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Uber To Integrate With TransLoc Public Transit Planning App ( 18

An anonymous reader writes: Transit tech firm TransLoc has agreed to partner with global ride-sharing giant Uber, to help public transport users plan their routes and schedule rides to reach their final destination. The set up will help users plan trips via different modes of transport and offer an end-to-end route planning service, according to the companies. The partnership will see the integration of Uber's ride-sharing API and the TransLoc 'Rider' app, which provides real-time public transit tracking, arrival predictions and proximity alerts. Users will be able to simply input their destination in the Rider app and receive a tailored journey, incorporating the 'optimal combination' of walking, public transit options and Uber.
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Uber To Integrate With TransLoc Public Transit Planning App

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  • That would be helpful.

  • by SvnLyrBrto ( 62138 ) on Tuesday January 12, 2016 @12:29AM (#51284187)

    Uber has had an API other app developers could use to integrate with them for years now. I use a couple regularly. One is a public transit trip planner and has had Uber integration for at least a year, and the other to avoid surge pricing and has been available for about three.

  • I wonder how much someone is getting paid every time the word "uber" is displayed on the front page.
  • The "optimal combination" will be slowly taken over by "all Uber, all the time."

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