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Comment Re:Still playing catch-up (Score 1) 114

Not to be that annoying android fan boy guy but if you had gone with android, you could get a different launcher (the thing that manages the home screen basically) and customize how many icons are on it. Some launchers even completely change the way the home screen works. I'm not saying you should have gone android by the way, you're probably happy with your phone and that's great.

Comment Re:depends on how you set goals. (Score 1) 228

You seem to know a bit about it, can you explain the point of the daily standup? As a developer, I have never found any value in hearing what everyone else is working on. If it's something I need to know about, I will know about it already through other channels. Is it just for the PM's benefit? And if so wouldn't it be more efficient to just use good PM software?

Comment Re:smoke and mirrors (Score 1) 126

The average telephone user doesn't understand how trunk lines work or the line voltages for talk and ring on the average phone, or how a telephone exchange works, they only care that when they pick up the handset, there's a dial-tone and they can make a call.

I wonder how many people under about 18 or 20 even know what a dial tone is. Plenty of them have probably never had a home phone, or at least not when they were old enough to use it. Are dial tones in enough movies and TV that it would be familiar? I'll have to ask my kids.

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