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Mythic To Assist Ultima Online Team 28

Gamasutra reports that Mythic will be assisting the UO team, now that they're both a part of the EA family. "The short website message indicates that the existing Ultima Online team will be working together with Mythic, best known for their work on the Dark Age of Camelot MMO, to 'forge Britannia's future.'" Fans of the venerable MMOG should be happiest, though, with speculation that the company will be assisting with a sequel or update to the world of Britannia.
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Mythic To Assist Ultima Online Team

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  • Maybe they'll design a new PVP system for UO. WoW's is still in it's infancy, and a good PVP game would definitely make me switch. Besides, it seems that PVP is all that Mythic is good at. Their PVE leaves more to be desired.
    • I bought WoW a year and a half ago, played it for three hours, and then didn't play it again until last Friday (I was able to haggle 15 free trial days out of a customer service rep). But I really miss the race war servers on EQ1. Are neutral territories (like the Wetlands) free-for-all zones in WoW?

      Anyway, is this going to be shiny, new UO engine? I never played the original, but I think what MMOGs need are much more dynamic environments. Everything seems to be so predictable in current offerings.
      • Yes, to the FFA, but only between factions (horde/alliance). However due to numerous issues this means that if you play Alliance, you get murdered and spawn camped for 1/2 an hour. This was one of my numerous gripes with the game. Along with Crafting: nerfed to uselessness, control scheme: Starcraft with one (1) unit, constant grinding, and despite said grinding a complete lack of a feeling of accomplishment. My character never FELT like he was getting any better over 40+ levels. As opposed to say, a
        • Re:PvP (Score:3, Interesting)

          However due to numerous issues this means that if you play Alliance, you get murdered and spawn camped for 1/2 an hour

          Definitely depends on the server. I've only been corpse camped once in the six months I've played.

          Crafting: nerfed to uselessness

          Not sure what you mean by this, tailoring/skinning makes me a pretty decent income.

          constant grinding

          Now that's totally untrue, WoW has thousands of quests, some are kill x amount of bad guys, some are gather x amount of things, some are proper quests with a story.
          • >Not sure what you mean by this, tailoring/skinning makes me a pretty decent income ..mainly making sub-components for other people's quests?
      • On PVP servers, "contested territory" is FFA pvp. Wetlands numbers among the contested zones (basically, unless you zone in and the zone name is green, it's contested. If it's red, you've entered enemy territory.
    • Blizz has announced World PvP and a lot of other changes to PvP dynamics (plus the Rogue talent rebalancing) for patch 1.12, which IMO will come out shortly before Burning Crusade to ensure a maximal playerbase for launch.
    • Re:PvP (Score:3, Informative)

      by crabpeople ( 720852 )
      "a good PVP game would definitely make me switch"

      Switch from wow to uo? bwahaha.. Uo is a sinking ship. Its been sinking for years and wow put the last cannonball through their hold. EA killed that game. UO2 was designed like over 5 years ago and scrapped. It was so horrible that they just rolled some of the better features it into the current game and made a 3d client out of it. A 3d client where you could stack things on the 2d client and then not see them on the 3d one. That was great fun. Lots of little
      • I just switched back to UO after playing WoW for the last year or so.

        WoW is a good game, incredibly polished and a good amount of content, but after a while it just gets boring. After playing until level 40 or so, it all feels like lots of work for a tiny bit of fun now and again.

        On starting up UO for the first time, I winced at the old graphics engine, but after playing for a bit I got right back into the game.

        UO is just fun. There seems to be a lot more freedom in what you can do. It seems that everyone w
    • Check out Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Mythic is making this game, it's going to be another realm vs realm game, where you can complete the game either entirely PvP or PvE.
    • Re:PvP (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      I'm not convinced that Mythis is really that good at PvP. I played DAoC for awhile, and tried out the PvP in all the battlegrounds from the low levels up to the large RvR shared zone. I played a couple different classes, and my experiences varied a little bit between the two. Mythic tried to create a bit of a rock-paper-scissors system with PvP where some classes were strong against some other classes, and weak against others. For this, I applaud them, however, I don't really think they pulled it off too we
    • Re:PvP (Score:2, Interesting)

