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Amazon Launches Virtual 'Dash' Buttons For One-Click Buying From the Homepage (recode.net) 22

Amazon's Dash Buttons, those tiny, physical gadgets, make buying products from the online retailer easier when you're not in front of a computer. Now the company is taking that idea back to its digital storefront. From a report on Recode: The new virtual Dash buttons started appearing on the Amazon.com homepage and the Amazon app home screen on Thursday night. The company is automatically creating ones for items you recently ordered or order often. An order is placed with one click or tap on the digital button. An Amazon spokesperson said Prime members can create a virtual one-click button for tens of millions of products available for Prime delivery. "Add to your Dash buttons" is now an option on the product page of all eligible products. Virtual Dash buttons are free to use, while the physical ones cost $4.99. A spokesperson said the idea for the virtual shortcuts came from the success of the physical buttons and is not connected to the reported expiration of the Amazon patent for one-click purchases.
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Amazon Launches Virtual 'Dash' Buttons For One-Click Buying From the Homepage

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  • Amazing (Score:1, Insightful)

    by The-Ixian ( 168184 )

    I kind of feel like we are not far away from a point where the default is to buy stuff from Amazon and you have to click a button or do some action to avoid it.

    There really isn't anything easier than clicking a button.... or wait a minute.... What if, by making eye contact with a particular device an Amazon order is triggered... sort of like the weird guy on the bus when you accidentally make eye contact and he takes that as an invitation to come talk to you... Or the childish game where if you are tricked

    • Not far away? Heck, there are already items that default to 'subscribe and save!' where the unwary will get a new shipment every n months.

  • Let's keep making your site harder and harder to actually use - I'm sure that will go well.

  • Nice job Amazon, you're really grabbing this concept right by the pussy! You'll make online purchasing Great Again!
  • Am I such a strange outlier from the general population that all of Amazon's devices/interfaces to make buying things easier seem strange to me?

    Is it odd that I am not really on the lookout for ways to make it easier for me to be parted with my money? Maybe I'm just cheap, but I tend to think a bit before spending money, and not just want to press a button and have $ disappear from my bank account.
    • by radish ( 98371 )

      For anything expensive, sure. But this isn't for that - the buttons are for things you already use, already have decided you like, and don't want to have to think about running out of. I have one for trash bags, for example. I don't need to spend time thinking about trash bags, I just need more to magically appear when I'm nearly out.

      It's a convenience, nothing more.

  • If you're not logged into Amazon, then you don't see those silly buttons. Since I regularly clear my cookies, when I go to Amazon it generally does not try to personalize the Amazon landing page... which keeps the page much simpler and better.

    When I go to Amazon, all I usually want to do is search for a product - I don't spend any time browsing the landing page. Fortunately Bezos hasn't (yet) moved the search box somewhere down below whatever the crap du jour is.

    Since Amazon doesn't make it easy to log out

    • Upvoted for the perfect usage of the phrase "crap du jour". (...and upvote cancelled after this comment)

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