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Shiny Acquisition Leaves Earthworm Jim Wriggling? 21

simoniker writes "Shiny Entertainment head Michael Persson has been talking about the company's recent acquisition by Foundation 9, the studio's existing IPs (including Earthworm Jim), and the company's future without either David Perry or Atari at the helm. Persson talks about the latest incarnation of Earthworm Jim, which Shiny was developing for PSP after quite a few previous speedbumps (among them EWJ co-creator Perry leaving and Doug TenNapel also becoming disassociated from the project): 'We were working on that, and we're not working on it anymore. But it's really up to Atari to make an announcement about that, I probably can't even make that statement officially, but obviously we're not working on it.' Back to the drawing board yet again?"
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Shiny Acquisition Leaves Earthworm Jim Wriggling?

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