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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

There is always one of these posts for every story about wearables. I put money down for an original Pebble on Kickstarter (that I still wear) because I commuted by train from an outdoor stop. The trains are sometimes delayed, and I want to see their status (which I scraped at the time from a public API) in the winter without taking my gloves off to dig around in my pocket for my phone.

I have a hackable wrist computer I bought for a hundred bucks. It doesn't have a lot of screen, CPU, or memory, but I can do whatever I please with it, and the battery lasts a week.

Comment Re:The message is clear: (Score 1) 309

Totally serious question: Don't cops follow the vampire law of doorways (they can't come in unless invited), except in the case of a warrant? I thought if you invited a random stranger home from a bar that it was on you if s/he turned out to be a cop and you had $contraband on your sofa. Are they not allowed to misrepresent themselves to get into your house?

Comment Re:cost reduction (Score 1) 595

Aren't you the guy who told everybody two threads up that this is idle, click-baity speculation? If so, why are you suddenly all about defending the branded adapters?

A couple stories ago, I read one of your posts saying that you don't only post on Apple stories, but somehow it's only the Apple ones where I notice.

Comment Re:Opposing country's bills (Score 1) 207

I have already built this API. Any TLA can query it. There is a small bug remaining: every message is translated into "dog".

Sample Request:


Sample Response:

[{"date":"2016-06-17T04:16:42.540Z","message":"bark bark bark bark. bark bark. bark bark bark bark bark."}, {...}, ...]

Comment Re:If shove came to push... (Score 1) 412

I take three issues with your post (the other points I think are accurate):

(1) Trump is not self-funded. He just asked for $100k in "emergency" donations.
(2) Lots of money doesn't make anyone inherently less susceptible to bribery. It might or might not raise the bar for how much a bribe would have to be, but it doesn't follow that having money negates the desire for money.
(3) Trump has plenty to gain from becoming president. Even if you leave aside stoking his own ego, he has a bully pulpit (and influence on the GOP) to lobby for (a) more favorable libel laws, something he has already insinuated; (b) more favorable property laws, which could hold enormous benefit for a real estate magnate; think zoning, eminent domain, and the like.

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