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End of the Line For Remix OS as Jide Shifts Its Energy Towards the Enterprise ( 30

An anonymous reader shares a report: It was only in July last year that Remix OS, an Android-based operating system for PCs, was bumped up to Version 3.0, which featured Android 6.0 Marshmallow under the hood. In fact, news of the upgrade came hot on the heels of an announcement from Chuwi with regards to the release of its $239 Vi10 Plus tablet that dual-booted Remix OS and Windows 10. A little over a month later, Jide Technology then followed up with a "developer preview" of the OS leveraging Android 7.0 Nougat. However, after a somewhat brief period of existence of just a few years, the company has announced that it is shifting its focus away from the consumer segment to the enterprise. In a statement on its website, Jide stated that: "Over the past year, we received an increasing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries, and began helping them build great tools for their organizations by leveraging Jide software and hardware. We see huge potential in the role that Jide can play to revolutionize how these businesses operate. And given our existing resources, we decided to focus our company efforts solely on the enterprise space moving forward."
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End of the Line For Remix OS as Jide Shifts Its Energy Towards the Enterprise

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  • Honestly I think the future of android on the desktop is a containerized runtime like Anbox []
  • Question: if the GPL "viral" or "cancerous", what do you call this, this son-of-Apache closed source freeware license that Jibe used for Remix OS ?

    Because if the GPL really is those things, then non-OSS freeware must be "toxic" (and by extension, "permissive" licensed software is "permissive" only of various forms of toxicity.) I briefly played around with RemixOS because it would be handy to have it available, preferably running in a VM, as a handy to use Android-only applications. Spent a couple hours
    • by Kjella ( 173770 )

      Question: if the GPL "viral" or "cancerous", what do you call this, this son-of-Apache closed source freeware license that Jibe used for Remix OS ?

      The "viral" nature referred to the need to release source code so it would be "non-contagious". If you want a better genetics-style analogy they're like a ship that left Open Source Island, settled on their own Proprietary Island and went extinct so whatever unique traits they had became dust. Other Proprietary Islands like macOS still thrive, but they only allow a few carefully selected people to return to Open Source Island. The Free Software Islands is like a federation, they'll let you travel to any isl

      • I'm not sure I follow your analogy. You don't seem to be properly differentiating copyleft open source (GPL) from permissive open source (BSD / Apache / MIT / public domain), which was a central point of my post.

        Let's see if we can clarify this a bit more: what happens if proprietary source code is discovered in another project, be it OSS or proprietary code from another company?

        Now, why isn't "toxic" a perfectly apt response to the "GPL is viral" claims? Unauthorized use of proprietary code, such as
  • PhoenixOS (Score:5, Interesting)

    by emil ( 695 ) on Tuesday July 18, 2017 @12:32PM (#54833429)

    I haven't tried PhoenixOS [] yet. They've brought out Android 7 Nougat since I last browsed their site.

    I wonder what will rise from the ashes of Remix?

  • What about these dudes? []
    • I'm not sure if there was a division of labor between the projects - if so, then the parent will suffer.

      Right now on android-x86 home page, I see:

      2016-10-12: Remix OS for PC version: 3.0.206 is available for download.
      2016-08-17: Remix OS for PC - Android M rc2 (version: 3.0.201) on Android-x86 project is available for download.
      2016-07-26: Remix OS for PC - Android M Version on Android-x86 project is available for download.
      2016-07-06: Remix OS for PC - Latest version built (version: 2.0.402) on Android-x8

  • They make a great product, and build great in-roads to it.

    Then enterprise comes along. 'woo enterprise'.

    Then dump their great product X, and burn the inroads.

    Forgetting how it was that the enterprise discovered them in the first place.

    Then cease growing.

    There's a haiku there somewhere.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    so we're going to try to fool some ignorant corporate executives next.

    come on, they *could have* pursued that while also having a product for lowly end users.. but there's no big pay day in that plan.

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