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Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 227

It's why on the Android side other than a few top selling phones, cases are non-existent and you either deal with it caseless, use an ill-fitting generic case, or use whatever crappy one the manufacturer supplies.

Remove your goggles.
You don't "deal with it" caseless. It's not a problem you have to deal with, it's the expected case. A phone doesn't need a case for regular use, including being dropped from time to time. That's why they are made of plastic, and they try to make them very light, which helps with damade. Some specific phones do expose their glass a bit more, and have a fragile design, like iPhones. Those do definitely need cases, but a phone without a case is not something you have to "deal with", it's the most reasonable scenario.

Comment Re:Cost Increase...for customers (Score 1) 595

... The other issue is security. You're broadcasting everything whether you think the connection is secure or not. It's a possible exploit vector. I'll stick with wires and my iPhone 6. ...

Analog wires (you can also call them antennas) are very easy to eavesdrop on. Bluetooth is much harder, even though it's still not _that_ hard. Security in your audio shouldn't be a reason to choose analog wires over BT.

Comment Re:Cost Increase...for customers (Score 3, Informative) 595

Pretty much exactly this. Apple is and always has been a HARDWARE company. Removing these things and creating a walled garden on even the equipment that is usable with their devices just feeds right into that model, but goes against the rest of the industry giants (mostly anyway). Problem is this will eventually kill them if they can't keep coming up with revolutionary ideas (and be first to market with them), because everyone can do it cheaper while still making money and being compatible with everything else.

You haven't been paying attention. This is Apple.
They don't come up with revolutionary ideas, at least not regarding their products. They don't have to be first to market. Let HTC/Samsung, or even some guy on Kickstarter be first to market.

They take new stuff that already exists, make it better, package it well, market it well, charge a premium. Nothing revolutionary about that.

As long as their competitors keep producing inferior quality products, they can keep pulling this kind of stuff on their customers. They only need to keep the quality bar very high, and they are safe.

Comment Re:Discuss solutions (Score 2) 343

I think the discussion in this post is great, and this is why I come back to Slashdot.

The problem itself is nothing.
From and engineering standpoint, locating a plane is no big deal. We all know that if we want to find a fallen plane, the best approach is to track it all the time. It's expensive, takes time, but also has a lot of advantages for regulating traffic.

The fact that this is such an obvious idea and is not being done yet, explains how hard it is to make changes to this kind of thing. It's not for lack of ideas. As always, it's execution that counts.

Comment Re:They are doing the same in Brazil (Score 1) 429

OK, read the news.

Dilma's impeachment is not about alleged corruption.
They accuse her of making government number look better than they are, by moving money around.
You can call that bad government, or even hiding the truth from the people, whatever, they are not impeaching her for corruption.

If you want to know further, her party has many officials involved in corruption. The trigger for the impeachment was that they accused some guys that were part of the governing coalition, of corruption. The guys felt betrayed, and hit back by trying to overturn Dilma.

The president, again, is not being accused of corruption.

Comment Re:They are doing the same in Brazil (Score 1) 429

You forgot to mention that while corruption scandals were in all parties, they affected most of the guys who are impeaching the president.

"The other guy does it too" is a terrible excuse for corruption. Impeach em all, says me.

Read again. I never said that. I'll say it differently:

Dilma is clean. The ones that impeach her are corrupt, she is not even been accused of corruption.

Comment Re:They are doing the same in Brazil (Score 1) 429

You forgot to mention that while corruption scandals were in all parties, they affected most of the guys who are impeaching the president.

Also, the president is not involved in any corruption issue, so the scandals did trigger the impeachment, but they are not the cause or excuse for it. They accuse her of misreporting public finances, not a crime, just something they don't like.

Comment Re:Outsourcing danger (Score 1) 301

Well, that's the thing. If you work for an outsourcing company, they get to fire you on a whim, but you don't get to care, and you can leave some clients yourself, without big harm for you, if you manage your timing. If your project is scrapped, you just go to the bench for a couple of weeks, and then go to a different project, maybe for a different client. In my job, I got "laid off" at least once, only to go back to the same client after a month. I also managed to leave assignments I just didn't like, without having to take drastic measures like change jobs. If they paid a bit more, I could keep doing this for a long time.

Comment Re:Outsourcing danger (Score 3, Insightful) 301

I do work for an outsourcing company, won't say which, but your I don't think you comments about dangers of outsourcing quality are accurate right now.

Not IBM, but some outsourcing companies have learned to provide very good quality services, and do anything, from providing more staff, to taking over all IT from a company.

I wouldn't outsource my core business IT if I were a CIO/CEO, but I know why old fashioned companies would do it. You may pay less, but you can at the same time get way better results. Outsourcing companies scale up and down a lot more easily, they bring experience from other industries, you get some free consulting, and you even get to "fire" employees for any reason, no question asked, no sheriffs to call.

Comment Re:Third option - don't care (Score 1) 403

You are kinda right, but you are probably old.
I am old too, and I think the same way.
My coworkers, though, happily share and watch very long videos at work, about anything.
Those guy probably would like videos on slashdot, and it may be a good idea to try and lure them here.
We are a nice community, but new people is a good thing.

Comment Re:Keen to hear? (Score 1) 187

You do make sense, but I don't agree.

It would be interesting to have some kind of rating system for the internet. I would like something like sites rating their content with some kind of header, so you can do client filtering more easily. You could just use sites rating, and have a grey/blacklist of sites that misrepresent their content. As an example, I don't care whether my kids see tits, but I would like to filter some of the violence they see in children oriented content.

Identifying actual users is very expensive, but most importantly, opens the door to track everything everyone sees, with a strong identity, like if all your browsing activity went through Facebook. We just don't want that to happen, it's spooky, and very dangerous,

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