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The Media

Submission + - In Defense of the Anonymous Coward

Hugh Pickens writes: "Doug Feaver has an interesting story in the Washington Post "in defense of the anonymous, unmoderated, often appallingly inaccurate, sometimes profane, frequently off point and occasionally racist reader comments that allows to be published at the end of articles and blogs." Feaver says that during his seven-year tenure as editor or executive editor of he kept unmoderated comments off the site but now four years after retiring he says he has come to think that online comments are a terrific addition to the conversation and that journalists need to take them seriously. "The subjects that have generated the most vitriol during my tenure in this role are race and immigration," writes Feaver. "But I am heartened by the fact that such comments do not go unchallenged by readers. In fact, comment strings are often self-correcting and provide informative exchanges." Feaver says that comments are also a pretty good political survey. "The first day it became clear that a federal bailout of Wall Street was a real prospect, the comments on the main story were almost 100 percent negative. It was a great predictor of how folks feel, well out in front of the polls. We journalists need to pay attention to what our readers say, even if we don't like it. There are things to learn.""
United States

Journal Journal: The uninsured

..."do not provide political benefit for the aid you give them*...If I'm in Congress, and I help out farmers, they'll help me out politically. But if I help out the uninsured, they are not likely to help members of Congress get re-elected."

*They might if you actually give them any.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma: Good 3

Took a fucking shitload of effort, but I managed to hose away some karma.

Best part: Almost 40 mod points wasted on me in that one thread.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: foreclosure of a scheme 5

Ole Bernie Madoff, who is but the posterboy and just one of many of the rich in current times who felt/feel the need to get richer via screwing over others, experienced quite a down-sizing in living arrangements today. No he didn't go from a luxurious McMansion to an apt. or tent, like so many ordinary dumb cheat Americans. No, this dumb cheat American went from a $7 million downtown Manhattan penthouse apt. to a walk-in closet-sized jail cell. I hope he enjoys his new 60 sq. ft. digs, and ge


Journal Journal: Can a fetus pass a Turing test? 15

I ask not because I think granting inalienable rights to a chickpea embedded in a uterine wall is silly, but because we've obviously been oppressing our computers with standards that are far too onerous.

Particularly as geeks, we should be ashamed of such bigotry. So I call upon all of you to liberate your machines and demand an even playing field.

Journal Journal: Powerful Quote 11

We would rather be ruined than changed,
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.

Submission + - Road Runner blocks access to (

An anonymous reader writes: Update: (04/08 11am) — Road Runner/Time Warner admits they blocked access to Bad Cop News from their southern California subscribers. Access was quickly restored after media inquires.

Submission + - Year's Top Censors Receive Muzzle Awards (

Waldo Jaquith writes: "We've all heard the stories of outlandish censorship over the past year. The student who was expelled from Valdosta State University for criticizing the school on Facebook. New York state refusing to let somebody have a 'GETOSAMA' license plate. The judge who barred a rape victim from using the word "rape" in her testimony. The FCC. Period. Well, they and ten others are all getting their comeuppance, in the form of the Thomas Jefferson Center's 17th annual Jefferson Muzzle Awards. The dubious distinction goes to those organizations who have done the most to stifle free expression in the past year. The FCC, appropriately enough, got a lifetime achievement award."

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