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Quickies Backwards R Us 23

Things have been a bit crazy: server troubles, spent some quality time in the ER after the gf got in accident (she's fine), and unusually stressful 'biz stuff (note:in utopia everyone pays their bills ontime instead of leaving us with a nearly empty checking account, a massive looming bandwidth bill, and all these unpaid invoices? I seem to be balding at an accelerated rate :) As for the images on port 81 of flotsam, I'm sorry about that- those of you behind firewalls will be glad to know that the new server will be in soon and hopefully the dust can settle. Allright, some quickies already: Toddius Maximus wrote in to tell us that Performance Computing has started a bi-monthly Linux Section Anthony Fuentes sent us an Interview with John Carmack webslacker sent us a nice little article on Pixar if you're curious what Steve Jobs' other company is up to. Wouldn't be quickies without Star Wars: James McP sent us linkage to a wired story about a Star Wars fan site featuring toy based mini movies, webslacker noted the new 12" Star Wars figures, and Dave Lowe sent us Star Wars Parody Music More cool movie stuff: patowic noted that Bruce Cambell (of Army of Darkness/Evil Dead fame) has his own web page, which features a sound bite archive And some Slashdot media sightings: Duke of URL noted that the recent Katz/Littleton stories got a mention on Suck. RKemp noted that The Economist noticed too. nene noted that an article about Slashdot appeared in Der Standard (although, with a name like that, its no surprise that it ain't English :)
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Quickies Backwards R Us

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    The Root Of All Evil, through time, according to pop culture..
    1950s: Rock'n'Roll
    1960s: The Pill
    1970s: Porn
    1980s: Role playing games and arcades
    1990s: Computer games and the internet

    ( least that's my interpretation of it)
  • He's had a website and been online for years. A friend of mine told me about it when he just had the domain, which is now just an alias for
  • It's Bruce Campbell, with a "P", dammit...
  • by heroine ( 1220 )
    I'm afraid we're going to have to expell you from the geek kingdom. You need to get rid of that GF. What will this lead to? Marriage? WinNT? Employment? Employment means specializing in VisualBasic and then...installing WinNT on all your home computers. You shouldn't have shaved your mane off when you still had the chance to grow one.
  • Dear Rob's Girlfriend:

    I've never met you, but you've put up with myself and my ilk to quite a degree, especially in recent days. Whatever the details behind the accident may have been, I am very sorry for the pain you endured in the crash and the time you were forced to spend in the hospital. Your wounds will almost assuredly heal, and as for any damage to your vehicle, I'm sure all of us can agree that its far preferable to have two tons of armor take the hit instead of you!

    Good luck over the next few days. Things *will* turn out OK.

    Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky
    Just Another Slashdotter...

    Once you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.
  • Apparently, all 17 tracks of the soundtrack were leaked last night in .mp3 format. The original server got shut down fairly quickly, alas, so you'll have to hunt them down.

    The release of these tracks probably makes the RIAA very unhappy, but I'm not at all convinced of it. It certainly makes me want to go out and buy the soundtrack when it becomes available.
  • by Leidolf ( 5519 )
    He now has the two most active stories in the hall of fame. Really must have struck a cord.

    And did Taco really say gf?!?
  • They've been blamed for juvenile dilequency on a fairly regular basis since at least the 30's.

  • In case my submission gets overlooked/goes unused, I blatantly re-post it here.
    Saw this in today's Raleigh News and Observer [].
    "What began as a radio stunt...has turned into a real quest for...a language arts teacher..." "I was doing it to win $1,000, but now it's much bigger because I don't want to disappoint my students..." " ... intends to walk into the courthouse ...dressed as a Jedi knight and carrying a light saber, willing to do whatever the law requires to complete her mission..."

  • > NO ONE can say the reaction was not swift. In
    > most schools in Colorado, in the week after the
    > massacre at Columbine High School, pupils were
    > suspended if they turned up at school in trench
    > coats. The killers at Columbine had worn such
    > coats. Therefore, the threat was clear.

    The threat was clear? Because they wore trenchcoats? Good grief, this author must be smoking crack.
  • was also on NPR's Morning Edition this morning in the 6:30-6:45 segment.
  • I did read the article. That was an excellent example of the Economist's gently ironic style. For the irony impaired, that expression was meant as humour.

    I'll have to resubscribe again one of these days, although $110 a year is a bit much, even for a weekly :-(.


  • The economist is known for its wit and sarcasm. Its articles, whatever the content, are usually funny. I didn't read this article because I didn't feel like registering; but, I'm pretty sure the author was being sarcastic.
  • ... was in Edge magazine over here in Britain this month. Verbatim. Which one came first?

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