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It's funny.  Laugh.

BOFHcam 55

cswiii writes "Just ran across this website, the BOFHCam. A spoof on JenniCam, it's pretty accurate, as well as funny. " BOFH [?] is really funny, but this has to be one of the best parodies I've seen in a while. Definitely worth the time-poke around throughout the whole site.
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  • by Anonymous Coward is the url for jenni cam
  • "Help! Am being slashdotted!"

    That's funny.

  • I think it would be great to do a blair witch project cam deal. Have the wierdest staged stuff happening and weirdo's across the world not knowing what to make of it. What would be the int'l version of 911.

    "Excuse me but I think there are three art school students shooting heroine in a crack house in hong kong. I know because I'm watching the webcam."

    Now that's comedy... Oh, well...
  • Been done, also the original 'Spam Cam' was aimed at an uncanned Spam sitting on a plate for 6 months...quite gross.

    I doubt the site still exists, this was several years ago...
  • "Help! Am being Slashdotted-ed!"
  • ...I think not, somehow.

    Of course, the burning question is not "can we see anything private?" but "how hot is it today?" and "when was the last time that Ben took a shave?"

    (say Hi, Ben; you're a celeb now...)
  • He's sitting on IRC at the moment saying how terribly embarrassing this all is. Yeah, right.

    I have to concur that the word that springs to mind least frequently when I think of Ben is "pr0n". Seeing as he is currently having his moment in the sun, however, I think it's only fair that we tell the world his nickname is Flopsy.


  • With all this talk of pr0n, I went to take a look. I have to say, I was very dissapointed. Not one nude shrimp! Honestly! If you're going to do
    prawnography, do it right! Get some exotic crustateans, or something!

    Pattern not found: crabs
  • Gee, I didn't know that the lights don't work in England at night. How silly of me. Thanks for that erudite correction, halfwit.
  • Is there something going on that he dosn't want us to see?
  • >People are bemoaning the fact there's no porn, >people are calling it porn, some woman is >demanding I wear leopard skin briefs while I >type. There's no pleasing some people.

    I think he's talking about you...

  • "HELP! Am Being Slashdotted!"

    At least, that's what the picture currently shows..

    Ah heck, I'll take a screen shot..

    Screen Shot []

  • Well you can always explore the past Slashdot posts, I know that when I have been away from /. for too long, I sometimes look at the past articles to catch.
  • LOL, i got to say I like the bigger sized pictures!..=) JenniCam, *Hint* *Hint*
  • You are NEVER beyond the reach of a good BOFH, especially not THE BOFH.
  • you assume i'm talking earth years. hah. inferior earth scum.

    you know what happens when you assume!
  • Bwuhahahahaha...

    here []

    make a mirror because the tripod link is not going to take any pounding.


  • Then again, who knows but that may start problems of it's own, as pages get to first be slashdotted and then slashdotteded. Or, ideally, the page would/could even out the slashdot effect so that for those of us who miss things the first time can then get them from slashdotted, and just "skip" slashdot to begin with, creating less traffic for those who know they can and do check slashdot regularly throughout each day.

    Cool idea!
  • Of course, the thirty seconds you spent posting this were well worth your while.
  • This is a lot like the jennicam, but without certain items:

    1. No obligatory snatch shots. required for all cams it seems
    2. "All my underwear just happens to be thongs!"(helps bring up membership)

    3. I just happened to be out of the shower, and I instantly needed to use my computer afterward(see #2)

    4. Look! it's my cat walking on my keyboard!(been there done that)

    I'm sick of these girlie cams. The BOFH cam is a verry worthwhile parody. I'm waiting for that day one of these girlie cams has some crazed stalker breaking in and proceeding to beat up the cam owner, with everyone on the web watching. As soon as that happens, you will see every last one of those cams go down overnight.
  • Should be -

    Notice two "n"s. The one you have goes to a porn site.
  • check this quote from his page:
    "WebTV users will find that the page does not automatically refresh. However, simply selecting a sharp knife and plunging it into your right eyesocket, and then the left one (don't worry if half of the image disappears, this is normal, keep going) will load new images in your head."
  • Hehe, I see the link is wrong...but since im here......
  • WRONG! Unless the girl intends to live no longer than eight years. Consecutive 0 mod 6 years have the same days (post-March 1) only if a leap year does not intervene.

    That means I WIN.

    Admit it: I've run rings around you logically.

    But I am showing a fetching amount of décolletage as I post this.
  • the net has enough of this =P
  • Poor bloke..

    but then he doesn't exactly look bothered does he? :)
  • > He's in England, fucknut.

    Why can't I be that eloquent when talking to my boss?

    Recovery is important. Priorities in life should be: Sleep, sex, water, food, scratching any itches, [computer game of your choice], work, relatives' birthdays.

    I hope that covers everything.
  • You have a problem with what you're seeing?

