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Comment Re:Exede is cheaper than VZW (Score 1) 108

I believe you're comparing a 4G home Internet connection to a 4G phone plan... these folks are only using their phones.

Also, incidentally, I had (and still have) Exede. Their 30GB Liberty Pass plan used to cost me $169/mo after fees, taxes, etc. (nowadays I only pay $50/mo for their 10GB plan since it's just a backup - working from home lets me write it off on taxes). Once you blow through your cap, you can pay $10-20/GB for more data, or suffer through ISDN speeds (they say it's 1-5bps, but I have never experienced that speed after blowing the cap.)

By contrast, for $169/mo I can get 4 Verizon phones with "unlimited" data and have change left over. ;)

Comment Re:Families in rural areas screwing themselves (Score 1) 108

iow, Verizon probably won't run broadband lines to these areas.

I wouldn't be so sure... not even a month after Frontier ran fiber (and more importantly, dropped DSL access points) along the highway in front of my (damned rural) property, other telcos announced plans to do the same, and my former Sat Internet provider suddenly decided they wanted to offer me near-drastically lower prices to keep me as a customer.

Comment Re:Fraudulent billing by the rural providers? (Score 4, Informative) 108

They wouldn't have to.

Anecdotal I know, but it will make sense: Out here in the sticks, a lot of folks use their phones as a de-facto Internet connection (video, FB, whatever), since an actual hardline ISP connection is either out of their budget (Satellite) and otherwise technically unavailable in their neighborhood (DSL, Cable, fiber, etc... even Sat is impossible to get on some properties due to trees, hills, etc). Other folks figure there's no need to bother with a full-on laptop/desktop if their phones do pretty much the same thing.

Comment Re:Or family connections (Score 1) 430

To be fair, Equifax is a credit reporting bureau, and not FireEye, Tripwire, Qualys, F-Secure, PC-Matic (for consumers), etc. (though you are correct in that security is an incredibly high priority for a credit reporting bureau, or at least one would think so... but they got popped via a way outdated version of Struts, FFS.)

A company like Qualys or Tripwire getting popped would spell certain doom for that company.

Equifax on the other hand will likely survive this (as long as nothing else happens in the next 2-3 years, anyway).

Comment Re:Yes and no... (Score 1) 430

I agree partly (I came out of Electrical Engineering), but it certainly helps if one's resume shows increasing experience in the field before you, say, become a C-level executive over that field in your company, yanno?

It's doubly odd when one finds that her history on linkedin is now hidden/blocked, no?

Comment Re:Contracts (Score 1) 116

Wages are still commensurate to skill and experience, and demand will only go so high for the job. Janitorial work, while needed and necessary, is not a job that requires a lot of knowledge, expertise, and/or skill. Literally anybody with a modern 6th-grade level of education can be a janitor, and do so with less than a day's worth of training.

Mind, this is not an excuse to treat a janitor like some sort of subhuman, but it doesn't require you to pay him the same as you would pay a developer, sysadmin, etc. Now if you own the company and want to pay the janitors the same wage as you pay your CFO, then go for it. Just don't expect others to do so.

Comment Re:This demonstrates the article about libertarian (Score 1) 116

Some have, others, maybe. While Microsoft is not in Silly Valley, they do reside in near-equally-liberal SeaTac... yet technically, their corporate headquarters is in Delaware (for tax purposes). Come to think of it, so is Intel, Google, Apple...

(note, info is a bit old, but I believe still accurate).

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