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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

There is always one of these posts for every story about wearables. I put money down for an original Pebble on Kickstarter (that I still wear) because I commuted by train from an outdoor stop. The trains are sometimes delayed, and I want to see their status (which I scraped at the time from a public API) in the winter without taking my gloves off to dig around in my pocket for my phone.

I have a hackable wrist computer I bought for a hundred bucks. It doesn't have a lot of screen, CPU, or memory, but I can do whatever I please with it, and the battery lasts a week.

Comment Re:The message is clear: (Score 1) 309

Totally serious question: Don't cops follow the vampire law of doorways (they can't come in unless invited), except in the case of a warrant? I thought if you invited a random stranger home from a bar that it was on you if s/he turned out to be a cop and you had $contraband on your sofa. Are they not allowed to misrepresent themselves to get into your house?

Comment Re:cost reduction (Score 1) 595

Aren't you the guy who told everybody two threads up that this is idle, click-baity speculation? If so, why are you suddenly all about defending the branded adapters?

A couple stories ago, I read one of your posts saying that you don't only post on Apple stories, but somehow it's only the Apple ones where I notice.

Comment Re:Opposing country's bills (Score 1) 207

I have already built this API. Any TLA can query it. There is a small bug remaining: every message is translated into "dog".

Sample Request:


Sample Response:

[{"date":"2016-06-17T04:16:42.540Z","message":"bark bark bark bark. bark bark. bark bark bark bark bark."}, {...}, ...]

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