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Comment Re:Publicity worked for Humble Bundle (Score 1) 133

Yes, you can. Humble Bundle includes all version of all the games listed, and many have soundtracks. You get the Mac, Linux, and Win versions of all the games without restrictions on downloading. Also they now give out keys to add your Bundles to Steam, Desura, and Onlive. It really is the sweetest deal. with GOG coming just behind them. For as little as a penny you can get a tremendous value of games for 3 different computers OSes and they go out of their way to make it convenient. Plus if you pay more than the average price ($7.80 by its close) they gave you the first Humble Bundle for free.

Comment Re:So buy a PS3 (Score 1) 49

The Xbox 360 wired controller works pretty well for DCUO. I bought a controller for some of my GFWL games and found it to work well with Champions Online. For DCUO, you'll have to largely ignore the onscreen PS3 button prompts and do a bit of trial and error, but the gameplay works well. Overall I like this game, but feel it's just missing something. I see no chance to knock down buildings, nor do I feel like I have to worry about property damage or that my actions matter. The game world would benefit from phasing so that my actions have results I can see. As it is, I complete my tasks and am told to move on while the chaos around me continues unchanged. I like the fighting combos and counters. You can block, learn moves to overcome blocks, learn moves to counter attacks, and modify your travel powers into comic book movement based attacks. The game need another year or two of polish, but its fighting does feel nice.

Comment Re:Even simple steps would improve their image (Score 1) 272

This is my suggestion as well. Google Voice is free, expanding, and lets you set numbers for any special treatment you desire. You can select the harasser's number and set it to block on the Voice web page. You can also have it stop sending calls to your phones (and dump them to Google's voicemail) during certain hours. Best yet, you can have the voicemails transcribed and emailed, or download the voicemails yourself. Think of it as free ammunition for the FCC. GV also lets you record calls on the fly, or listen in on voicemails while they are being left (with the option to pick up). And by setting your cell phone number to GV, the day you want to leave AT&T's service, you won't have to worry about number portability. Just sign up and give the number you pick to everyone. Google can spam filter phone calls for you.

Odysseus's Return From the Trojan War Dated 160

srothroc writes "Scientists have used astronomical data from the Odyssey to attempt to pinpoint the time of Odysseus's return from his eponymous journey after the Trojan War. From the article: 'The scientists then searched for potential dates that satisfied all these astronomical references close to the fall of Troy, which has over the centuries been estimated to have occurred between roughly 1250 to 1115 B.C. From these 135 years, they found just one date that satisfied all the references — April 16, 1178 B.C., the same date as the proposed eclipse.""

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