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Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 70

Cool you have a solid reason thats great. It sounds like you haven't tried Vive yet. You need to before you write off "gimmicky" room-scale though. I kinda thought the same but after I tried a Vive my mind has very definitely been opened.

I've used both, actually.

The problem I've got with room-scale isn't the tech so much as the games, which from the ones I've seen are very reminiscent of the Wii: fun if you've only got a short time, good to quickly wow a guest, but ultimately not very fulfilling gameplay. Gimmicky.

I like to think I'm pretty creative when it comes to imagining uses for new technology and I've been a gamer ever since my hands met a keyboard, but I just can't think of a compelling mechanic that could fit a 5'x5' square. Myst maybe, but how many Myst clones can you play. Warehouse-scale, now that's another story, but I don't own a warehouse.

I'm sure someone smarter than me will think of something and when I see that first great game come out for room-scale, I'll jump all over it. It just isn't ready yet.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 70

I don't want touch controllers. I want to play racing and flight sims. Why spend $200 more to get some extra controllers I'll use maybe a handful of times before putting them away for good?

If some non-gimmicky room-scale game eventually comes out that gets me excited, I'll buy the touch controllers then. Why do it before?

Comment No, it doesn't. (Score 5, Interesting) 196

At this point I don't upgrade to a new phone until the battery on my existing one becomes useless and I can't find a replacement. There hasn't been a compelling phone feature to me for quite a while. Screen resolution, camera, CPU, data speeds are all at a good enough place. The last really cool feature for me was wireless charging.

Comment Re:Why shouldn't it be safe? (Score 2) 197

there is no way to know whether the "Starbucks" or "Starbucks - SFO" or "Starbucks - Public" SSID is the legitimate one.

And there's no way to know what these "legitimate" hotspots are doing with your data either. Treat everyone as the attacker and your options become far clearer.

Comment Re:until people get punished for false claims (Score 5, Informative) 157

Youtube has a bit of a larger problem. Nobody gets punished for false claims. You don't even need a person, because Youtube will automate it for you. And while people can file claims as quickly as they'd like, instantly taking videos down or stealing ad revenue, it can take months to go through the review process of putting a video back up. It's a crazily one-sided system. Nostalgia Critic, a long-time movie reviewer, talks about it in a recent video.

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