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Comment I doubt this is correct (Score 3, Interesting) 113

If this was the case then a slightly physically smaller battery would have solved the problem. They could have achieved this quite easily, even if it meant sacrificing capacity. And given they started by recalling the phones and replacing the batteries but there were still problems I would suggest they are wrong.

Comment Re:Will it stand? (Score 1) 154

Interesting view point but a long way away from the rest of the world. Potentially yours is a more common viewpoint in the US but at least in Aus there are many many many clauses which are not permitted when dealing with joe public individual. These rules are not in place when it is a business to business contract though.

Comment Re:Two issues that need to be addressed (Score 1) 230

Oh and I use 12awg from the batteries and 16 from the PDB to the ESCs and 18 for the ESC to the motors. Average wire length though is very very short with the longest being the main battery lead at about 40mm.

I also run 4 cell batteries giving me 16.8v on a fully charged battery. You do see 5 & 6 cell batteries but rarely at racing comps, more at drone top speed comps.

Comment Re:Two issues that need to be addressed (Score 1) 230

No that is max throttle draw. My freestyle quad will burst pull 100 amp at full throttle, 4 x emax 2205 2300kv motors. They will generate a combined thrust of about 4.8kg on a quad that weighs in at about 520g including battery.

On a 1300mah battery I get about 2.5 to 3 minutes before the battery is empty.

My racing quad though will pull 120 amp+ at full throttle (I don't know exactly as that is the peak of the current sensor I use). I get under 2 minutes on a 1300mah battery in a race. It produces just under 6kg of thrust at full throttle and weighs in at 440g inc battery.

Comment Re:Two issues that need to be addressed (Score 2) 230

Electric powered toys will be a huge winner if you can have half decent capacity and a high discharge. Common racing style quad copters will happily draw 130amp and could easily draw more. The limiting factor is definitely the batteries. You draw 100amp from a 1300mah battery and the batteries don't last long.....

Current battery tech for quadcopters gives you batteries that are large and heavy for any given capacity. That is the only way to be able to draw the current.

Comment Re:Dear Apple fans: (Score 2) 471

As an observation I don't associate "Made in the USA" with quality for anything except tools, and that is more brand specific than the made in the usa part. Certainly for cars its a huge minus when I'm looking at them.

I associate country wide build quality with Germany and Japan. I have negative quality connotations associated with China and India, though both of those are losing that fast. Most of the rest of the world doesn't really get a thought.

Comment American political bias (Score 1) 385

I get it slashdot is american blah blah blah.

But many of the issues that are raising in the US as conservative vs liberal are not in the same camp when in other countries. Gun control is a prime example. In Australia the strict gun control laws were put in place by the strongly conservative party. Also minimum wage legislation was introduced by Deakin in 1904 who was the leader of the then right wing party.

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