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Comment Re:Conspiracy Theory! (Score 1) 206

Akamai does not like Krebs exposing out the DDoS attackers, because fear of DDoS is what brings Akamai business. This is a good excuse to try to get rid of Krebs.

That doesn't make sense. Akamai can't convincingly say "We can help [you businesses] with this scary problem of DDoS attacks" when Akamai demonstrably couldn't protect Krebs from a DDoS attack. From a financial perspective (i.e. "This is costing us too much money"), their actions make sense. From a conspiratorial one? Not at all.

Comment Re:Mandatory Search Tool (Score 1) 25

Someone has a MD5 search to see if your password shows up:

When I try it, it throws an error ... anyways ...

Their javascript file tries to inject some PHP to get a random number.
Since it's a javascript file, not PHP, the random injection is not executed and remains as a string.
The string is then used as part of an AJAX request url: https://lastpass.com/lastfm/index.php?rand=%3C?php%20echo%20rand(23,238923892389)?%3E
Finally, their security crap goes "OH NO! ATTEMPTED PHP INJECTION" and crashes.

See https://lastpass.com/js/breach_crypto.js line 44. Then laugh heartily.

Comment Re:Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

Ah, the vendor binaries. The ones that keep your camera and bluetooth working and have new versions every security update. If Google releases a 7.0 set, I'll take your post as accurate. (Although if they do, why not release the whole package?) If they don't, it's back to XDA (which I fully expect) and the first few versions of the BT driver will be flaky.

Comment Re:Well (Score 2) 94

If Facebook went to the original WhatsApp business model ($1/year) and swore under penalty of dissolution that they wouldn't sell, disburse, or look at user data, I'd sign right up. They'd make a billion dollars a year! Who has access to the internet to the degree that FB is useful to them and can't afford a dollar a year?

But instead we have all this murkiness with adverts and data vending and TOS and outright lies.

Comment Re:How to delete your phone number from facebook (Score 1) 103

Or maybe your friend let LinkedIn trawl his/her contact list. I have never been on Lin, but I receive requests from tangential acquaintances often enough that I think that must be what happened. I've seen similar crap on Facebook: "Awww, you don't have enough friends yet. Sign me in to all of your online services, so I can make you some friends."

Comment Re:Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

It's actually pretty simple. Google has committed to supporting devices for three years, and the Nexus 5 is more than three years old. If you really want to run Nougat on a Nexus 5, though, you can do it. Just unlock the bootloader and flash it yourself.

Just unlock the bootloader, wait for AOSP to hit the repo*, [wait for XDA to**] tweak the hardware-specifics, and flash it yourself.

* 2-6 months (notable exception: Honeycomb)
** 1-12 months

Comment Re: 6 megawatts of energy (Score 1) 222

I don't think I understand. Why would you "bring online" some wind turbines in a period of high demand? If you already have them, why wouldn't you be running them all the time and use less coal? You're not paying for the wind. Then you still have the problem of spooling something up and down to match demand, but your baseline coal use is lower.

I'm not trying to disagree with you, I just don't get it. Your logic would make sense to me in any other case where there was a fuel cost to the "little generators." Possible holes in my logic include: (a) wear and tear on a turbine in its active state relative to just sitting outside unused might be comparable to the price of coal that is/isn't wasted; (b) something else?

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