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Comment Microsoft says (Score 1) 500

"Microsoft also says that many hardware manufacturers do not provide drivers for Windows 7 any longer, and many developers and companies refrain from releasing programs on the outdated operating system."

Who cares? If you've got win7, you probably also have old hardware that already has drivers. That's kind of the whole thing that people like about windows 7.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 95

Slashdot's front page has: 1. Lawyer Rewrites Instagram's Privacy Policy So Kids and Parents Can Have a Meaningful Talk About Privacy 2. IMDb Ignores New Law Banning It From Publishing Actors' Ages Online, Cites Free Speech Violations

So it is legal for to sell a child's personal information, but not okay for IMDB to publish the ages of grown adults. Does anyone else see this as crazy?

Not necessarily. If the child is an actor, and happens to live in kalifornia they do get some special privileges.

But your point that it is completely absurd is 100% accurate.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 4, Funny) 218

Laws that limit freedom of expression are tyrannical in nature, and eventually no speech is free. Anti-Discrimination free speech laws are completely out of control "Dynamic" is prohibited in job postings, because ... it is ... code for "no black people". No, I am not making that shit up. Talk about racist bullshit, black people can't by dynamic?? WHAT???

The greatest threat to our liberties are people crying "There ought to be a law" and make it so.

Well Hollywood better put a goddamn end to the practice. I, for one, am sick and tired of Hollywood using actual children to portray children in movies and television. They should be using only actors above the age of 18.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 2) 218

Do the California Legislatures realize that his information is also on Wikipedia?

Born Mark Richard Hamill September 25, 1951 (age 65) Oakland, California, United States

Probably. The law doesn't single out imdb. Wikipedia is in violation if imdb is. Hopefully a federal court will put an end to this nonsense.

Comment Russia (Score 1) 110

Russia is doing the right thing for their citizens here. App owner refused to store citizen data in country, app gets blocked. That's how it SHOULD be. Otherwise, your citizen's data is available to others without going through your country's due process. Worse, if it's stored in the US (where I live) there is no due process if the data isn't stored in your home.

Comment Re:Imagine a world where that's even possible (Score 1) 110

If anyone is so overwhelmingly attracted to the idea of allowing a company like Apple or Google to control the "application market" that they see, then they deserve to not have many applications, and for their computer to be significantly less capable than everyone else's. The whole point of turning all your selection power over to some company, is to personally have less power. So this works out great.

Meanwhile, in Real Life, the market simply is the market. Nobody can remove someone else's product from it. Imagine how amazingly absurd that would be. The only way to get to that level of absurdity, would be to buy a computer where someone else controls what software you're allowed to use.

...and thus the iPhone was born!

Comment Re:hand over control to automata and others (Score 1) 15

with each automated unobtrusive advance we get ability to hand over more of our bodies to automata and others.

hopefully such handovers will remain our choice.

some of us, even in other things, prefer to be in control and knowledgeable as much as possible, even if that makes demands on our time and other resources. for instance, that is why some like open source software and unix philosophy. others prefer (allegedly) easy to use proprietary stuff which cover up the actual workings and prevent repairing among other things.

we are getting to a similar choice about our bodies.

I believe you've got a false dichotomy there on the operating systems. Honestly, I believe most people would prefer open and easy to use. That combination just isn't available yet.

Comment Re:Meanwhile.... (Score 1) 189

So the article says Hollywood is slumping and you're saying it's thriving and, somehow, either direction confirms we should all get to watch movies for free.

Well, to be fair, an article posted to slasdot from 3 days ago says Hollywood is thriving. Record revenues, even better than last year's record revenues...

The North American box office closed out the year with $11.4 billion in ticket sales, ComScore said Sunday. That marks a new record for the industry, bypassing the previous high-water mark of $11.1 billion that was established in 2015.

Comment Re: Meanwhile.... (Score 1) 189

Ask for a raise too often (whether you get it or not) and you go to the top of the layoff list.

Meanwhile, you'll have more luck asking for a raise if you can show how you have improved in the interim. Switching to rainbow colored binding clips on the TPS report isn't likely to get much traction.

Using the new cover sheets on your TPS reports can be quite effective.

Comment Re:Welcome (Score 2) 161

Welcome all to a world where you don't own nor are allowed to alter the software on items you purchased outright.

It cost the manufacturer millions just to develop that software. Do you think by you get the right to own it just by paying a few hundred bucks? That's like saying you ate at a restaurant, so you're now partial owner of that restaurant and demand access to their secret recipes. You have the right to use the product, but don't own the design. The manufacture won't hand you the source code, because that will compromise his trade secrets and therefore, harm his business.

The main issue is that the "Smart" (read connected) TV is exposed to millions of hackers and that's the stupid part. More connected something is to the internet, the more vulnerable it is. If the world continues down this moronic path for more convenience, there'll be a day when hackers will lock you out of your house when they seize control of your smart door.

No, it's more like saying he bought a plate of food at that restaurant and can do whatever he wants with the food. See how that works? He can eat it as they prepared it, add salt and pepper and steak sauce then eat it, take it home and make changes to it, give it away, throw it away, the possibilities are endless.

Comment Re: Applying tort to patents (Score 2) 455

Really? Courts around here require you to be a more or less sane person if you want to drive a car. If you try to use the defense that you can't be expected to have common sense, the least you can expect is for the judge to invalidate your driver's license because by your own confession you're unfit to handle a vehicle.

If you complain enough and piss off the judge he just might incapacitate you. And try to get out of THAT again.

You better accept that you're expected to have common sense when going to court around here. That's why the whole "I'm too stupid to conduct my own life and hence I sue the company not telling me to not do $stupid_thing" isn't flying here.

Except the driver is dead, so who cares if the court wants to revoke their license.

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