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Comment Re: So basically... (Score 2) 635

Hillary has actually voted for actual wars where thousands of actual people have been killed. You don't need to speculate on how bad she might be because she's already proven how bad she actually is. Both candidates are appalling. Comparing someone who hasn't contributed to mass murder to Hitler because he's a dick who says things that upset you while letting off the one who has because she represents your "team" is why US politics is such a mess.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 413

So there was no gender stereotyping when Grace Hopper became an Admiral in the US Navy and computing pioneer in the 50s? What role models did she need? Was she discouraged by the fact that all the other admirals were white males?

I didn't have any role models that got me into IT, I got into it because I enjoyed messing with computers. Has the patriarchy banned girls from owning computers or are they just less interested in IT?

How about we start talking about the lack of diversity in teaching and nursing given that they're a bit more important than who gives speeches at some bullshit product launch.

Comment Re: None of this matters, it has no headphone jack (Score 1) 324

While the lack of a headphone jack is ridiculous, it's not as bad as Samsung's indifference to providing updates to their devices. At least Apple provide an adapter. The only way to get the latest Android updates for a Samsung is to hope that CM support your device.

Comment Re: Was logging in to post exactly this (Score 1) 338

Everyone else's life has, of course, been exactly the same as yours with exactly the same situations and opportunities. Everyone went to the same school, had the same parents, grew up in the same place and had the same mental and physical health and therefore any problems they have are completely due to bad planning.

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