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Comment Re:OT - but why are comments bunched up on the lef (Score 1) 98

For the last week or so /. has been hard to read because all the comments are squashed up in the left half of the screen. If you zoom in to read more easily it's even worse! Am I the only one to notice this? I haven't seen anyone mention it (not that it's easy to read comments now). What's going on? Same on a number of browsers and PC's, NoScript or not. WTF?

Thanks in advance for any replies

Must be just you. /. has worked fine in chrome on android and firefox on windows all week for me. Maybe reset your browser to factory default and disable your addons?

Comment Re:How about Proton mail? (Score 1) 77

Um. you did read the review right? It's not secure AT ALL. Extremely easy to hack and has a backdoor admin account with an outrageously simple password. Do yourself a favor and spend 5 bucks a month for a gmail mailbox.

Since when has gmail not been free? LOL gmail is pretty awful, and there you go taking away the one thing it's got going for it.

Comment Re:Moore's law of tech trade shows (Score 1) 36

Trade shows will double in size every year until the year a company realizes there's not much value in the show and discontinues it immediately. And yes, I realize IDF was not a trade show in name or intended purpose but that's pretty much what it became anyway.

Hush now. We all like to go enjoy a good trade show / "developer forum" when we can. Don't spoil it for anyone else!

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 230

Designers quickly realized that it was unusable for anything more than annoying ads and spyware anyway. It breaks back/forward navigation, takes ages to load, not everyone has it, doesn't work well/at all on mobile... And the HTML 5 got better and there was less need for it anyway.

Ad blockers probably had a lot to do with it as well, as developers found a lot of their Flash apps were not even loading anyway. To get through they needed to base64 encode images into the HTML or at least not make it quite so obvious they were loading up some Flash crapware.

I'm going to disagree with you there. While I've never written anything in flash I have used many many flash programs that were unrelated to ads and spyware. Yes, that stuff happened with flash. Guess what? It's happening with HTML5. Shocker, I know! The world is in need of HTML5 "popup" blockers currently... Guess what, several of those programs I still use. Could they be exploited? Yes. Could any program be exploited? Yes. Flash was frequently targeted because of the popularity. Same with Java.

Whenever you have something that's popular, it will be targeted. Or maybe you prefer to live in fantasy land. I remember when iOS was less popular the fanboys were all saying it was impervious to viruses and hacking! I have to admit (not to my credit) that I did enjoy rubbing it in their face later.

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 230

I'd go for DRM, simple and straight up, as the primary sinker of the Flash ship.

Those ridiculously frequent "security updates" were almost entirely managing DRM holes, and it would seem they were managing the holes in whack-a-mole style without even attempting to design a more secure DRM solution. As a user, the update frequency killed my enthusiasm for Flash - if I could install it once and forget it, fine - I'll use it when a website says it needs it, but if I'm constantly having to install updates just to browse the web, no thanks.

As a content provider, having to constantly evaluate the stream of Flash updates, determine which one broke our app for our users and which update version we need to tell them to use (and compatibility would fade in and out across the updates, you couldn't just go "old", you'd have one feature that died in versions 275 through 313, and another that only worked in 306 through 392, then you come up with a third compatibility problem that breaks functionality from 317 onward, so you've got to tell your users to use 314 through 316, if they want to access all the features they are paying for.

Flash was not a good partner in the value delivery stream.

Update frequency combined with a piss poor update methodology. Horribly intrusive installers accompany a flash update unless it's being done by a corporate system like Marimba. Same for Java, it's bad. An installer for a security update needs no UI at all. The software should have had an option to silently update as needed. If it had that, who would care if Adobe updated flash 5 times a day? Only people with metered internet.

Comment Re:Oh joy. (Score 3, Informative) 54

Actually, apparently you have never used it. Its an ad-less client that can be setup for remote access across all platforms. It's one of the best available, only to be beaten by deluge in my opinion. I'ts not our fault that you choose to use shitty software without looking around. Some of the best most useful software I've ever used has been free OSS. Just have to google a little bit to find good shit, the good stuff wont always be on the first page.

WTF are you talking about? uTorrent is full of ads.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 0) 266

"Seriously though, how can a golf ball have 11 patents on it?"

I have never played golf, and I know the answers to this. Seriously, though, have you done even a minimal amount of research into how golf balls are designed and manufactured?

If so, you would not have asked the question except rhetorically. You're welcome.

Golf balls. Someone actually designs the things? What an awful way to spend your life.

Comment Re:14 times smaller? (Score 1) 321

"Greenland looks roughly the size of Africa when it is actually about 14 times smaller." Actually, if you make something 1 times smaller, it's gone! Nothing left! Perhaps you meant 1/14 the size, instead of "14 times smaller"....

I wish this slashdot article was using a font that was 14 times smaller...

Comment Re:Well, sort of (Score 1) 52

Illiterate /. editor strikes again. "Cyberfox Developer Proclaims Death of Web Browser" should read "Developer Proclaims Death of Cyberfox Web Browser." Reply to This

Oh, you think this was accidental? What if said "Your browser trying to kill you, here's one weird trick to stay alive"?

If it said that, it would already have 2 million shares on facebook.

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