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Submission + - Help Defuse Earth's Nuclear Suicide Vest (nuclearrisk.org) 1

__aajbyc7391 writes: While better known for his invention (with Diffie and Merkle) of public key cryptography, Stanford's Martin Hellman these days is focused on seeking ways to jolt society out of its passive acceptance of nuclear weapons. His most recent effort utilizes striking imagery: "If a man wearing a TNT vest were to walk into the room, everyone would head for the exits, even if they knew that the detonator was under the control of Obama or Medvedev," writes Hellman. "Why do we not seek an escape route just because Earth's explosive vest is not directly visible?" In order to build a critical mass of people who recognize the unacceptable risk posed by nuclear weapons, Hellman sees the Internet as essential for spreading the word. That's where Slashdot comes in: if even a small fraction of this community were to answer Hellman's call to action, we would stand a chance to defuse Earth's nuclear suicide vest!
United States

Submission + - Federal Judge Rebuked for Porn Distribution 3

anagama writes: "While Robert Zicari and Janet Romano got a year and day for obscenity, Federal Appeals Court Chief Judge Alex Kozinksi only got a non-criminal slap on the wrist for running a private website which he inadvertently made publicly accessible and included "two naked women on all fours painted as cows". While there are clear differences between Zicari/Romano's distribution intentions and the judge's intentions, it is interesting that his possession of simulated bestiality porn is treated so lightly."

Comment Re:Need Massachusetts tags (Score 1) 190

Yes, deep spending and tax cuts is precisely what our state needs - after all, who needs welfare programs (only the irresponsible, right?), decent schools (only those with.. irresponsible parents unable to put their kids into private school, right?), *better trained* police forces, firemen, public transportation (some of the best I've used in the country, despite the various flaws with the MBTA), extensive crews to salt / deice during the winter, road and pothole repair folks to avoid soil creep issues, ..... ect?

Also, I hate to break it to you, but in November us citizens voted overwhelmingly *AGAINST* a tax decrease. Sure, we have corruption, waste and other such problems, but the corruption found in our government is *nothing*, and I mean *nothing*, compared to the waste we have seen on Wallstreet. If I'm going to throw my money somewhere, I'd much rather it be to an institution designated to provide services to me rather than the capital-hungry fellows on Wallstreet that got us into this mess.

Comment Re:Transfer (Score 1) 665

My brother has an alienware system, and you can have multiple systems associated with the same account. Thus, it wouldn't even make sense for someone to list another person on your account as a rights-holder -- what if they stole another of your computers?

Bad system all around, bad company in my experience. Sad, too, because they started off overpriced but friendly.

Comment Re:Multiple interpretations (Score 1) 542

Oddly enough, EA is just now (As of yesterday, I think) putting their catalog on Steam.
Also, try X3: Terran Conflict off of Steam for a good space sim - I was not at all a fan of X2 (waaay too complicated) or X3: Reunion (played a demo), but X3:TC does a great job in redesigning the interface so that it is accessible to folks like me (coming out of a Escape Velocity (Ambrosia Software) background largely, too young for Elite and whatnot, although I did play the text-based Federation back when it was on AOL...) -L

Submission + - Pigs CAN fly! New Footage of Dukenukem Forever. (duke4.net)

extremrams writes: "Today, George Broussard leader of 3DRealms, teased us with a new Screenshot of the upcoming Teaser Video, which will be released tomorrow. After all these years, we have finally something new to look at :) It looks like the 3DRealms is finally back with Duke, and we can get ready to kick some ass! Click here for a mirrored version of the screenshot."

Submission + - $83,000 Cellphone Bill Shocks Canadian Father

Lunatrik writes: "Data Transfer costs are apparently worth more than gold in Canada, or at least that is what cellphone providers would have you believe. Having not read the fine print of his contract, a Canadian father provided his cellphone to his son to use in the field to browse the internet. Little did he (or his son) know, the "unlimited" $10 a month plan he had signed up for would end up costing him $83,000 in fee's at the end of the month. Kudos to the phone company, though, for reducing the charge to a mere C$3,400 out of "goodwill"..."

Submission + - Federal Agent's Raid Homes for Modchips (physorg.com)

Lunatrik writes: Invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, Federal Custom's Agents have raided over 30 homes and businesses looking to confiscate so-called 'mod chips', or other devices that allow the playback of pirated video games. This raises an important question: Are legitimate backup copies of a piece of software you own illegal under the DMCA?

Submission + - Unhacking a G-Mail account?

TokyoShoe writes: "I have recently had my G-Mail account hacked, most probably for no reasons beyond my own stupidity. That being said, I am trying to find ways to get this account back from out of the Hacker's hands. They have changed the password for the account, and G-Mail will not bring up my security questions to force a password reset until after 5 days of inactivity. This means as long as the Hacker keeps using my account, I can never get it back! I have filled out Security Submission forms for Gmail Tech Support, documenting my account's details and a request to help me reclaim it. The G-Mail discussion forums are repleat with stories of folks with hacked G-Mail accounts and how they have been waiting months to no avail, never getting even an answer from the Gmail Support Team. Are there any other methods of getting my account back, or better yet getting in touch with Gmail Tech Support?"

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