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Comment it already exists (Score 1) 191

In principle, I agree, guns shouldn't be sold to dangerous individuals. But that's far easier to say than actually do. Forcing gun sales off of Facebook, where they can be tracked and logged, means the transactions will be negotiated elsewhere.

like newspaper ads, craigslist, bulletin boards,, etc that have been around for years? As long as people meet up in person, there's nothing stopping these transactions. Otherwise, firearms need to be shipped to a Federally licensed dealer who performs the background checks.

Comment Re:ive kept similar rules for travel. (Score 1) 278

But carrying cheese in your carry on luggage will get the TSA guys at the airport check points really excited that they found some C4 until they open the bag and discover it's just cheese. Having a stress test where the medical technician injects radioactive material into your bloodstream a few weeks before flying causes lots of excitement too.

If a checkpoint is really swamped, they can just wave people through and bypass the entire scanner/pat down routine.

Comment Re:Lucky (Score 1) 704

The rich guy who speaks perfect English should have been bright enough to come up with a basic itinerary for his visit whether or not he was actually going to stick to it. The Canadian immigration/customs guys didn't quite believe at first I was going to Rouleau Saskatchewan to visit the Corner Gas set, but I still had a plan of where I was going to stay, visit, etc. I guess they figured that no one outside of Canada had ever heard of that show.

BTW, the correct word is border which is different from boarder (1.a person who receives regular meals when staying somewhere, in return for payment or services. 2. a person who boards a ship during or after an attack).

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 1) 519

You're thinking that private schools are all the type that the "upper crust aka the 1%" sends their kids. There are a lot of small private schools (usually religious) that spend a lot less per student than the public schools in the same area and the kids still do better than their public school peers. The reasons range from parental involvement, the schools focusing more on the basics, smaller class sizes, use more traditional teaching methods, disruptive kids are easily expelled, etc. There is often less administration overhead too. Yes, teacher pay is often lower too. For some school systems, the higher pay is considered "combat pay" and some teachers are willing to give up the higher pay for a less stressful work environment.

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