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Comment Re:Math Education: Selling People a Lie? (Score 1) 397

we should be rallying against the local principles / head masters who say things like "Just pass him. He tries hard and he is so good at football."

That is why high schools and colleges need to get rid of their sports programs. Unless one is in a small school, only a few people benefit from it. It would be better to spend that money on PE for all the students. The taxpayers shouldn't expect to pay for farm leagues for the NFL and NBA.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 173

A co-worker told me about a guy that used to work for IBM that lived in the woods somewhere in Pennsylvania. His project managers would mail him the requirements documents and he'd mail them boxes of punch cards with the complete programs. Other than the delay due to the USPS, I guess the workflow wasn't much different for the guys who came into the office every day.

Comment Re:The takeaway is that Tesla is right (Score 1) 482

The manufacturers don't want to sell you "any cars that are very novel or that require substantially less maintenance". Hell, they don't have to be all that novel. Just try some manufacturer's "build to order" site for a car. "Oh, you want a manual transmission and a normal spare tire on that Chevy Colorado?...Too bad, you need to upgrade to the V6 and get the automatic." WTF?!?! A few of Fiat-Chrysler's vehicles are built in Europe and have more powertrain options than what they will sell you in the US. For some reason, they insist on you getting the 9 speed automatic shitbox for damn near everything if you're a US customer. Everyone else has more choices.

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