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Comment Re: I suppose that's an improvement, but... (Score 1) 205

You are right. Times change. Prices drop on SSDs, ram, and graphics cards improve.
So having SODIMM slots and M2 slots for memory is a great idea. Making it easy to add memory or storage is also great.
My Macbook Pro has 16 GB of ram and an SSD.
I have yet to see any good argument as to why iMacs should not have an easy way to upgrade ram and mass storage. And just to get it out of the way making a desktop thinner is not a good reason. Would a few mm make any difference? Not to me.
The Mac Pro was the disaster I thought it would be. It is now dated and you can not update it. The screams of Thunderbolt as the upgrade path did not work out and are dumb.
A real high-end workstation needs slots and mass storage as well as DIMM slots. The Pro is an example of what happens when you let a designer set the specs and not an engineer.
I have no problem with the Macbook Air being thin at any cost. There is a market for that. There is also a market for an laptop with M2 slots and SO-DIMM slots that the user can upgrade. As a MacBook owner, I want a new MacBook but I want one with M2 and SO-DIMM so I can use it for a long time.

Comment Re:It was still alive? (Score 1) 138

Motorola could have if the had the money. Motorola decided to go with 88000 risc chip for there future. The then dropped that and teamed up on the PowerPC and then spun that off as Freescale.
It is really sad that we really only have 4 or so ISAs today. IBMs Power line, ARM, X86, and Sparc.
IBM left the low end mass market years ago and Sun never really played in that market. DEC had the Alpha and HP had the PA-RISC but those have all gone away. Intel keeps trying but after the X86 it seems that the only success they had was in making the X86 faster. Not a bad success mind you but if only IBM had used the 68000 instead of the 8088 in h the PC. The problem was the 68008 was not shipping yet and the 68000 was too expensive for IBM to use on what they say as a trail product.

Comment Re:Baddly worded summary (Score 3, Insightful) 103

If they are going to produce X/86 desktops then they would be dumb to produce their own motherboard.
Lots of companies already make very good X/86 motherboards for both Intel and AMD. What can they do better? Even if the want to tweak the motherboard OEMs can do that for them.
Now if they intend to build their own motherboards....
Well that could be the death of the company. They would have to compete with people that make good products already.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 1) 296

None have launched a missile.
Based on the Golf which was outdated when it entered service. The Golf was based on the Whisky which was based on the German XXI class.
The B-52 is was state of the art at that time. The current today the B-52 is only a threat to a major power because of it's cruise missiles.
Nope the NK boat is just not a threat to the US. maybe to Japan and US bases in Korea, Japan and maybe Guam but only maybe. And all the people talking about how Diesel electric boats are better than SSNs and SSBNs they do not understand that they are only better when they do not have to transit long distances. They can sit and be very quite but once they start moving things go south for them. They have a very short range on battery and they have to go slowly. Once they have to use the diesel they are very loud and near the surface. To transit, they have to snorkel or run on the surface. The latest Virgina class SSNs are as quite as an SS at low speed. They use a natural circulation reactor that does not need cooling pumps and advanced propulsor in place of a prop, and everything is rafted.
The US never had a problem tracking Golf class subs even in the 1960s. Tracking one of the Korean boats will be a piece of cake. And yes the US probably has more than one sub dedicated to keeping tabs any NK missile boat that dares to go to sea.

Comment Re:Baddly worded summary (Score 2) 103

Really kind of sad that this is called making your own computer.
So system 76 is going to go to Foxconn, ASUS, MSI or some other OEM and have them make laptops for them. For desktops they will probably make their own case and go to Gigabyte, ASUS, ASUS or some other OEM and buy a motherboard.
It used to be that "making" your own computer actually made the CPU. Companies like DEC, CDC, IBM, Data General, Ti, HP and so one all made their own CPUs sometimes several different models.
So IC based CPUs came along. Then making your own computer meant making the motherboard and often the OS. Kaypro, Atari, Commodore, RadioShack, and so on.
Today it means making the case.
The only real computer companies left in the none mobile world seem to be IBM and Sun. Maybe Apple, HP, and Dell if you take the making your own motherboards as being good enough. The rest are just putting stuff in boxes

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 4, Informative) 296

Our boomer and attack subs are decades more modern than the junk that North Korea has. Their ocean-going subs are all old Russian Romeo, Whisky, and Hotel class subs. They have a few midget subs but they could not reach the US.
In other words, you also do not know what you are talking about if you compare the subs of NK with US.

Comment Re:Just like finding a crashed airliner under the (Score 4, Interesting) 296

The fact that this is marked as insightful shows just how bad Slashdot has gotten.
1. We know where the subs home ports are.
2. Subs make noise and move under their own power.
3. North Korea's subs all have to run their diesel to recharge their batteries.
4. The subs of North Korea are old and loud and easy to find if they leave home waters.

To give an example the USSR lost a Golf class SB just like the one the North Korean's have sunk 1500 miles off the coast of Hawaii in 1968. The US found and recovered part of it.
Had that airliner been of interest to the US it would have been tracked from the start until it hit the water. Also if the airliner was still an airliner and not a collection of parts spread across the Indian Ocean we would have found it.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 1) 296

"I would only point out that in WWII, the Japanese managed to build subs that could reach the US coast. Assuming some NK hardware is not at least as capable is absurd."
True, but it is absurd to think that the US's ASW capability has not improved massively since WWII. The only SB the North Korean's have shown is an old Golf Class sub they bought as scrap from Russia that they put back into service. It is 1950s tech as far as the hull form and power plant. They are working on the Simpo but it only as 1500km range and none are in service. So a 1950s class SB has to get close enough to the US to launch. I would bet good money that the US has at least one SSN tasked to keep track of that SB any time it leaves port. If it got too close to the US I would bet that it would have some kind of accident. Maybe a collision with the SSN or it would just sink because of??? BTW NK still has not had a successful launch from a sub.

Comment Yet another case of Moore's law abuse. (Score 1) 269

Do you want to lower CO2 emissions? The answer is simple.
1. Ban coal.
2. Replace coal with natural gas, nuclear, and wind.
3. Stop worrying about cars, trains, and planes. Power plants are the biggest producers of CO2 and are centralized.
4. Understand Solar is not the answer. The demand vs production curve does not work out. It is a good supplement in hot areas with a lot of sun in the summer but unless we go with orbital solar power stations it is not a good baseload solution. It just looks good and seems easy.

Why natural gas since it does produce CO2? Simple it produces about half the CO2 per BTU as coal does and is cheap. If you replaced every coal plant with natural gas you would have a massive savings in CO2 for a low cost. The next step would be to move large trucks, trains, and ships to natural gas. That would save about 20% on the CO2 they produce but since large trucks and trains have centralized fueling locations it would again be pretty simple to do.

You need to also think about the social cost of ending coal production You will be converting towns into ghost towns, Mining coal does pay pretty well and is pretty labor intensive. Sure you can retrain the miners for new jobs but those jobs will not be in the same location as the mine. You will not pay to relocate all the people in the town that depend on the mine. Think of the people that run the shops, restaurants, car lots, teach in the schools and so on. You can not get around the fact that you are going to cause a huge amount or problems and the idea of "job retraining " will not prevent it.

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