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Journal LWATCDR's Journal: Website Ads

I admit it. I use adblock and I wish I didn't have too.
I do not have any problem with web ads. I don't block Google ads because they don't get in my way. Web ads are a good way for websites to make money. They are sometimes even useful. Ads are in themselves not evil. It just that some ads drive me to block whole domains.
Some ads are so distracting that they generate not interest but hate. Here are some tips on how not to be hated.
1. No Flash! Flash banners get blocked every time!
2. No animation! Why do I block Flash all the time? Because animated ads make me crazy. If you don't loop the animation then it isn't so bad but most in general animated ads are just too distracting. They create in me hatred and not interest.
3. No sound. I am reading I like quite. Again it generates hatred and not interest.
4. Don't stick them in the middle of the text of what I am reading! Put them at the top or off to one side.
5. Intellitxt ads. You have seen them on websites certain words in the story are links with big honking tool-tip when your cursor moves over them. HATE THEM they make reading the site next to impossible and are just annoying. BLOCKED always. Just put this in your adblocker *.intellitxt.com* you will thank me.
6. Make them small. Really nothing is worse than half the page being eaten up by ads.

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Website Ads

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