the worse of the two. In fact it wouldn't be "abortion". Medically, it would be a miscarriage, literally, and figuratively(of justice).

True, but economics has nothing to do with nature, and everything to do with greed.

Oopsy-daisy...At this point in our evolution, we are still every bit as natural as the weeds growing in your back yard. There's not a thing we have done that couldn't be clearly be illustrated on the Animal Planet. It looks all fancy and stuff, but the motivators are just as primitive as what's in single cell bacteria. We are complex, not different.

Comment Re:Idea (Score 0, Redundant) 225

Exactly! The water is going nowhere. There's just as much now as there was 4.5 billion years ago. And there's plenty of it bubbling up from deep underground we haven't even touched. Christ! We pipe oil 800 miles across Alaska. Do they mean to say we can't do the same for ocean water? In fact I thought it might be one of the reasons to just float the damn things, or better yet sink 'em so they are surrounded by nice cool water. As always, it's about the damn money.

Comment Re:Your society is unwilling to pay the price (Score 1) 34

So to you, siamese twins are one person, despite the two brains?

Heh, I would be interested to see if an airline would charge two tickets. I suppose it would depend on whether they* could fit into one seat. What if one committed murder. Should the other suffer the same sentence? How would this work in a death penalty case? Or two brains, one penis. Can there be two wives? You present a good question. I wouldn't know who on earth is qualified to answer. How does natural law, or any of the holy books handle it?

*I sense a glitch in the matrix.

I'd be fine with that if it weren't for the economic forcing of women to abort.

Why would the economy matter? The choice is still hers. And she's making it using using available data. And also, in this case, what's more detrimental to the species as a whole? The economy, or the abortion? If mom has the baby, and both die, is that better than her aborting this one so she can have more in the future when she is more able to care for it? This is the way nature handles the problem, isn't it?

Comment Re:RTFS?? (Score 1) 904

The entire credit based economy is a ponzi scheme, but it is within that framework that I'm speaking. For it to grow, the population has to grow with it. Truth be told, the entire thing has to be ripped down, and the borders too. They only serve to keep the slaves on the plantation. A person has at least the same rights to roam freely about as a moose. If they can't bring the food home, then they must be able to go where the food is. Seems pretty basic to me.

Comment Re:RTFS?? (Score 1) 904

My point is that you will need people to continue to pay into social security since Americans aren't having enough kids. Best to get these people on the payroll to avoid a breakdown. As for the person I responded to, he/she will find that once they start getting a serious income, they tend to vote more conservatively. And they too will hate the new immigrants that come in after them.

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