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Comment dead format anyways (Score 1) 112

wile torrents will never die in there usefulness game clients using them and for downloading other large files the days of the huge pirate sites are dead. most pirates have moved to other means and back to privet sites. and wile i know piracy will never go away th thing is why pirate anything these days cant afford 60$ game with another 100$ of dlc wait a year get the goty edition with all dlc for 20$.

Comment Re:Meh.... they have no sane argument here, IMO. (Score 1) 306

you make plenty of money delivering pizzas i did it for years. the difference is the pizza company does not take 30% of my paycheck for doing it that delivery fee goes right into my pocket. also they dont demand you drive new cars with under 100k miles. uber has always been a ripoff i saw that the day i herd of them and took a look at there terms the main issue is stupid people willing to work for pennies then bitch later.

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