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Comment Re:They are winning with XP (Score 1) 614

Plus some VM's don't properly pass control to the outside world. I've had some USB peripherals just plain not work when I tried to move them to a VM with a supported OS. I've had mixed success with some USB to Serial adapters. Some work. Some don't. What works is that old system that still runs that external device just fine!

Comment Re:Thats why your #1 priority in an interview is: (Score 1) 397

The answer to that might be important depending on where it is. For example, if it's a Christian school they might want to actually know if you are a Christian. I can see not asking if the company is a secular one and the asking isn't really the issue as far as I am concerned....it's if they reject you because you don't have the same one where it becomes an issue....IF it's a secular business.

Comment Re:Rapid change in IT is the problem (Score 1) 397

That's a load of crap. Been working in IT for 16+ years....and in those 16 years it's completely changed. In the next 16 years it will all change again. Laptops and Desktops will be replaced by Virtualdesktops and that will only be for a short time(next 5 years...maybe). The IT industry isn't looking for stability....it's looking to change the world constantly. It will never mature as we have an all encompassing thirst to make things easier.

Comment Re:Rapid change in IT is the problem (Score 1) 397

Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud.....that is all managers hear! They hear it get painted in nice sparkles by marketing people and people like Leo Laporte and they thing we gotta have this shit. Then they have no fscking clue why their favorite website went down when the whole fsking thing is running on Amazon's EC3. Stupid.

Comment Re:IT admins are special (Score 1) 397

My current boss is excellent with end user relations and even knows a little about systems....but she has NO CLUE when it comes to the server level stuff we do. I like her though as she usually defers the tech decisions to us as long as we can paint it in warm and fuzzies. Plus when we have to take time off for our family she gets it....but it's the ones above her that REALLY have no clue. They wanted to switch the database from Oracle(running on Power hardware) to SQL Server(on Intel of course) and did not know that with the particular product we run you have to switch out the whole entire infrastructure including the app server....and they supposedly specialize in being CIO's in our particular industry. I wanted to scream.

Comment Biggest Frustration (Score 2) 397

Is when they ask you to implement something you had ZERO input into. Usually there are about 5-10 other projects that really need to be done before their request can be done sanely, but you have to find workarounds to make what they want work NOW and then you have to REDO it all AGAIN once the other projects are done. Planning? Ain't nobody got time fo dat. SHOVE IT IN and who gives a fuck if it's your ass on the line....we'll fire your ass because we asked you to do somethign we shouldn't. Ain't no wonder I frickin hate my job at times.

Plus then there's uptime. They want zero downtime but they don't want to actually PAY FOR IT. THA SUCK!

Comment New Prudishness? No...it's decency. (Score 1) 432

Listen....Facebook isn't just adults. Hasn't been for a long time now. You can't act like it is any more. I've seen kids as young as 9 with Facebook accounts (yes in violation of blah blah blah...).

The one strange thing I find with Facebook is the people who INSIST on swearing, posting risque pics and more. They act like everyone who might ever friend them would like what they post. Fortunately my friends don't do this often. The real problem is on product pages. I see swearing, threats of volence and other issues on product pages like Chevy's! A product page is not your personal graffiti board! Not everyone wants to see that stuff and I SURE as heck don't want my son to see it.

I put it this way.....would you paste a pic of your naked wife on your front door? When you do that on Facebook....depending on your settings....THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Facebook=public.....if you go that route when you post stuff....even if just to your friend list....then you probably won't have any issues.

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