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Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 1) 435

Yes, but the map clearly shows the majority of the land area of the country is colored red. And everybody knows that the only fair way to conduct an election is for each square mile of the country's landmass to get exactly one vote.

Crap. Just look what happened when a real estate mogul got hung up in politics. Now it'll go the other way with the politicians buying up land...

Comment Re:Irony? (Score 1) 352

That would be interesting. Another theory is that the Kremlin leaked the story. Then, if nothing happens (because nothing was ever planned), they can talk it up at home: "Look how protected we are against American aggression!" If something already did happen (as you posit), they can blame the Americans and... what's the expression? Circle the wagons?

Comment Re: For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

Trumpster already said it was a 400 pound guy sitting on his bed, or maybe didn't happen at all.

In the 90s, the NSA supposedly measured its computing power in acres. If Trump becomes president, they'll have to measure their hacking prowess in tonnage. ("Get thirty tonnes of hackers on this 'Politico' site! Make sure they fail like the New York Times!")

Comment Re:Stop treating this like it were binary (Score 1) 332

I am a little sceptical that this is the problem you think it is. Veterans actually complain about police behavior, pointing out that those in military service in populated areas are expected to de-escalate situations if possible. They are also specifically prohibited from pointing their weapons at anyone they are not imminently expecting to shoot. This is in fierce contrast with police reaction to the Ferguson riots. Whatever you may think of the riots themselves, images of police with assault rifles aimed at protesters is a marked difference from military SOP.

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