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NASA Clears Shuttle Atlantis for Sunday Launch 40

Davemania writes "This Sunday, NASA will resume the reconstruction of the International Space Station with the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. NASA predicts a 60% chance that the weather will hold but will be keeping their eye at Tropical Storm Ernesto. The six-astronaut crew is tasked with deploying two large solar arrays and integrating the port 3/port 4 truss segment. As usual, the live launch can be seen on NASA TV."
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NASA Clears Shuttle Atlantis for Sunday Launch

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  • Space shuttle "Antlantis" doesn't exactly fill me with confidence - I mean, why not just go with "Space Shuttle sinking continent" or "Space Shuttle doomed civilization"
    • Or "Space Shuttle crashed cityship with almost no power left"
  • Good luck! (Score:2, Funny)

    by krell ( 896769 )
    Good luck! As long as they keep those motherf%^#ing snakes off the shuttle, they're in good shape!
    • Dude, that joke is old, even on Fark, where cliches can live forever. What's your next post going to be, the HaHa Guy, or the Buttsecks Owl ?
    • Re: (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      No, space shuttles have to worry about raccoons []
  • Godspeed Atlantis! (and don't forget your spatula!)
  • ...but more of a realist: what percentages of shuttles have gotten-off on-time-first-time-no-probs, have been delayed for technical reasons, have been delayed for weather, and whatever-else?
  • 'NSA clears Shuttle Atlantis for Sunday Launch'? Blah, I need more coffee.
  • by redwoodtree ( 136298 ) * on Saturday August 26, 2006 @03:22PM (#15985685)
    Bad timing, actually a big thunderstorm rolled through and the platform took several direct hits. Nothing hit the shuttle itself because of the series of wires and towers that they have installed to draw the lightening away, but they are still going to take the day today and tomorrow to inspect everything.

    There are some ok photos of the direct hits to the tower. mg_display.php?pic=060826_sts115_lightning_02.jpg& cap=Remote+cameras+captured+a+lightning+strike+at+ the+launch+pad+on+Friday%2C+Aug.+25%2C+2006.+Photo +credit%3A+NASA.+Click+to+enlarge.
  • "KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida (CNN) -- The launch of space shuttle Atlantis on Sunday was scrubbed for 24 hours because of lightning striking the launch pad Friday and other weather worries, NASA announced.

    The launch will be tried again Monday. Sunday is the first day of the shuttle's launch window, which closes September 7.

    Mission managers said no other significant issues besides weather could affect the launch, said NASA test director Jeff Spaulding." lau []
  • The Associated Press and the New York Times are now reporting that Atlantis will not launch Sunday []. The delay will "give engineers more time to determine whether one of the most powerful lightning strikes ever at a Kennedy Space Center launch pad caused any problems. The lightning Friday didn't hit the shuttle -- it struck a wire attached to a tower used to protect the spacecraft from such strikes at the launch pad -- but it created a lightning field around the vehicle, NASA managers said. The launch, plann

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