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Comment A lot of screwed up stuff in this story ... (Score 3, Insightful) 450

People are becoming addicted to prescription painkillers. They cannot just buy these products. Therefore they (or others) have to rob them. Men worry about "erectile disfunction" because of advertising. Robbers steal the same products that are advertised for this. Guns are widely available in the US. Guns are used to commit these robberies. Police shoot the suspect because he's carrying a gun.

The decoy pill bottle is just a symptom in all this.

Comment Re:careful what you wish for (Score 1) 419

This just means that booksellers are getting a hidden subsidy from French readers. Sure, you can make anything a success if you have the government enforcing your rent-seeking behaviour. But I wonder if the customers would be happy if it was laid out to them that this policy directly costs them a hidden X euros a year.


Comment On TV ... (Score 2) 108

If you track down The Secret Life of Machines Series 1, The Television Set you can see this sort of set (perhaps even this very set) being demonstrated.

AIUI you wouldn't want to turn this on for very long, or at least not without a fire extinguisher handy. Some of the electronics (capacitors I think?) are made of paper and after all this time have dried out and are prone to catching fire.


Comment Re:talking about data how safe are the data center (Score 1) 562

From my experience, I've seen data centres that have two supposedly redundant power supplies (usually this just means two paths into the data centre from the same supplier).

It seems unlikely/improbable to me that a data centre could be supplied from local diesel generators. The power consumption is just far too great. So your answer is "not safe at all".


Comment Re:/dev/disk/by-id/ (Score 1) 132

Please don't use /dev/disk/by-id. SUSE uses this and it breaks virtualization.

You cannot change the underlying disks (eg. to do migration or V2V) without the guest becoming unbootable.

Use filesystem UUIDs instead. These survive all sorts of migrations and conversions intact, and are even useful in the non-virtual case -- eg. if you swap SATA disks around.


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