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Comment Re:The key is not getting caught (Score 2) 648

The issue of non-assimilation has nothing to do with this issue, nice try at straw man.

It's not a straw man. The muslim minorities which refuse to allow assimilation are the main reason for destabilization of Western European societies. Trying to blame any of it on Russia is just a misdirection.

Comment Re:The key is not getting caught (Score 3, Insightful) 648

Ok, I think you are missing the whole "she is above the law" part. Well, not missing, but lying about it like you are about everything else. And you do like to cherry pick your data. Your example of 8 million is less than 1% of the billion dollars the foundation collected. But you found 1 year in which Clintons were not paid anything directly by the foundation? That's kind of the nature of money laundering -- they always have to use different schemes for each new operation because repeating the same scheme make them catchable. Like Hillary's newest book... C'mon. best seller? No one would read that tripe. It's another laundry scheme.

Clinton Health Matters staff work with local governments and businesses in the United States to develop wellness and physical activity plans.

Jesus. Read this sentence 3 times and then think about whether anyone who is paying attention would actually believe this kind of bullshit. "Programming expenses"? What's the drill down? How much of it on private-jet fuel?

Trump's cabinet is doing stupid things like making energy more expensive by pushing coal and nuclear energy, the EPA is allowing more pollution

aha. It's why India has signed a deal to build 10 nuclear plants. Because it's looking to waste money. Nuclear has the cheapest per kW generation and coal has the cheapest booster per kW generation. "Renewables" only have cheapest generation during excess production times.

I voted for Bush in 2000.

You want me to take the word of a criminal-supporter such as yourself on your voting record? Pass. Although if you did vote for Bush, you might be in a better position to claim that you are just an idiot rather than an apologist for criminals. I just don't think you are that stupid.

if the Democratic party wants to win in...

Yeah, I hope they do exactly what you suggest. I won't give any hints on what they should do. I would rather see this vile scumbags dethroned and all the criminals among them jailed before they get to be heard again. There is a new path the country should take, but for now it is the Republicans who still have to act like they have something to prove. So it is the Republicans who are more years from becoming corrupt than the Democrats (who are already there).

Comment Re: The key is not getting caught (Score 3, Informative) 648

There you go lying again. You really have to provide evidence which, at least, agrees with you when you push these lies. From the article you linked:

supporters point to a 2013 Stanford study that found that Michigan charter-school students are learning at a faster rate in reading and math than their public-school peers — seeing an additional two months of gains in each subject. Gains for Detroit charter-school students were greater, at three months.

The only downside it lists is in some mismanaged of expenses (as if Public schools had none of those) and the source for that is Detroit Free Press -- an unapologetically Communist (by their own admission) newspaper.

Care to list some other cherry-picked bull shit to show that the system which has consistently produced better education outcomes should somehow be denied to blacks? That's your evidence for "humane" treatment of blacks by the Democrats, right? I'd call you an idiot, but I don't want to be that generous. I doubt you don't get it. You just can't sell the truth, so you pander lies.

Comment Re:The key is not getting caught (Score 1) 648

85% of the Clinton Foundation was spent on doing charity work

Well, either you are lying or most of the news sources are. I'll go ahead and assume it's you.

spending that money running charitable programs themselves

That is they spent that money on their family activities? Got it. Your evidence that I am wrong is to agree with me. Clintons were broke when BIll left office. And then he somehow magically had enough money to spend millions on his daughter's wedding. That's his personal money -- not government picking up his bills (as it did when he was President). I am sure a billion dollars in donations from state actors to a foundation which is doing charity in countries in which those states have no interest is producing no family income for Clintons. It's all above board. Tax filings.... Jesus H Christ! Tax filings! This is what you use to judge how Clintons spend their money abroad? Clinton family has been in money laundering business first and foremost ever since Bill left office. Everything else they did was subservient to that activity. And before you think I am some right-wing nut, you should know that I voted for Gore.

Comment Re:The key is not getting caught (Score 2) 648

That's because you (and the general public) doesn't seem to grok the Russian's actual goals here.

Really? So was this not a problem before the election? The full damage that the Clintons had done to the US interests was known. Why did the fact that it was Russians who participated in buying of Clintons only become a story after Clinton lost the election? I don't know how you come to the conclusion that only one side is aware of something. Both D's and R's are claiming Russian interference in the elections. Neither side is offering anything sinister which occurred in secret (buying ads and paying shills is not sinister -- it's politics-as-usual). The only things which can be claimed to have been sinister were done in the open. And, again, they were not brought up as anything important before the US electorate rejected the criminals who are now pushing this narrative.

The real goal is the destabilization of Western democracies.

Oh? My bad. I didn't realize there were millions of Russians who settle in the West and refused to assimilate in order to create their own society-within-a-society in order destabilize the host countries. Oh, wait. It wasn't the Russians who did that. It was the muslim immigrants. I wonder who has more money to buy influence in secret.... Russia, which emerged as a result of an economic collapse of the Soviet Union, or OPEC nations (awash in oil cash)? Well, I guess we'll never know.

