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Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 2) 82

Hangouts does everything you describe. It's what I use all the time. It is seamless across my phone and table and my PC. And it is seamless across windows, linux and apple.

It is seamless between SMS and the internal delivery system, and the conversations are synced to my gmail account allowing me to search them.

Comment Re:Gratuity should be illegal (Score 1) 97

Fair enough. I think experiences vary then as I haven't found any noticeable differences between countries based on tipping. In the US sometimes I get good service sometimes I don't. Australia, UK & Europe are all non-tipping and there are big variations in service depending on the person. Japan is a country where I consistently get good service, but tipping someone there is insulting them. I honestly can't say I got better service in the US.

Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 195

Holy shit are you kidding?!?! $11k for appendicitis???

I knew the US medical system was a mess but that is crazy! My medical insurance is the top everything and it costs me $146 a fortnight for my family of 4. I was involved in a motorcycle accidents that crushed my collar bone and badly dislocated and broke my wrist. The collar bone was just a plate but the wrist required 4 hours of surgery, 6 screws, a plate, 2 k-wires (otherwise called nails), and 6 months of rehab. I was out of pocket about US$300, and that was because I decided I wanted to go to a private hospital rather than a fully free public hospital because they were running 4 days ahead....

Comment Lipos are dangerous. But they are also tough. (Score 1) 89

I strap propellers to 1300mah lipos and drain them at rates exceeding 100amps. I will drain said Lipo in approximately 180 seconds. Sometimes less. And when they land they are often exceeding 60c.

Not only that but I will often slam them into hard surfaces, trees, rocks, or pieces of plastic that are rotating at 30,000 rpm +. Despite this I have yet to have a single one spontaneously go up in flames. I have seen the after effects of over charging lipos when people decided to charge them to too high a voltage or charge them too fast. But if you treat them inside their design specs they are very unlikely to ever cause you a problem.

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