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Comment Firefox has uBlock Origin (Score 2) 102

If you just want to block ads to your browser, then Firefox has the best tool. uBlock Origin can be configured for adblock, malware, and many sundry lists. Opera also advertises adblock as well as VPN, but Opera is now Chinese-owned and will be able to keybridge you, so caveat emptor.

You only need to touch /etc/hosts if you want to adblock Chrome and/or something OTHER than a browser. In that case, I am using AdAway from F-Droid, and that needs root every time it applies updates to /etc/hosts, so you will likely need persistent root.

Comment Should have been as good as VMS (Score 1) 284

The funny thing is that VAX VMS is the "parent" of the Windows kernel, and many approaches between the systems are very similar (to the extent that Digital sued Microsoft and won). The ACL permission scheme is the most striking.

VMS had very good security - the best in the business. It's hard to understand how that went so very wrong for Windows. There has been commentary that Dave Cutler himself practically threw the issue overboard.

Comment Management Engine (Score 1) 150

Both Intel and [most of the] ARM [community] are guilty of bundling opaque processor controls, and the i386/ARM architectures cannot be trusted as the opaque components have unrestricted access to networking, memory, and i/o.

It appears that the best "open" CPU architecture is the decade-old SPARC T2 - the full Verilog source for the CPU is provided, and there is no "management engine."

Unfortunately, no "Raspberry Pi" or otherwise reduced form-factor board is available on the market at this time. If you want to run a SPARC T2, you will likely have to purchase a used Netra server.

Comment Removable batteries (Score 3, Informative) 150

All of this would have been avoidable with removable batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are required to implement five separate safety systems to prevent these combustion events.

Samsung is having quality-control issues. If the batteries were removable, the situation would not be trashing the company, but this does serve poetic justice.

Comment Fire hazards of various types (Score 1) 86

I agree that battery replacement is dangerous - I have ordered several replacement batteries for my Note 2 from ebay. They all had Samsung labeling, but exhibited wildly erratic discharge (dropping from 50% to 10% within a few minutes).

I have since replaced them with Anker batteries, which appear to have a good reputation for quality and safety, and are really not much more expensive than the Chinese low-end. People should be encouraged to avoid batteries made in China for safety reasons, unless they are vetted or supplied by an OEM.

The chargers also can be dangerous, and low-end Chinese manufacturers skimp on safety and quality. Look for the "UL" symbol for Underwriters Laboratories on any USB chargers. Also check for spelling and grammar mistakes in the labeling on the device, which are sure signs of a cheap forgery.

Power components must be purchased from reputable suppliers to assure safety.

Comment Removable batteries (Score 4, Insightful) 86

Samsung, the electronics will last far longer than the lithium battery. Had the note 7 battery been removable, users could have swapped a $10 replacement and kept their phones. Aesthetics/styling are the only benefits to an embedded battery, but this really accelerates product obsolescence and forces your customers to spend more. This is unacceptable.

Bring back removable batteries. If you don't, then I wish more million-unit recalls upon you until you build the product that we want.

Maybe you'll be a penny stock by then.

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