      by SupremoMan ( 912191 )
      WOW dude you must be sarcastic. Before EA got it's filthy hands on it, UO had the best PvP system in the world. They slowly started to destroy it by turnign it mroe and more item-based with each patch. Now UO is dead to me! This was the game where player's skill counted for 99% of the equation in both team and 1 vs 1 combat. There was simply nothing like it anywhere. PvP was fast-paced, exciting, and very risky (hence very rewarding). For it's part in ruining this gem, EA is dead to me! And so is any compa
  • by Cherveny ( 647444 ) on Monday July 03, 2006 @02:01PM (#15651285) Homepage
    If I were a fan of Mythic titles though, i'd be scared. EA has a history of closing down any internal competition to Ultima Online in the MMORPG sphere, no matter how much promise they show (look at UO2, UO:X, etc)
    • I'm already scared. I don't think EA is dumb enough to kill a well established MMORPG in favor of one that has been dying for years. (Yes, I know, DAoC is dying too, but it's still FAR more healthy than UO.)

      EA's track record of killing new MMOs before launch, and destroying any well established one that they do acquire (see UO) DOES scare me though. EA's track record with MMOGs is awful.

      If only EVE's implementation hadn't ruined a great concept... (EVE Online had a wonderful concept and had so much pote
  • I must have wasted a lot of time going through UO dungeons with friends. That game was fun.

    Their late attempts at 3d have been laughable at best, and they rarely give any new gameplay. Hopefully they can make it great again.
  • as long as they didnt add a level grind like all other mmos, the system of skills in UO is what makes it timeless. i love the lack of a rigid class system also; the ability to raise and lower skills so i can create my perfect character.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Mythic, I think, will remain anti-grind.

      You see, the premise of DAoC, when it came out was that it was anti-grind. 50 levels. No five billion expansions like Everquest, each one tacking on another 10. Nope - just 50. And levelling was quick. You could effectively take any class to 50 *solo* if you had to.

      Then they bought into the bullshit of 'PvE' and released Trials of Atlantis. The expansion added such things as: a) Massive raids, requiring several dozen (to the point of 100+) people, b) Artifacts,
  • I am not only a current player of Ultima Online, I also have 3 accounts. I also play their 2.5d(3d)client instead of their SouthPark quality 2d client. Mostly because the 3d client supports modern monitors and High res better, along with a few UI features that dont exist in the original 2d client. (resizable Containers to name one).

    What UO needs most is a good Scalable 3d client, that maintains the isometric camera angle. The Worst thing that could happen to UO is to turn in into an FPS or an over the sh
  • UO is dead (Score:2, Insightful)

    by sinij ( 911942 )
    Best thing Mythic could do to UO is to return to pre-UO:R days and scrap years of misguided efforts to clone EQ.
    • Re:UO is dead (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Yeah, that's right. EA spends shitloads of money to buy a game studio, then immediately puts them to work returning the game to its 9-year-old roots.

      You dumbass. I'm fed up with pre-UOR fanboys always spouting how trammel was the death of everything cool. That schtick was old in 2000, here it is 6 years later and your attitude hasn't changed one bit.

      Get over your inability to enjoy change, learn to deal with new environments, and expect that EA is going to push for a completely new redesign of the UO system
    • Best thing Mythic could do to UO is to return to pre-UO:R days and scrap years of misguided efforts to clone EQ.

      Bravo sir. Bravo!

      Ultima Online was a great game unto itself between 1997-1999 and I always said it would be perfect if they just fixed the lag, bugs, cheating, and then program crashes.

      However, EA saw the success of EQ and thought they would just change their game into EQ and cash in on its success. It basically ruined the game for many of us old timers. I played until 2001 or so but after Reinnas
  • ...speculation that the company will be assisting with a sequel or update to the world of Britannia.

    Third time's [] the charm [], right?

    • Exactly!

      ...any new Ultima title would need at least two years of development to release, such is the complexity of current MMOs.

      Since I'm completely certain that EA owns ALL of the IP that those two development teams created, I don't see why the new development team can't pick up where they left off, bring it up to speed and knock it out in a year.

      I played UO for seven and a half years. I enjoyed four of them. The two cancelled "upgrades" was disappointing, the McFarlane content was horrendous and the 3

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