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Submission + - Judge Rejects Approval of Biotech Sugar Beets

countertrolling writes: "A federal judge has ruled that the government failed to adequately assess the environmental impacts of genetically engineered sugar beets before approving the crop for cultivation in the United States. The decision could lead to a ban on the planting of the beets, which have been widely adopted by farmers.
Beets supply about half the nation's sugar, with the rest coming from sugar cane. About 10,000 farmers grow about 1.1 million acres of sugar beets, Mr. Markwart said. That makes it a small crop compared to staples like soybeans and corn.

The Agriculture Department did conduct an environmental assessment before approving the genetically engineered beets in 2005 for widespread planting. But the department concluded there would be no significant impact, so a fuller environmental impact statement was not needed.

But Judge White said that the pollen from the genetically engineered crops might spread to non-engineered beets. He said that the "potential elimination of farmer's choice to grow non-genetically engineered crops, or a consumer's choice to eat non-genetically engineered food" constituted a significant effect on the environment that necessitated an environmental impact statement.

In March, Judge White had asked the federal government if the Obama administration would take a different stance in the case than the Bush administration had. The new administration said there would be no change.

There's still hope, isn't there? That we can at least get this stuff labeled properly?"

Submission + - Mexico to register cell phones 1

gringofrijolero writes: "Starting this Friday, the telephone companies concessionaires must carry out a separate registration and control of its users. In this way, the new mobile user who acquires a cell need to provide their full name, proof of residence, nationality and their fingerprint.

The above, to form the National Register of mobile phone users, which will reduce the commission of crimes via cell phone as extortion, threats, kidnapping, or any of its forms or of any felony related to organized crime.

For their part, more than 70 million users who already enjoy this service, they will have one year to comply with registration and control."

These stories have been going around for a while now. The new twist I see is the fingerprinting. I don't know how much longer it will be before you folks north of the Rio Grande will be doing the same thing, but it appears inevitable. We can expect a sharp rise in cell phone thefts, and lots of false accusations because of this, and our lawyers aren't exactly what you could call "effective".
The Military

Journal Journal: Surrender Monkeys?

Yeah, right!

France is the only country so far to have intervened successfully for attacked yachts, having used commando type operations to release two previous yachts without any loss of life of the hostages. - emphasis mine

United States

Journal Journal: Finally a solution to my Locale problems 14

I have most likely already ranted about locales. Locales are deeply flawed, especially under Linux (well, you'll see, not that flawed). They associate a language to a country, like en_US, en_UK, en_CA, fr_FR, fr_LU, de_DE, de_LU... The first part is the "language" part and is lower case, the second part is the territory and it indicates the formatting rules. For example, en_US format to the insane format known as MM/DD/YYYY ;-) For Europeans that's madness. However, t


Submission + - Samsung ships first 16GB DDR3 modules ( 1

Slatterz writes: South Korean chipmaker Samsung said that it has shipped its first 16GB DDR3 memory modules. The new modules use a 50 nanometer manufacturing process and operate at a 1.35 volt power level. The modules use the higher density and more efficient 2Gb process Samsung first announced last September. While prices for DDR3 remain high, the modules are widely expected to take over the market in the coming years as prices fall and buyers opt for its higher data transfer rates and power savings.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Pay cut? That would not be a good idea ... 20

So, for almost two weeks I catch hell because somehow I've supposedly broken the code I wrote for our web designer (javascript that caches images for one of our sites) because it suddenly loads slowly in IE on the boss's home machine, even though it loads fine in every other browser. I explain that IE by default only makes 2 connections to the server, and you have half a dozen css and javascript files, and 52 (yikes!) images to fetch, so 58/2 = 29 back-and-forth trips per connection, wherea

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