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Current Top 10 Oblivion Mods 85

For those of us playing on the PC, the Oblivion experience has only gotten better since launch. Planet Elder Scrolls has a short blurb on ten promising mods already released by the community. The top two have been running on my system for slightly over a week now; I highly recommend BTMod (mentioned by Tycho last week) and Natural Environments.
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Current Top 10 Oblivion Mods

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  • by semifamous ( 231316 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:18PM (#15174875)

    These are some of my favorites here:

    Better Sortable potion names []

    Cool armor for the Grey Fox []

    Show more places on the map (wayshrines, rune stones) []

    Make YOUR OWN map markers for things []

    Those are just the ones that are bookmarked on this computer at work. My home puter has a bunch more.
  • by Dachannien ( 617929 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:37PM (#15175069)
    Is this a legitimate /. article or a shill? Gamespy comes up with a list of ten of the "most influential and eye-catching" Oblivion mods, despite the fact that there are hundreds (513, in fact) of mods listed here [], not [] all [] of which [] are hosted on Planet Elder Scrolls.

    Note that Gamespy only included mods hosted on their website, and that Gamespy is notorious for running interstitial ads that require a Greasemonkey script [] to bypass. Besides, this wasn't submitted by a Slashdot reader - Zonk posted it himself. The linked article had nothing more than some guy's opinion on what mods were good, so if Zonk is such an Oblivion fan, why not just link us to his favorite mods right there in the Slashdot article, rather than shilling for the ad-ridden IGN network?

    • Zonk is no shill. We went to college together and used to work together - he's a really nice guy and totally honest and trustworthy, he's also not afraid to express his opinion! Even though I hadn't seen him in years he still invited my wife and I to his wedding, it was totally touching and we both feel incredibly guilty about not being able to go. Trying to talk shit about Zonk is total bullshit.
      • nice mod abuse there - it's assholes like you who are ruining Slashdot.
        • I'm guessing you're offended by the Troll mod, but it isn't visible anymore, post is 3, Insightful

          Scratched my head a minute wondering what the mod abuse was.

    • The Planet Elder Scrolls (formerly Morrowind Summit) forums were basically the place to go for Morrowind information a year or two ago, and they hosted the largest library of mods.

      Oblivion and the official forums have changed that a bit, though the Elder Scrolls Planet forums are still a breath of fresh air compared to the underage cesspool that is the official boards. And even though fileplanet downloads suck hairy balls, Elder Scrolls Planet has one of the best systems for cataloging and ranking mods, in
    • Yep, nothing more disgusting than taking free open source mods, surrounding them with Flash (and\or flashing) ads, making you wait 90 minutes to download them, and extorting you to pay to download them instantly. Fileplanet and Planet* are scumbags.
  • by Jett ( 135113 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:42PM (#15175113)
    I'm excited that we have so many mods already - what is sad is that people have to waste time creating mods that fix the game. Why aren't the developers doing this? They released a buggy as hell game with several glaring design/balancing/"realism" issues - why do we need a mod to make animals behave correctly? Why do we need mods to fix broken quests? Why do we need mods to fix the screwed up UI? Why do we need mods to fix the stupid inventory system? Why do we have to manually edit .ini files to change obvious performance enhancing settings? Why do we need people creating custom shaders to improve performance on low-end cards? Why do we need people to create improved textures for high-end cards? To me all of these issues illustrate that the development team has some serious problems - they've got their own mods out to add content to the game (that they are charging for!) but they have released a seriously flawed game - what the hell is up with that?

    That said, I'm not an RPG fan really but Oblivion is one awesome game - and it does run great on my 2.3ghz A64 w/6600GT, minus all the godamn bugs. And fanboys - don't tell me it is my system! I've got a fresh install of XP, fully patched and updated - Oblivion, HL2, and Firefox are the only programs installed on it - the fact that my entire system locks up if I load any of my saved games without first creating an entirely new game on a product that the developer is already releasing paid expansions for instead of patches is BS.
    • I forgot to add:

