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Journal Journal: Sad statistic 4

Now that all you guys abandoned us and gave your soul to the devil (for what, I'll never know), over 95% of the journals are nothing but spam now. Yeah, the interface is pretty much borked, but the workarounds aren't that difficult, and you can know that whatever you post here will stay up for a very long time, with no threat of banishment or loss of your account. Can you say that about the new house of cards you moved into?



User Journal

Journal Journal: This is a test 3

Do not be afraid, it's only a test. Had this been a real journal, you would be instructed to...

Run for your lives!




Journal Journal: Oh the burlesque!! 2

"A coalition of hospital lobbyists, worried about the direction of the budget talks, has begun a national advertising campaign to block further cuts in the two health care programs, which account for about 55 percent of hospital revenues. The hospitals have made a commitment to spend up to $1 million a week through August on television, print and online advertising."

This comes from the <Times>. You don't need to read it or anything. It's a lame story.. except for the above quote, which I found mildly amusing

The Military

Journal Journal: Ouch! Just took another five.. 5

Tail gunner's dead...

Hit me! Hit me! Just don't leave me!

I cannot thank the 'apk' trolls enough, the way they follow like a stray dog, nipping at my ankles, but they still have to come here for their treats.

Ms. Hudson? Please don't feed 'em out there where they are crapping on other peoples' petunias. Whack 'em on the nose and make them go on the paper, or out back..

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: I want to thank the academy and all my supporters 6

It has been revealed to me to me by one of my friendly 'apk' trolls in a previous journal that if you are down modded in rapid fire succession, you can be prevented from posting for a few days. This is their intention, and they may, or may not succeed. All perfectly cool.. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why. In case you're thinking of fighting it, don't... Just let it go. .. It will all be sorted out.. The journals will still remain open for a couple of weeks.

For all of you folks in the states, go out and have a safe and happy 4th, don't drink and drive, wear your seatbelts, and check your tire pressure and fluid levels. If a tornado approaches, find low ground, and stay put


Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: A request: 22

Responding to the apk trolls out there in public only encourages their bad behavior, and it could conceivably force a policy change of comment deletions and elimination of anonymous posting if it becomes too obnoxious to other readers. This would be the proverbial 'bad thing' and might be what they are after. Unlike most sites, Slashdot has a fairly decent crop of ACs that contribute much to the discussion. I wouldn't want to see that disappear

I keep open journals to avoid cluttering up the public forum with this kind of garbage.. If they are ignored, they will wither and die off, or at the very least, make it easier for the admins to properly deal with them as only they know how. They are very easy to tune out. I respectfully ask that you do so, and let nature work its course.

Personally, I just fart in their general direction. They never have said anything worth taking seriously, So consider my JE as the kiddie table where they belong, and feel free to throw your food at them in there

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: The bombing continues 24

Icing on the cake.. As the apk 'tards do what they can.. But only here I will respond.. So they have their way with me.. It only turns me on..

Barb and GMH, enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. I'm more than happy to draw their fire.. It's my purpose in life to play the bit part that gets killed off before the opening credits

Diamonds are Forever
They are all I need to please me
They can stimulate and tease me
They won't leave in the night
I've no fear that they might desert me...

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: The stalker sig and the mentally disturbed 3

I finally found a way to beat the size limit on sigs.. Just piss off the apk retards, and they'll follow your every move..

I believe that this is really an anti-anonymous posting campaign.. Ignore or respond to them as you see fit


Journal Journal: 'TOX News

What is up with the women on that channel?? Positively frightening, but at the same time, fascinating...

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