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Comment Re:Preserve resources? (Score 1) 40

That isn't really how I see it ending up.

I think it is more likely that people will lease access to a self drive network of vehicles. These vehicles would be centrally maintained and their locations and pathing would be planned in such a way that you never had more than a couple of minutes wait time for one to pull up.

Currently cars spend most of their time stationary. If you can increase their utilization then you would have massive efficiency gains.

Special cases like baby seats and the like will have to be solved some other way. Potentially we would see almost zero crashes in the future which means those seats may no longer be necessary. But that is going to be a long way away.

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 2) 127

But if you look at things like this you can't rage at the MAN!

The US really does need to look at rebalancing its society. But that is incredibly difficult to do as someone alway has to lose out in a change like that. But US GDP has been steadily growing. If your median salaries haven't then there is a problem. Look at that problem and decide what you need to do to fix it.

My experience has been that the US has a markedly different attitude to the value of people in business compared to other countries. I have seen US firms buy companies here and appoint US experienced managers. They seem to be very good at seeking people efficiency, ie cutting excess staff. But they also seem to be very poor at seeing that some of those skillsets can't be replaced. Perhaps that is a big econony (US) vs small economy issue. But I have seen a number of consulting type companies implode after US purchases.

Comment Re:Goodbye Tourism Money (Score 4, Interesting) 505

I was going to Vegas for a mates 40th birthday celebration. That was scheduled for September, we are now going to Macau.

This came about because one of our mates is of Indian decent and follows the Sikh religion. Apparently in LA that was indistinguishable from Islam and he spent 4 hours being questioned at length. It caused him to miss his connecting flights and he then missed his first day of the project he was to be working on.

Their primary issue, they refused to believe that his job had him travel the amount that he does, he sets up microsoft training conferences all over the world and has previously come close to spending too long in the US and nearly qualified as a US resident for tax. So he's been there many many many times. But apparently no one needs to travel as much as he does unless you're a terrorist. WTF.

That was his last visit.

Comment Re:Some privacy is more equal than other (Score 2) 470

Are you saying any entity that receives any kind of government money invalidates it's employees rights to not be recorded without their knowledge?

From the road maintenance crews, to the contract cleaners, to the defence contractors, to the winner of the $500 council prize for poetry?

Comment They are not government employees (Score 5, Insightful) 470

I really don't understand how anyone can conflate someone who works at Planned Parenthood with a police officer. They are not employees of the Government or any form of government body.

Just because they receive some government funding doesn't mean their status changes. They aren't acting on government orders and should the government withdraw their funding they would attempt to source it elsewhere.

Anyone who is trying to argue that these people are government officials has an agenda they are pushing.

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 366

Doubt the religious argument will get much traction here in Aus. Also gotta admit I'm not seeing the link but ok.

As for the tax system a sales tax is by far the most attractive tax mechanism. The majority of taxes in Australia are collected at the federal level, those being income tax and GST (sales tax). The states to impose a number of other taxes, but these generally revolve around property taxes and a payroll tax.

Sales taxes are good because they spread the tax burden across the widest population and also have the effect of incentivising saving. Income tax is a little trickier as it focusses on a smaller part of your population and reduces the incentive to work.

As for hiding their tax take across many taxes, not sure how that can be a consideration as their tax take is available in clear numbers.

No reason as well that you can't simply transfer cash between 2 individuals as well. Nothing to say that is a sale.

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 3, Informative) 174

The conduit is capped and sealed as its laid. So there shouldn't be an opening for water to get in. Of course it will get fractures and water will enter it at times but generally if they are laid properly it shouldn't fill with water and if water does get in it will be small in volume. Same for critters. If it's sealing out the water, animals shouldn't get in.

The pipes they use are also flexible so small amounts of movement wont cause them issues. Fault lines? Do your roads slip that often? If you're roads aren't suddenly slipping 2m then the conduit wont break either. Don't forget it's usually laid as part of the road bed.

As for freezing that is only an issue if your ground is actually freezing to a fair depth. How are they currently dealing with that issue with your water pipes? Same methodology.

Laying conduit when laying roads is a solved problem and done in many other countries.

Comment Re:sorry, no (Score 1) 448

The fair amount is what ever the corporate tax rate is in NZ calculated on profits generated in NZ.

The tax take has nothing to do with whether NZ contributed to the creation etc of apple products. It is the cost of doing business in NZ. If you don't want to pay a countries taxes don't operate in that country. Those taxes go towards creating a society that is actually able to buy apple products. Unless you are going to argue that apple contributed to the ports, rail, roads, schools, heathcare etc that has created a market for them.

Comment Re:sorry, no (Score 3, Insightful) 448

How is this modded insightful when it is the opposite?

Firstly Apple would have paid ZERO sales tax, because that isn't how the sales tax system in NZ works. Apple only has to remit the sales taxes that its customers have paid. It receives an input tax credit for all purchases in NZ that it makes. In essence this means that the net sales tax paid by a company is zero. Its customers are who have paid it.

As for your assertion that they shouldn't pay tax because they are just an importer, if another company imported apple products THEY would be paying corporate tax.

  Apple NZ is the entity that is making the money. But it is using licensing fees to shift it's profits to another locale. That profit shifting is where governments are getting upset. And understandably so.

And your example of NZ sheep is also flawed, because this type of profit shifting can only work when you are a multinational. Those NZ farmers you use in your example will be selling their sheep to an exporter, that exporter will be selling them to a US importer and the US importer will be selling them to the final customer. That US importer will be paying US corporate tax. The ONLY way that they wouldn't be is if the whole network is owned by one company and they were charging some "sheep IP licensing fee" from a low tax country.

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