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Comment I am an anonimous coward (Score 1) 364

As a /. reader that does not go to /. professionally, I do not log in with any of my personal accounts for anything on my work computer. Therefore, the only way for me to post a comment is by being an Anonymous Coward, I'd like to still be able to give my 2 cents on some stories, even if nobody seems to be able to reply to them(probably because they are rated so low that you'd need a shovel to see them).

Comment Re:Take away their licenses! (Score 1) 142

personally, I think that having a smartphone is stupid... why buy a device for hundreds of dollars and have a monthly payment for services for hundreds of dollars when you have to care for it because it's as strong as a pane of glass... when i can have a mobile phone for 30$ and a contract for 100$ a year to make important calls only and have the rest of my calls on a landline?

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