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Comment Re:Too Competitive (Score 1) 154

For Windows OS updates or other bulk uploads or downloads, drive into town and use restaurant or library Wi-Fi.


Even in the unlikely event that those "free" services that someone (ultimately you) is paying for would continue to be free when people are (ab)using them for their bulk uploads and downloads, still No.

What else sucks multiple GB of bandwidth per month?

All kinds of things, including (for instance):

...use your computer as a remote desktop terminal.

I honestly cannot tell whether you are shilling, whether your internally held beliefs actually line up with Pai, or whether you think Pai ought to be correct because of who he represents and so you are backing up his total nonsense.

Comment Re:goodbye jiffy lube hello $60-$100 dealer oil ch (Score 1) 243

Not sure if all Toyota dealers are like this, or if I'm just lucky to have found a great one.

You may have found a great one, but it's also possible that it's a loss leader to entice you purchase your next car from them (and to word-of-mouth advertise for them). Their agreement with Toyota to be a dealer requires them to have mechanics, but those mechanics are not always doing useful work. If they can subsidise a sunk cost (at times that are convenient to them) and perhaps parlay it into a vehicle sale, that's a good business decision.

Altruistic or not, you're lucky to have them.

Comment Re:Senator's Browsing (Score 1) 300

What if they're not a Senator yet? This is a great way to protect incumbents. Attack ad script:

Tim McNulty is running for congress, but there's something he doesn't want you to know: In 2006, Tim searched for BDSM eight times. Is that someone you want making decisions that affect your children? Say "No" to Tim McNulty. (Paid for by Friends of Al Hargreaves)

All the sitting Senator (or their PAC) has to do is buy the history from Tim's ISP.

Comment Re:Crap. And here I thought they found Thiotimolin (Score 1) 129

I don't remember the specifics of Thiotimoline, but I think if it existed with the properties that Asimov invented, (and you were the only one who knew), you could make a ton of money on the stock market. If you set up a system to dump TTL into the solvent when a market trigger was hit, you could measure prices in the future and act on them in the present.

Comment Re:Trump scare maybe (Score 1) 217

One of them was Lisa Murkowski (sp?) of Alaska.
Alaska is pretty red.

And recently governed by Sarah Palin. I'm out of mod points, but I'm still bumping this AC because s/he has a good point. The rest follows:

The other was from maine which split between clinton and trump.

MAYBE they voted the way they did because they actually have a conscience.

When you reduce it to nothing more than craven self-interest you encourage the worst behavior since there is no upside to ever being principled.

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