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Comment Re:Fuck California. (Score 1, Insightful) 220

Ask any landlord who has significant experience
and you will see they will agree with this position.

I have been a landlord - and I applaud California's decision. Because it won't make it more difficult to rent to people who cause problems. It will make it more difficult for racist assholes, but I view that as good thing myself.

Why Californians tolerate their government escapes me.

Seriously? You can't grasp why people would tolerate a government that makes life difficult for narrow minded intolerant racist assholes like yourself? You can't grasp why people would tolerate a government who upholds the rights of all citizens, regardless of color?

Comment Re:Jackass (Score 1) 730

Electronics engineering relates to timing on traffic lights. Who do you think develops the mechanism to set the timing?

Which sounds impressive to the clueless, who fail to grasp the apples-and-oranges difference between knowing how to develop a timer and knowing the effects of varying settings on the timer. (The folks who work with the latter are called traffic engineers and not electronics engineers for a reason.)

Comment Re:Logic and Reason, or lack thereof (Score 1) 199

The problem with people like you who belittle the Constitution as written, and who belittle people who believe that it was intended as written, is that you ignore all of the history that goes with the Constitution.

The problem with people like you who worship the Constitution as written ignore all the history that goes with the Constitution - and make up shit from whole cloth to support your nutjob notions. You're no different from the airheads who believe that Nostrodamus could see the future and constantly 'discover' evidence to support it.

Comment Re:Taking up the dead retailers' employees? (Score 1) 95

Sears actually put in a financial statement a couple weeks ago that they don't feel confident they're going to make it. Macy's is on the way out as well. This is a shift I never thought I'd see and it seems to be happening at an extremely fast pace.

While I can't speak to Macy's - Sears has been dying for a very long time, since the early 90's at least. (Long story short, as retail trends have shifted - Sears has been coasting on reputation.) Amazon may have accelerated their demise, but the writing has been on the wall for decades.

Comment Re:The first to quit are the good ones (Score 1) 303

Every reorganization, every revamp, every change means that some people will not like it. And those that don't like it have two options: Grin and bear it, or hand in a resignation note.

Question for 100 points: Will good people, who are sought and have zero problem finding a new job, be in the first or in the latter group?

They'll be in both. And will your other group ("people who know that they have no chance of ever being hired again because they're lazy, dumb or both").

Comment Re:WOW! (Score 1) 88

The frame is not the largest expense, but the time and expense to get a closed in frame is one of the largest barriers to providing affordable housing.

Not really, no. A tiny house like the one in the article can be frame and enclosed in a two working days. Given the time to set up and dismantle the machine, I suspect they saved a half day at best.

Everything else can be done on a budget or as time permits.

Not really, no. Not if you're building to code, and not if you intend to occupy the house anytime soon.

Comment Re:I don't know... (Score 1) 299

Something sounds fishy about this. I have a feeling we aren't getting the whole story out of this.

I have that feeling too - especially after the self serving bullshit about how he wouldn't assist the police. Followed by an explanation about how he had to call his union to discover what his rights were and what the procedure was. What kind of professional doesn't already know this stuff?

Face it, human beings are by nature energy conserving (read lazy) and it would have been a lot easier to ask first, then get the production order. The press hands over photographs and videos to the police as evidence all the time without any problems. Why is it they are trying to make an example out of him? Or has it been he's been doing his best to make trouble for authorities and this is just a clever excuse?

My bet - he said something abysmally provocative and stupid to the officer that called him. And either he's not telling us that, or he's a complete idiot that doesn't grasp what he did.

Comment And you know this... how? (Score 1) 469

I often stop at restaurants, grocery stores, other retail, bars, etc. and they are all slammed. Often the parking lots are near capacity. I like taking care of my todo list while traffic thins out and it appears that many thousands of other commuters feel the same.

And you know they're commuters and not folks a few blocks from home... how exactly?

Not to mention, you're a stupidly clueless as the original poster - failing to note the discussion was about people forced off the freeway, not people choosing to get off the freeway.

Comment Re:I'm hungry (Score 4, Insightful) 469

God forbid that someone gets off a freeway and discovers a local establishment while passing through.

Having owned a business along such a commuter route... All I can say is ROTFLMAO. You have no idea what you're talking about.

All those commuters care about is getting the hell out of Dodge and back onto the freeway and getting home. They're not even looking at the local businesses.

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