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Comment Re:I prefer "Merry Newtonmas"! "Happy Halloween" a (Score 1) 410

Luke chapter 2 says shepherds were sleeping outside overnight with their flocks when he was born so... yeah, it wasn't likely anywhere near Dec 25 by a large margin.

I dunno, the interwebs tells me that weather in Bethlehem in December averages around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with record temperatures of up to 83 degrees -- so it doesn't sound crazy. You live the shepherd life back then, you're probably sleeping outdoors a lot.

Comment Re:Do you mean a method of transmitting dollars? (Score 1) 264

Someone wants a car and has firewood.
They look at Craigslist and find the kind of car they want sells for 2 BTC.
Actually 1.8BTC now.
No, wait, 2.2 BTC.
They make arrangements to sell 2.2BTC worth of firewood.
After the people pick up the firewood and the payments clear, they contact Craigslist sellers, who now want 3BTC for a car.

Isn't what's happening the opposite, though? As the value of 1 BTC goes up, the sticker price of the car goes down.

Comment Stupid idea (Score 1) 114

Anybody who remembers "Segway will transform entire cities" (followed by ban) should have seen this coming.

Delivery robots are an idiotic idea anyway. Imagine I'm a disaffected teenager and I see a delivery robot coming down the sidewalk. List my options.

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