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Comment Re:Totally the right call (Score 1) 90

> Despite this, Qualcomm is still heavily marketing its proprietary quickcharge 3.0 system to smartphone manufacturers, purely for the incremental profits on licensed wall chargers

Maybe, I don't know, I bought an Aukey QC2.0 charger for my Zenfone2, it charges at 9V 2A and it is really convenient, it's proprieaty I agree but USB-C was not mainstream a few years ago...

Comment Re:Meanwhile, here in Europe ... (Score 1) 250

As a European living in Canada, I envy you... here I pay almost CA$150 for landline, HDTV (about 50 channels) with a PVR, and 30/10 internet with a 130GB cap.
Also in general we have only 2 choices of providers, offering about the same thing for the same price (lot of collusion here, same for gas price).

Do not start me on cellphone plan... almost the most expensive in the world.

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