      WTF is up with the crappy key binding system?! I'm sure there is a way to do it via the console or an .ini/.cfg but I shouldn't have to mess with that - this isn't the quake1 era anymore. I should have a menu that lets me bind whatever functions I want to whatever buttons/keys I want - instead I'm artificially limited to only rebinding certain functions to only the keyboard and anything other than the default settings is kind of wack. Also, what the hell is up with mwheeldown beind bound to
      • It looks to me like the crappy key binding system, along with the horrible kindergarden-sized interface, is a byproduct of its simultaneous development as a console game. I really, really hate the way the menus work, although BTMod helps with the size somewhat. I still wish I had separate buttons for my map, character, skills, etc., instead of hitting tab and then clicking 45 times to check my quest and equip a weapon.
        • Right around the release time there were many posts on the forums that indicated Microsoft required that the PC version be *identical* to the 360 version so that there wouldn't be any contention between the two. Assumign this is true, then I'd say they took the identical requirement quite literally.

          It's quite annoying that I can't bind J to journal, I to inventory, etc. =/

        • I still wish I had separate buttons for my map, character, skills, etc., instead of hitting tab and then clicking 45 times

          You could always try reading the manual, where you would discover that F1 - F4 gets you at least to the section you want without even hitting tab. You still have to click the sub-section you want though.
    • That damn crashing bug was killing me. I was thinking about just uninstalling the game, as it crashed out, at least once an hour.

      Yeah, and releasing paid content before releasing bug fixes is bad form.
    • Let's take a peek at Bethesda's track record:

      TES: Arena. Dull-witted and buggy. No major patches.

      TES: Daggerfall. Buggier than an ant farm. 'Enjoyed' a litany of patches that didn't actually fix major things like the plotline stopping, quest-critical monsters from falling into the void, or unbelievably awful dungeon design.

      TES: Morrowind. Trades the majority of bugs for poor mechanical and art design. Who, seriously, thought it was a good idea to make every enchanted item shine like it was covered in an in

      • TES: Morrowind. Trades the majority of bugs for poor mechanical and art design. Who, seriously, thought it was a good idea to make every enchanted item shine like it was covered in an inch of iridescent plastic? Weird bugs, like NPCs on boats falling through into the water and drowning, remain. Poor design decisions, like the ludicrously expensive assassin armor all but given to the PC after Tribunal is installed, are added after the fact. Internal mechanics are horribly broken, ranging from the infinitely
  • by JeanBaptiste ( 537955 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:48PM (#15175172)
    Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul []

    Does a bunch of good stuff, but most importantly it gets rid of that stupid level scaling thing.

    I've been involved in some debates over that, and I still maintain its dumb, mostly as it provides no sense of accomplishment to leveling or getting better items or anything.
    • I've been seriously thinking about installing that, it seems like most people agree it makes the game a lot better and balances out a lot of the bizzareness that starts happening at higher levels - do you have to start a new game for it to take effect? I'm still really early in the game so it's not that big of a deal but I'd really rather not have to begin again...
    • I haven't been able to understand why people feel there is no sense of accomplishment with leveling. Because the monsters get harder and have better stuff on them after you level? So what? When I level, I have been developing my character and can do more things better, that is accomplishment. Oh but now the monsters aren't weak little babies compared to me, so that reduces my accomplishment somehow? Why? If the monsters have gotten too hard, you have to start playing smarter. Any game I've enjoyed has made
      • I think the point is that in your example while they would still meet the 2 kobolds, Oblivion they would be tough kobolds and yet still be the exactly same kobolds as you fought earlier. So they would be level 15 kobolds in the spot where you fought level 1 kobolds.
        I think most games scale the difficulty by moving you to new encounter areas of greater difficulty.
        Something like World of Warcraft would be terrible if you had to be afraid of dying running through a low level zone. The point is if you need to g
        • Have you played Oblivion? In the game I've been playing, I'm LVL 23 yet I see rats still. They're the same rats I fought at the begining of the game, only they die in one hit instead of five now. The Creature leveling that's done in Oblivion is that now I see Brown Bears, Liches, and other monsters as well. Things that are still a challenge for my LVL 23 Stealth/Fighter. You see the full range of monsters that you can handle. There are other NPCs that level up with you, but they are usually bosses or
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:51PM (#15175210)
    If a handful of amatures can produce a decent mod in a reasonably short period of time (I think the game was only released last month) why are they charging $2 for a Horse texture or a 10 minute quest?
    • It was stated by one of the developers on a fan games forum that the art required in the Orrey took over a month for a single artist to create. What a terrible use of resources and planning by the producers at Bethesda. Either reduce the art needed for the mod or assign an equivalent amount of manhours to a programmer and/or game scripter to add enough content that this wonderful art can be appreciated as a reward payoff in of itself for unlocking it or give it enough reasons to be experienced repeatedly
  • by Jagasian ( 129329 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @01:55PM (#15175263)
    If Bethesda is smart, they will keep an eye on these mods, so that ideas from them can be incorporated into an official patch.
    • Will never happen. Too much legal paranoia. In the realm of videogames, almost nothing crosses that sacred developer/publisher - customer line. They (dev/pub) are far too worried about being sued should they dare put someone elses "work" or "intellectual property" (indeed, most developers are completely deaf to specific suggestions, lest someone claim their "idea" was "stolen") into their game.

