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Not a Bad Quarter To Be a GPU Vendor ( 16

Jeremy Hellstrom, writing for PC Perspective (edited):Compared to Q2 2016, total GPU shipments including discrete and integral chips in the mobile and desktop markets increased by 20%; good but not enough to recover from the volume we saw in Q3 2015. Individually, total AMD sales increased by 15%, and Intel saw 18% boost, but it was NVIDIA that was the most successful with an impressive 39% increase. In AMD's case, it saw sales of its aging desktop APUs drop by 10% but that was quickly offset by a jump in discrete GPU sales of 34.7% and an increase in laptop demand by 19.1%. The discrete GPU market as a whole has grown by 35.6% compared to the last quarter and by 10.1% when compared to last year. This is not bad news for AMD or Intel but it is certainly NVIDIA which has the most to celebrate.
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Not a Bad Quarter To Be a GPU Vendor

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  • by WaffleMonster ( 969671 ) on Friday November 18, 2016 @06:31PM (#53318567)

    As Nvidia's basic graphics driver downloads are replaced with malware.

  • Logical (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Espectr0 ( 577637 ) on Friday November 18, 2016 @06:46PM (#53318667) Journal

    I have a third gen i5, and wanted to upgrade but seeing benchmarks i may get only up to 15% of speed increases. Today you get a much better upgrade by getting an SSD drive and a new GPU.

    I have a nvidia gtx 970, excellent card, silent, no issues. It was a little expensive (330$) but nobody could deliver a faster product at that price.

    I wanted to upgrade to the 1070, but since i game at 1080p i couldn't justify the (more expensive 450$) cost.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    In AMD's case, it saw sales of its aging desktop APUs drop by 10%

    Aging.... fucking please. The first release was only 5 years ago and they not only released Bristol Ridge this year, but Raven Ridge is slated for release not even 6 months from now.
  • I'm guessing that you can thank HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for most of that bubble.

  • The graphics industry is finally out of a decade-long rut. Consoles caused PCs to become second-class, and suddenly games and engines focused less on visual fidelity and more on portability and eeking out as much performance as possible from the relatively uncapable consoles.

    144hz, 4K, HDR, VR --- these things are saving the industry, and there's enough headroom to keep growing for probably another decade.

  • I don't know about y'all but I'm waiting for AMD zenith cores to be released before I built a new PC. That and the rx480 is perpetually sold out.

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