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500 Million Halo Games, Halo 3 Documentary 48

Gamespot reports on some interesting information for Halo fans. Bungie has created a seven minute documentary about the Halo 3 Trailer run at E3 this year. The short piece allows fans to see the trailer from different angles, and provides insight into its creation. They've also released word that there have been 500 million Halo 2 games played since the game's release. From the article: "This is just the latest of several impressive accolades the game has achieved. In just its first few months in retail, the game sold 6.4 million copies worldwide and logged 91 million cumulative hours on Xbox Live. According to NPD, the game has sold more than 5.1 million copies in the US as of April 2006, accounting for almost $253 million in sales domestically."
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500 Million Halo Games, Halo 3 Documentary

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  • Frankly I have never played Halo.
    But I am amazed that they have a full orchestra for a game.
    Halo 3 production these days doesn't seem any different from a big budget Hollywood production.

    Are other games doing this?
    • The orchestra is one of my fav things about Halo, and one of the first things that grabbed me about it. I have all the soundtracks. The music is likely the best ever put into the industry. I'd certainly rather listen to it than any garbage you hear on the radio any day.
  • so what-- the other 6,399,999 of you have played like-- once each?
  • M$ vs Nintendo (Score:2, Insightful)

    by strider2k ( 945409 )
    Halo 2 sold 6.4 million copies. On the other hand, Nintendo has several different titles selling at least 1 million. Usually, quality is better than quantity but in this case I think Nintendo has the upper hand still.

    Please note that Nintendo makes quantity "Quality" games so this isn't really a fair comparison. If it was Random Port or Sequel VS Halo 2 then it would clearly be Halo 2 being the winner of quantity vs quality.
    • They don't seem to make too many quality games inhouse that Nintendo seems to make. Although, I wouldnt' exactly call halo quality, it doesn't seem to be that much better then decent pc fps's.
  • Person years (Score:3, Insightful)

    by WalterGR ( 106787 ) on Wednesday June 07, 2006 @08:05PM (#15491254) Homepage

    Let's see... 91,000,000 hours / 8 hours in a day / 5 days in a week / 50 weeks in a year = 45,500 person years.

    That's utterly... amazing.

    In comparison, David A. Wheeler's paper Estimating Linux's Size [] approximates the work on Linux so far to be about 4,500 man years. (He uses the COCOMO model [].)

    That reference was off the top of my head - I think it was mentioned on /. before. Didn't have much luck finding other interesting estimates...

    • And that was just the first few months. Its now 500 million games. If we play it safe and say an average of 4 players per game and 1/2 hour per game. I'd guess that pretty conservative (or at least realistic) but that would then be 1 billion hours of game play or 500,000 person years. Probably could have cured cancer with that much time/effort, but oh well Halo is more fun.
      • Re:Person years (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Osty ( 16825 )

        Probably could have cured cancer with that much time/effort, but oh well Halo is more fun.

        This is obviously in jest, but it's annoying when people (especially the media) use comparisons like that. Sure, that's 500,000 person years "wasted" on Halo, but spread that over 6.4 million people and you get an average of right around 19.5 person days per person (based on the 50 weeks * 5 days per week calculation), or 156 hours (assuming 8 hours per day). That's certainly reasonable for a multiplayer game lik

        • Especially if it's the people who play Halo 2. I'm in that group myself, and I know I couldn't contribute to curing cancer. Thousands of person hours is only useful if it's the right people.
  • i checked the documentary.... and it's only promotion about how Halo3 will be beautiful and how it will make a revolution in the graphics of games... and that they tell absolutely nothing about anything of their game!

    it's an empty vessel repeating "my game is beautiful, buy it!"

    saw it on GT and gave it a 1/10 for saying nothign new.. nothing interesting...
  • Didn't think they could keep the storyline going for 500 million sequels. Bungie have big plans, eh?
  • CounterStrike (Score:1, Informative)

    by llZENll ( 545605 )
    I think they would cry if they looked at how many CS or CSS games were played. Halo is for the unskilled.
  • Halo (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Cocopjojo ( 953264 )
    Yeah... I mean, why would a company want to hype a game that has already sold millions upon millions of copies? I mean... It's just stupid. Halo 2 was a let down? Tell that to X-Box Live. The oldest argument is that of Halo vs. CS and Unreal Tournament. But the numbers show the truth, guys. CS, UT, and all the others didn't generate the most profit ever on their opening day. When I say "ever," I mean, in entertainment history. Ever. I'll concede that CS and others may require more skill to play th
    • Suprisingly true (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      So, I hadn't heard the claim that Halo 2 had the most profitable launch day in the history of entertainment before, and since you provided no evidence, I assumed you were just spewing garbage.

      I decided to look it up, and I admit I was wrong.

      GameDaily [] has Halo's opening day sales (first 24 hours) at 2.4 million, which multiplied by the $60 price tag (which isn't a static value in itself, as some collector's editions were made, and I assume sold at a higher price) gives us $144 million.

      has Revenge []
      • "So I guess I have to admit you were right. But in the future, please back up your claims a little better."

        So sayeth the Anonymous Coward.

        This is the internet. Keep your ignorance to yourself. Please look up your own shit. It's pretty widely known that Halo2 is the biggest thing since god(s).
  • For those who don't want to go through the Gamespot article, here's the direct link to the Halo 3 documentary [] on Bungie's page.
  • A couple of weeks ago I actually sat down and really played Halo for the first time. The story was suprisingly better than I expected, but it certainly wasn't a triumph of science fiction literature. It's still a bit contrived.

    What kept coming into my mind while I played the game, however, was how much better the game would have been if it weren't an FPS. The game would have been far superior presented as an adventure game with minimal gunplay. Instead a fairly simple story is drawn out and interrupted by p

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