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Submission + - Google Apps not longer offering free accounts (google.com)

Rob from RPI writes: "As a bit of a shock announcement, if you didn't already have your free Google Apps domain hosted with google before now, it's too late. I just received an email saying — basically — 'if you want to create more domains, then it's too late. Pay up'. Reading the google help page http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en-us&answer=2855120 gives you a good overview.

If you wish to use Google Apps, you now have to pay $50/user/year. Otherwise you're stuck with a gmail address for all your users.

This comes after Google shrunk the free number of users from 50 to 10 in 2010. I know that I was convinced to move our email to the paid version by messing around with it, but I doubt many more people will be done this in the future.

So, Google — what WERE you thinking?"

Comment I'm not surprised. (Score 5, Interesting) 402

Facebook is a TERRIBLE advertising platform. I've tried it, and had nothing but rubbish. In fact, I read an article about it not long after I tried it, saying that Facebook Advertising just doesn't work, and the only way they keep it up is by new people going 'Well, all these other people are advertising, I'm sure I can try that too'. Then they give it up as a bad job, but not before someone ELSE sees it and goes 'Hmm. FB Advertising'...

So, basically, I wasted $50, and learned that trying to appeal to the facebook crowd with something they have to pay for just doesn't work.

Comment Re:Thats one hell of a clause... (Score 1) 112

> If you want to run a SLI setup(2 x HD6990 =500watts each,) people in the US/Canada/Japan are going to be fucked over buying all the top parts because a 15A circuit won't suffice anymore.

Watts don't work like that. Amps = Watts/Volts. You'd need to be pulling 1700 watts to exceed a US-110v circuit, or 2400w for 240v 10amp.

I'm pretty sure you won't be doing that in the near future 8)


Comment Re:problem with Scientific Linux (Score 4, Interesting) 90

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of people willing to help with CentOS 6, but the team has just ignored them. There was a 'list of outstanding bugs' that was linked to in the 'When will CentOS 6 be released' thread, and a couple of days after that was posted, every bug had a patch against it.

They ignored that for another couple of months, wrote their own patches, and then went off and did other things.

Whilst Scientific Linux 5.6 is easily installable. Install 5.5 and then run 'yum update'. There's an alpha ISO around, and I think there was a beta due out shortly.

Comment Re:Red Hat (Score 1) 90

Actually, apt is (deliberately) missing a vital system verification tool - a way to verify the consistency of packages. rpm -qv will tell you what files have been changed since a package was installed. The debian way to do it is 'reinstall the package and see what breaks'.

I am not making this up.

Comment OK, so here's what this exploit is. (Score 1) 179

And it's not really an Exploit, either.

1: It's javascript that tries to guess what your modems IP address is. If it's possible for javascript to find out what your IP Address is, it becomes trivial, and it it's possible for javascript to find out what your default route is, then it's solved.

2: It then tries to get into your router. I would assume there would be another js library that it would load, that could be easily kept up to date, containing fingerprints of modems so it can figure out what it is, and try the default (root/password, admin/admin, etc)

3: It then updates the DNS servers in the modem to NOT use the ISP assigned ones, but nasty ones. As your PC queries the modem (99% of the time, unless you've manually changed your DNS servers) for DNS results, if the DNS relay in the modem is pointing to the wrong root, then you'll get crap answers.

I realise they say that using OpenDNS wouldn't avoid this, but I think that's known, technically, as bullshit.


Submission + - Linux 2.6.34 released

diegocg writes: Linux 2.6.34 has been released. This version adds two new filesystem, the distributed filesystem Ceph and LogFS, a filesystem for flash devices. Other features are a driver for almost-native KVM network performance, the VMware ballon driver, the "kprobes jump" optimization for dynamic probes, new perf features (the "perf lock" tool, cross-platform analysis support), several Btrfs improvements, RCU lockdep, Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (RFC 5082) and private VLAN proxy arp (RFC 3069) support, asynchronous suspend/resume, several new drivers and many other small improvements. See the full changelog here.

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