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The Internet In Beta 37

TC writes "It looks like Domain Host Services (created by three former members of is in beta test mode. I signed up for my name this morning and it is active now. It's a free service like was. They won't be getting the domain however :(. "
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  • It let you point a domain name at a dynamic IP address.
    When my system dialed in, it used to update with it's current ip address, this made it easy for me to find my system when I wasn't home...
  • One thing I saw on another system was domain hosting for dyndns people (web redirection, mail holding, etc). They wanted something like $20 a year, which is certainly reasonable. Is there any plans in the works for these sort of advanced services (charging a fee is fine by me)?
  • G'day. I've got a semistatic IP (assigned by DHCP; It's been known to stay the same for months on end or change twice a week).

    Which service should I use? I hate to put the load on your machine that DynDNS adds, but it's a PITA when I'm away from my machine, my IP changes and all services are inaccessible 'till I get back, reregister, etc...

    What are you going to do about the preventing buggy clients? Provide your own and insist (or otherwise ensure) that they be the only ones used?
  • Posted by stodge:

    Well Ive signed up already, and my chosen name is active, so thanks guys and good luck. It makes a hell of a difference having a name rather than just an ip. Now I need to work out how to run a web server properly :)
  • Posted by DHS-Craig:

    Hey, and if you visit the DHS web site, be sure to e-mail me your comments - what you want changed, what you really like. We're making a new design that will hopefully bridge the gap between the regular and members NIC.
  • I'm glad to see you've re-established systalk. I hope it can get back to being as useful and fun as it used to be.

    Oh yeah, and once you have some info on what (non-PERL or DNS hackers) I can do to help, I'll volunteer. I don't really need the service any more, but it is a damn good idea and should be supported.
  • How will this be more successful than Monolith, in terms of being able to support the services financially?

    I'm not trying to criticize -- this is a serious question.

  • Joshua,

    You should know better. It's ALWAYS more complicated than that.

    I will give you though that one of the many reasons was a disconnect between management and the workers.

    But it's not that simple...

    Good luck in any case. There are a lot of lessons
    you will only learn through experience.
  • I noticed that NWS was down as well ... Damn every time I finally get a domain name up and running the provider goes away ... I guess that is what you get for free... That or I have the touch of death... hmmmmm

  • ...and submitted the story last friday, then monday, and it was not published... maybe my submition go to /dev/null :o)
  • anyone know ? the "Open DNS Server" project? it was people who wanted to replace services, they were active in december and january, then they dissapear... they used also but dissapear too... they had in beta a DynDNS which was working, and C source available (OSS)

  • It's too bad monolith went away. I actually bought a real domain, so does anyone know of a good reference on setting up services to warn users of an impending name change? Like sendmail auto-responding to old-domain requests, apache responding to the old domain as a virtual host that points to a cgi script auto linking to the corresponding page in the new domain, etc?

    --cloudmaster, doesn't want his domain controlled by anyone else again.
  • That was quick. DHS.ORG is very slow. What do you guys do--all point wget at the whole site? I'm glad to see there is so much interest. If anyone wants to volunteer, please do!
  • Actually, at DHS there is one flat namespace. You just get and then you can make that a domain for a single IP address, a subdomain, a DynDNS domain, or even an ATHOME redirector site.


  • Looks like every pointed wget to now. <grin> Oh, and hi, Mr. Sam! It's always nice to see an old friend.

    I'll have fries with that, O.K.?

  • Yes, we're getting ready. There a lot of kinks to be ironed out, but this is a free service, for pete's sake! There will be free domains initially, and then DynDNS and ATHOME redirector service. (What's up with NWS's domain, by the way? Why is it ``on hold''?) I'm going to be implementing experimental DynDNS service on my PC.

    One goal of us at DHS is to avoid the pitfalls into which we ran at Monolith, like abuse, buggy DynDNS clients hammering our server, a poor password reset system, and an unmanageable contact address ( always had at least 500 and usually 1000 unanswered messages in the queue).

    Cheers, (formerly).

  • DynDNS was terrific, that's what it was. I'm dialing in on a school account, and it used to be that I could have my Linux box set up as so that I could telnet into it from the computer lab or wherever and check my mail, or run webpages or chatservers on it. But then it went away, I have a script kludge that emails the current IP address to another account that I can check and use to telnete in, but it's just not the same.

    Of course, ML's DYNDNS service was never the most reliable thing in the world to begin with...if DHS can do better, I'll be very, very happy about things.

    A couple of notes...Linux Gazette [] had an article about using DynDNS services, complete with scripts, in one of their back issues--I think it was the January one. There is a commercial DynDNS service, DynDNS.Com [], that charges $25 a year for DynDNS service, too.

    Also, for the DHS folks...did you know that there is a Dynamic IP hosting system for Linux out there? It's called GnuDIP--check Freshmeat for it. I haven't looked at it myself, but maybe it'll have some stuff you can use in it.

    Good luck, and I have to say I can't wait 'til I can have terrania.(dyn.)! :)
  • I have put a link directly to it for those not needing the whole package in the downloads section on the web site
  • by gcb ( 16524 )

    I'm new to this stuff. what does the MX field in the domain registration want?
  • Hey, do you think it would be possible to have a tld, but use some service, such as this one to have a dynamic ip?
    Just wondering...
  • Umh, who is TC? I submitted this information (not the same wording) a few days ago...
  • my renewed domain officially died this morning. is this because of DHS in beta? in any case, i registered my dhs accounts already.
  • was an active ml domain for 2 years. i ended up registering and, but i'm wondering why my entry has been deleted.
  • why use a Beta service, when GnuDIP already has a FULL working service?

    GnuDIP also allows you to run your own if you have linux.

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