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Comment Re:âoeCell on Wings.â??? (Score 1) 114

A few years ago I wasn't able to log anymore because my login name was "Frédéric", I managed to log with Fr&#E9d&#E9ric or something like this, then after another update I was not able again, and I had to email the developper so they changed my login name in the database to Frederic54...

Comment Re:A terrible disturbance (Score 1) 378

True I still use my HP MINI311, o/c to 2GHz, 3GB RAM, Mint17.3/Xfce runs pretty good on it, I am using it to develop on Atmel MEGA processor, it takes a few seconds to compile a 32KB program. It's for in-car apps so the netbook fornat is perfect.
And even if it's more than 6 years old, it has a dedicated NVidia GPU (ion) and can decode in HW any 1080p video, and output it on the HDMI port plugged on the 55" LCD TV.
However it's true that Chrome is a little bit slow and heavy sites like reddit with RES brings the CPU to its knees, but to edit/compile small C program on the go, it's wonderful.

Comment Re:Advertising doesn't work (Score 2) 37

True, having been "on the net" since early 90s, I ignore ads completely, my brain does not see them. If there is a huge popup blocking everything I might disable it if I really want to read the article, else I just close the window, same for article divided into 10 pages.

The only ads I clicked in 25 years was a few times on /. to support them.

And I do not have Instagram ;-)

Comment Re:Excess permissions, won't use SD card (Score 1) 278

If you are using Android 6.0, you can use your SD card as an expansion of your internal memory. In my GF Moto G2 (which has only 8GB internal memory and less than 5 free) I put a 32GB UHS-1 card, go into storage/whatever, click "use it as internal storage", it formats the card and tada! she has a "40GB" phone and can move audio/video and apps on the SD card easily.

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