      Its a sad reflection on business and the legal system, really. Fans are willing to bend over backwards to improve
      • Bioware gets around this for NWN by stating in the games & toolset's ELUA by stating that they reserve the right to use whatever custom content they want for whatever use they want.

      • With how many copies of the same functionality that you see in the modding community, I don't think that there is much problem in them taking the ideas and reproducing them. As long as they don't take fan created artwork (textures, models) or directly copy dialogue/story that are copyright to the fan and use them as their own in a mod (without express permission or license) then they should be OK, right?
      • Not true.

        Take WOW for example. The devs watch the most popular mods, and build the most 'requested' features into the game. Everyone was installing Cosmos or GypsyMod to get more toolbars, so they added new toolbars. People were installing CTMOD to watch the health of their raid members, they made it so you can watch the health of anyone in your raid. Etc., etc.

        WOW mods are all legally open source, so there's never any issue if they can even steal from the community. Though I do think it would be appropriat
    • Integrating mods in an official patch?

      While it may seem an excellent idea, I don't think that's ever going to happen.
      The reason is simple, it alienates the very community they're trying to build!

      People make efforts to try and build something interesting that adds to the gaming experience, they're proud of the things they build, especially if they're popular.
      The popularity of these things pushes them either to better them or to create other mods, potentially interesting ones.

      Including their ideas in

      • That is the same reason, IMNSHO, that you don't see popular WoW mods included in patches (ArmorCraft, bag thingies, etc. )

        Except this is exactly what does happen with the better WoW mods. Almost all the real interface improvements in the last year have been inspired by popular mods:

        • The improved (still crappy, IMO) raid UI was inspired by CT_Raid Assist
        • Detailed numbers and hideable reputation bars
        • Additional hotbars on the bottom and side of the screen
        • Detailed player and guild notes
        • Meeting stones (
  • by empvirus ( 881998 ) <> on Friday April 21, 2006 @02:20PM (#15175561)
    The D&D portable hole! Literally 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep. It's loaded with chests and stuff so you don't have to carry it around on your back. And you can access it whenever you wish.
  • by spyrochaete ( 707033 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @02:37PM (#15175750) Homepage Journal
    I blogged pretty thoroughly about many shortcomings of Oblivion. At least 75% of the mods out there are fixes that mould this game into what it should have been out of the box. Oblivion was very obviously designed with the 360 in mind as is made obvious by the horrible UI, enormous font, cryptic icons, tiny buttons, and lack of onscreen information - and that's just for starters. Read for yourselves if you can stand fair criticism of everyone's favourite game. lls-oblivious.html
  • The ones I'm using. (Score:4, Informative)

    by tukkayoot ( 528280 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @02:37PM (#15175752) Homepage
    Natural Wildlife [] - Instead of all animals (aside from deer) being universally aggressive, this mod adds variable creature behaviors.

    Harvest Mod [] - Makes it so when you harvest fauna, most of it disappears from the environment or is replaced by a "deflowered" version of the model. Makes it much easier to tell which flowers and mushrooms you've already picked.

    Stamina/Fatigue Text Switch Mod [] - Gets rid of the annoying use of the word "fatigue" in the game and replaces instances of that word with "stamina".

    Turn Out the Lights [] - Makes it so you can snuff out various candles, lamps, etc. found in environments.

