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Journal Journal: 6 Days After My Previous Journal Entry, I Was Dead 4

...But I was revived. I had a cardiac arrest on July 1st almost exactly 6 days after 'returning' to /.

I'm doing fine now, thanks to the first responders, police, and paramedics who were doing CPR in minutes and got my heart started again with an AED. I avoided brain damage, which wasn't apparent when I first woke up days later with the memory of a goldfish. "Oh look, a castle!" (for those who know that joke.) I now have an ICD, making me a legit cyborg.

Comment Re:Estimates (Score 2) 521

Looked into, but not freaked out about. Cats kill hundreds of millions of birds each year. 200M die in Canada alone.

It's not even close. Delaying a switch to solar is much more deadly for birds, as it's expected 1/8th of species will soon (within decades) become extinct due to climate change.

Comment Re:god dammit. The Numbers (Score 5, Insightful) 521

Crunching the numbers, it's foolish to delay solar power adoption for even 28K birds a year.

Climate change is expected to soon kill off 1/8th of all bird species.

200M birds die from cats each year in Canada ( which has the human population of California).

Either stop climate change pollution, or kiss some birds goodbye (peck on the cheek).

Comment Re:Completely made up concern... (Score 1) 100

"You'd think thousands of people being misdirected from polling stations across the Country might have been picked up by atleast one of the major news organizations"

At least one? Try these examples.

So, that invalidates your claim that it's made up recently. Any other questions you'd like me to demolish/answer for you?

Comment Re:Tip of the Scummy Iceberg (Score 1) 100

Wow. What an ignorant, close minded, book-by-the-cover thing to say.

So, if someone understands hip-hop, they can't comprehend research, journalism, computer databases, cryptanalysis, or politics?

I do have to confess to at first not checking him out very closely a month ago when I saw his web address, but when he predicted the Danforth byelection to fractions of a percent, it's pretty clear he knows what he's talking about (and you're being a snob).

Comment Re:Tip of the Scummy Iceberg (Score 1) 100

If you wait for Elections Canada to give you news, you're going to be waiting a lonnng time. The reason we all know about it now is because the Ottawa Citizen broke the story after obtaining EC documents through the Freedom of Information Act. It's been widely reported and known that these calls affected close to 100 ridings. Just because there's an investigation, doesn't mean we have to play dumb until it's finished.

Independent media has said more than 0 ridings were swung, but the fact remains that the crime existed even if no voters were swayed by the ruse. Facts are on my side, not yours.

Comment Tip of the Scummy Iceberg (Score 2, Interesting) 100

Believe it or not, despite this being a big political scandal, there is an even bigger one unfolding in Canada. This other one could make Watergate look minor. Actual Watergate criminals have expressed shock at how big RoboCon could be.

Some group conspired during the last Canadian general election to place (hundreds of?) thousands of misleading and/or harrassing phone calls to members of the Liberals and NDP predominantly, to suppress their votes. The Conservative Party was the benefactor of this plot, obtaining a majority government in our Parliament, giving the Prime Minister nearly unchecked power for 5 years. It's been calculated by a professor and independent researcher, LaRue, from Quebec (now living Stateside), that the Robocalls may have affected the outcome in as many as 18 ridings (12 gave the Conservatives a majority).

I've spoken with LaRue, and I trust his findings. His other unreleased allegations are also huge. I'm not exaggerating. I think he's ahead of the RCMP and Elections Canada in their own respective investigations.

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