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Comment Still have my HP Mini 311 from 2009 (Score 2) 243

Spec wise it has an old Atom (overclocked to 2GHz), a 11.6" screen and a Nvidia ION, HDMI output, can decode H264 in hardware without problem, has 3GB of RAM, ethernet, wifi abgn, bluetooth, 3 USB, etc.
I run Mint 17.3 Xfce on it, it works well, I still use it to debug some code in car application written on AVR ATMEGA, it can compile a 32K project in a few seconds, transfer it via USBasp, serial console via a CP2102, etc. I am using it mainly for this as my other laptop is 17" and too big.

The bottleneck is the CPU so browsing some big sites like facebook or reddit+res it is slow. I also installed Win10 on a partition to try it, it works fine!

You can buy one for ~$70 on eBay. To replace it I would need a $300 chromebook and manage to install linux on it, but would miss some keys maybe?

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