Comment even if you buy the premise (Score 1, Troll) 648

Even if anyone buys the premise that Russia was funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Trump (in secret) after spending millions of dollars to support Clintons (in the open), so what? Clinton is a known criminal. Why would we care if its Russia helping us to expose a criminal instead of (for example) France? If the FBI and the DOJ were so corrupt that they would not charge a candidate of the same party as the sitting president, shouldn't we be thankful if some foreign power were to reveal the depth of their corruption? Why is their doing us a favor such a problem for us? I mean, there is no question that Clinton committed multiple crimes and that she completely destroyed the good faith and credit of The United States by blatantly reneging on international agreements which US entered in good faith. Why is someone spending an amount so small (that it wouldn't buy even 1 Super Bowl ad) considered election influence if the end result was to shine the light on misdeeds of a criminal running for office?

Comment Re: The key is not getting caught (Score 1, Troll) 648

Dems, at the federal level at least, generally don't support gays blacks or whatever just because they want their vote, but because they think humans should be treated humanely.

Yeah, right. Is that why Dems constantly try to dismantle charter schools? Because they are the best chance that blacks have to get quality education in the ghetto? No, it's because the contributions (aka "bribes") from public employee unions are more important than the humane treatment of blacks. Even Obama dismantled predominantly-black charter schools.

Comment Re:The key is not getting caught (Score 2) 648

But Russians spent more on Clintons (both Bill and Hillary) than that. In fact, RF paid out 500k to Bill Clinton for just 1 speech. Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated to Clinton foundation by state-actor donors. 85% of that money was spent on Clinton family expenses rather than on charity. How is this someone not getting caught? There was nothing to catch. Clintons were openly bribed by foreign powers. Why would Russians spend millions on Clintons in the open only to go and then spend a few hundred thousand on Trump in secret? The whole Russian influence story doesn't make any sense if you consider all the publicly known information which you are asked to not consider as part of the story. Why are unproven accusations and innuendos (that Russia helped Trump) more important than what is known for a fact (that Russia helped Clinton)?

Comment stop abandoning your niche (Score 4, Insightful) 223

The troubling trend is not that Microsoft is abandoning the business it never had. It's that it is abandoning the business it still dominates in order to bet on the business in which they are a distant second. They are literally abandoning the desktop in order to benefit their cloud business. They are doing everything they can to make a Windows desktop just a heavy terminal to their cloud solutions. They overburden it with telemetry. They don't let desktop office caches to store templates downloaded from the net for more than a limited period. They are willing to give away MSVS as long as the help is only viewed online (the paid version has a local copy of help). They end of life systems which are less reliant on network and which are more local-media centered. It's all turning a Windows desktop into a Chromebook. Well, guess what? The market hates Chromebook. People like desktop as a self-contained autonomous serverless jack knife solution. If they use a Windows Desktop, they are not looking for an over performing client to the network. They are looking for a network-capable all-in-one solution. This is the niche which made Windows XP (and to a lesser extent Windows 7) the most successful consumer desktop operating system of all time. Windows XP survived for 15 years essentially unchanged. And that's an operating system used by end users. There is a golden middle between too much and too little and it can only be discovered through experimenting -- not through careful planning. Once you've discovered it, it is plainly arrogant to think you can outthink and out-plan the evolution.

Comment what about sci journos? (Score 1) 503

It's the same standard from what I can tell. If you are free to make incorrect statements in journal submissions, you should be free to make them in Internet posts. It's the same principle. Both are vetted through a review by the peers of the poster. Both are susceptible to clusterfuck. It's as free as speech gets. Anything attempt to regulate it makes speech less free and increases instances of regulators' priorities leaking into the information stream to drive an agenda.

Comment Re:Yeah. (Score 2) 223

Putin was in politics long before he was President. He left KGB with the title of Lieutenant Colonel -- hardly a high profile operative. He became a mid-level politicl operative after the collapse of the USSR operative. As for whether anything replaced KGB, that's irrelevant. Wehrmacht was replaced by the East German and West German militaries after WWII. That doesn't mean that one would expect a mid-level officer of Wehrmacht to serve in either West German of East German army. I would not expect most of USSR operatives to retain any kind of power in the post-USSR Russia. Yeltsin went so far as to ban and defund the former Communist party institutions after the collapse. He also had to disband the parliament and force a new election after pro-Communist parties got the majority and tried to muscle him from power. If anything, being anti-communist was the only was to rise to any kind of political power in the post USSR Russia. Modern Russian state is not pro-Soviet. It's national socialist. But it's difficult to imagine how anyone who remained committed to pro-soviet agenda could have remained anywhere even close to power.

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