    Go elsewhere. This whole thing was done because I found a camera in a box and thought I could call it the BOFHcam. I'd much rather people came to my place for some laughs and went to Jenni for something decent to watch.
  • I cannot tell a lie; your files are being deleted as we speak.

    Do not panic, as this will only lead to laughter from the other end of the phone.
  • > He's sitting on IRC at the moment saying how
    > terribly embarrassing this all is. Yeah, right.

    That'd be the beard comments mikey.

    > Seeing as he is currently having his moment in
    > the sun, however, I think it's only fair that we
    > tell the world his nickname is Flopsy.

    Quiet, or I tell people about your amazing knowledge of BBC transmitter frequencies.
  • Hi,

    Jeez people, talk about the Effect in full force.
    Now be nice or... [clickey-click]
  • >so the guys get to ogle a cute little blonde girl >and we get a guy who couldn't even shave this

    Jeez, gimme a break it's Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. I shave on the weekend because that's when I have my fun. If you're very nice I'll shave tonight (GMT).

    >at the very least he should appear in his >skivvys. come on... lets see how your computer >skills improve when you're wearing leopard print >briefs!

    Who said I wasn't. Unfortunately the AO is showing round interviewees today. I wouldn't want to scare them /before/ they got the job.

    What's a BOFH supposed to do. I do admit, the temperature is up in here.
  • I don't think Jenni's even aware of my existance.

    I guess this changes things for good.
  • > is the url for jenni
    > cam

    Last time I looked, got there too.

    Of course, I'd recommend her of me any day of the week (especially Thursday).
  • > Someone is wasting a whole internic
    > registration/bandwidth on this mess?

    Yup and it's not me. I just live there. The trick is to go down, not across my friend.

    > There really isn't anything positive about this
    > so I guess I am in the right.

    Who said it had to be positive? Certainly not me. If you care to look at the site you will notice that it forms more a part of my recovery from work than a source of income, reason for being, or general point of my existance.

    > Plus isn't it mostly just a matter of preference
    > and logic to think that the person thought this
    > through really well before they did it?

    What required me to think it through before doing it? Back in February it was a spur-of-the-moment, do-it-cos-I'm-bored thing. A single page with an image that refreshed every 5 minutes.

    Since then it's become something to try out HTML on, frink about with while I'm bored and something my fellow sysadmins can watch if they need some escape from work. Nothing more.

    > I don't think anybody get's up in the morning
    > and decides to do this.

    You're darned tooting! Who the hell gets up in the morning? It's gotta be after 13:00 before you see my shining face!
  • What's the difference? They both cost money, they both sell sex, and neither has anything worthwhile.
  • With all this talk of pr0n, I went to take a look. I have to say, I was very dissapointed. Not one nude shrimp! Honestly! If you're going to do prawnography, do it right! Get some exotic crustateans, or something!

    On the other hand, anything that takes the mick out of these "personal" webcams deserves total success.

    Hey, if anyone wants to set up a new cam, I've a great idea! Never been done before, either! MouldCam! Point a camera at a piece of bread, and let people on the Internet watch the mould grow over it. If there's a "time-lapse" option on the page, you could let them watch the last day or two of growth, compressed.

  • Great! When are we going to get a slashbox for it? How about a slashbox with both Jenni and the BOFH? It could be called Jenni vs. BOFH!!

  • The site is, of course, pretty thoroughly /.'ed - How about creating a 1-week time-lagged version of /. ( is available!)

    That way, I could catch news off of /., but if it wasn't a link to a *major* site (NY Times, ABCNews, etc.), I could visit daily to catch the links that are starting to come back from the /. airstrike...

    Just an idea - would be easier than prowling through the archives...

    Ididn'tdoit Nobodysawmedoit Youcan'tproveanything
  • > I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

    Uhoh, the HHGTTG quotes have come out to play! Is that a yellow bulldozer I see outside your window? I hope you've got the server mirrored ....
  • Hemos, you nitwit! :) is pr0n! is what you're looking for.

    But thanks for linkin' to .. yet another page to bookmark. ;)

  • Nonononono! Pr0n is the name given to images depicting nude crustaceans, or two or more scampi "doing it". Prawnographic images are banned in Atlantis, and there is a growing debate as to whether it harms participants, especially after it was discovered that those caught in the act were invariably bright pink.

    Religious clams are also claiming that those who indulge in prawnography spend eternity, or at least 5 or 10 minutes, in a stir fry, at the local chinese.

  • by deborah ( 32113 ) on Thursday August 26, 1999 @05:23AM (#1724184) Homepage
    so the guys get to ogle a cute little blonde girl and we get a guy who couldn't even shave this morning??

    at the very least he should appear in his skivvys. come on... lets see how your computer skills improve when you're wearing leopard print briefs!

    well, at least ours is free. *grin*

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