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Comment Re:it's been over FORTY YEARS (Score 1) 592

But then, we could have spent the next two hours watching endless negotiations between the Romulan empire and the Federation for their responsibility in the destruction of Vulcan.

And that would have been SO MUCH MORE entertaining than watching some space western where a lot of shit gets all blowed up 'n' stuff.

-You Wuss! Go get your nails done.

Comment Re:NOT FENCING! (Score 1) 592

Sulu has always been a fencer. It doesn't bug me that he says fencing. What bugs me is that what he did was NOT fencing. And there is absolutely NO way you would look at his sword and go: "Oh fencing", because his sword looks NOTHING like the sort of sword a fencer would feel comfortable with. Fencing evolved from the court sword, which evolved from the rapier. Both of which are longer than then the one he had and don't have that sweeping end. The sweeping end gives the sword more of an eastern look. Not to mention the fighting style which is also nothing like fencing.

Comment NOT FENCING! (Score 1) 592

The thing that bothered me the most was the so called "Fencing" scene. That was NOT fencing! Calling that fencing is like calling baseball rugby. Fencing is a western martial art and he had a Japanese sword. If it were real fencing he'd have pierced a hole through the axe wielder before he even dropped his arm. He would NEVER block from the back. You see that in Kung-Foo but not ONCE have I ever seen it in fencing. Stuff like that make the time travel thing a non issue.Grrr

Comment Re:Stereotypes usually have some kernal of truth (Score 1) 669

While it is true that women differ from men in the general sense,most of the things mentioned in here about Della wouldn't interest most women I know. Between my mother, 2 aunts, 2 female cousins, 4 sisters, and 2 sister-in-laws, only 2 of them would enjoy this site. 2 out of 11 is not a good statistic. The point here is not that woman and men are the same, it's just that Dells marketing personnel need to be whacked with a rolled up newspaper for stupidly making assumptions based on bad tv shows.

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