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Comment Re:No rule of law in America (Score 1) 391

Every large bureaucracy in the government has a public affairs arm whose job it is to convince the public and policy makers that their bureau is important and deserves some pie.

That is true, but that is not PsyOps' job. The Army has its own Public Affairs office that is for manipulating its own citizens in, what we hope are, completely different manners.

Comment Re:Wrong but right (Score 1) 391

The only morally correct way to convince someone of your position is to present the evidence (and the rationale).

What if the other person has compromised rationality and/or skewed priorities and interests. If they are unwilling or unable to act rationally, or they have disordered interests, is it better to act "morally correct" and unecessarily put the lives of your men at risk, or manipulate their compromised rationality in order to secure the optimal outcome for the men on the front lines?

It's a question of one man's (potentially-compromised) rationality versus hundreds or more men's lives. And remember that to "target" is the one who put those men on the battlefield in the first place.

Good point. We are talking about politicians here.

Comment Re:Terrible Article, Serious Issue (Score 2, Interesting) 360

Any generation of humans that was born and raised in a zero-g environment would not be suited to live on any sort of planet that had gravity. Besides their weakened bones, they wouldn't know how to walk, let alone have the musculature for it. They would be completely reliant on living in an extremely complicated space vessel, perhaps they would be better at it than terrestrial humanoid, but they would never know a forest, or a sunrise, or lake, or even a sky scraper.

Comment Re:Gawker? Scadenfreude Central Hoist on own Petar (Score 2) 236

Why did you change your password if it wasn't the same one that you used for your Gawker network account?

I received a similar email from Blizzard. Here it is:

We've received a request to reset the password for this account. Please click this link to reset your password: (link omitted)

If you no longer wish to make the above change, or if you did not initiate this request, please disregard and/or delete this e-mail.

You didn't have to change it. They just thought they'd do the right thing and offer to help protect their customers before it was needed. An ounce of prevention and all that.

Comment Re:"Windows game" (Score 1) 412

Disney didn't make your TV

Analogy != perfect. I've seen Disney licensed TVs in Wal-Mart stores. These are 13" or thereabouts and apparently intended for a child's room. I've also seen Disney licensed DVD players.

Disney also puts its name on clothes and everything else imaginable, but it's still known for making kids' cartoons.

Contrast this with the Wii, where it matters not who made the game, it is known to its users as a "Wii Game", and thus has a direct association with Nintendo's brand and image.

Do Windows games have a direct association with Microsoft's brand?

No they don't, because Windows has a multitude of uses besides gaming, but Microsoft sure wishes that people would associate games directly with them. They wish it so much that they actually created a dedicated piece of hardware that only played video games. Now people do associate video games with the Microsoft Xbox.

You play it on a Wii, it says "Nintendo" on the packaging

In that case, Nintendo made its own bed by using lockout chips to shut out unlicensed software.

Yes, Nintendo did make its own bed out of solid gold bullion and wove a comforter out of million dollar bills.

Comment Console Influence (Score 1) 518

Let's not forget all the features that have come to prominence since the consoles have risen to power. Large, ugly menus; huge arrows pointing in the direction of your goal; A dozen NPC cohorts, who look nearly identical to the enemies, that follow you around and kill everything before you get a chance to; at least 2 levels where you play the gunner in a vehicle that drives itself; and a general reduction in features from previous versions of the game.

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