    • Does the harvest mod indicate which townsfolk you've deflowered, as well?
      • you'd have to be able to deflower them first :(

        seriously, why no sex in these games? you can murder people in an assassin's guild and they been progressively shying away from the topless and/or naked temple priests from Daggerfall, or anything remotely sexual in nature... what's the game's rating, anyway? Teen? It blows, and I hope enterprising modders out there will restore it back to its Mature roots. :)
        • Like every modders obsession is add few lousy textures here and there.Modders shoudl improve mechanics and UI.If you need porn get porn.if you need games play games.
          Each is specialised venue(not considering hentai anime games).
      • Does the harvest mod indicate which townsfolk you've deflowered, as well?

        No, but I just noticed a disturbing vocabulary mistake in my last post, using the word fauna [] instead of flora []. Thus I suppose I was implying that you could keep track of which bears and mudcrabs you violate.

  • Yay mods (Score:5, Informative)

    by Bungleman ( 955072 ) on Friday April 21, 2006 @03:14PM (#15176121)
    100% agree about BTMod... this came out days after Oblivion's release, and it was very needed. I'm not sure what kind of lazy programming left that original UI in the PC version, but it's inexcusable. I'm also using the Natural Environments mod and loving it. Here are some others I'd recommend:

    Tom Servo's equipment rarity mod []

    Tired of seeing supposedly rare daedric and glass armor drop off common bandits at high levels? Ever wonder why these guys are harassing you for 100 gold when they're wearing tens of thousands of gold worth of armor? Download this... now rare armor stays rare, only dropping from high level creatures, and bandits have more appropriate gear. (I know this is the same as #9 on the list, but this is the one I use personally).

    No psychic guards []

    It's hard to be a master of crime when the guards are psychic... ever try killing someone and having a guard port up to get you? This mod greatly reduces the guard alert radius when you attempt a crime against someone. No guards hear, no bounty. Yay.

    Arrow velocity []

    Now a bow actually shoots harder than a plastic Wal-Mart bow... even the lowest quality of arrows will fire harder, and the better ones work much better.

    Longer summons []

    The summon length in the game is really low... some only last as long as 20 seconds. This mod can double or triple that value... especially useful for pure mage characters who depend on summons to 'tank' for them.

    • cool - I ran into psychic guards for the first time and it seriously pissed me off, I had robbed a house like 20 minutes earlier - not a single person was around then and I only took like 4 cold coins, then I was outside of a city checking out the stables with a guard suddenly ran up to me and took me away for thievery - it's awesome someone has fixed this already! I still can't figure out why they made the guards so unrealistic...

      are there any mods which make sneaking more realistic? I've had situations wh
      • Yea, even with this mod you have to be careful about the guards. Always make sure that there's no guards outside the house when you attempt a crime... wait until they walk away and you're good. Also make sure that you're in sneak mode whenever you steal something, as that decreases the likelihood of you being heard.

        As for your request about sneaking, this should do the trick... it had some bugs last I checked, but it looks like they've updated to version 2.0 now. But it sounds like what you're lookin

        • attack and hide is pretty good except the indicator gets a little wonky when you do the quests where you have to follow someone and not be seen, but still have to overhear them... i think i got bugged because i ended up very close but hidden and the indicator light was bright on, and the quest conversation triggered anyway even though i wasn't hidden at all afterwards...
    • I recommend using Mighty Magicka in conjunction with a longer summons mod, and the mod to allow you to summon 2 at a time. There is a 10 at a time summons mod but it seems a little too powerful with Mighty Magicka *and* the longer summon time. Mighty Magicka has several components but the conjuration bit makes all the creatures level up with you except for those "made from corpses"... ghosts do but skeletons and zombies don't I guess.

      I prefer Francisco's mod to a separate equipment loot list, as I was usin
  • Color me surprised that Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul [] wasn't even mentioned in that top 10.
  • Has anyone else noticed after installing BTMod (or maybe some other mod..), inventory screens, such as opening containers or shops take about 5-10+ seconds to show up? It's quite a pain in the ass to have to stop playing for 10 seconds when looting bodies. Also, viewing the map (the detailed zone map) also makes the game pause for a pretty long time, but once that area's map is viewed it shows up pretty quickly.

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