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Square's Next MMOG For PS3/Windows 79

Gamespot reports that Square/Enix's next Massively Multiplayer Online Game will be a PS3/Windows Vista title. From the article: "While talking up Treasures of Aht Urhgan--the game's latest expansion--FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka commented that his team is now working on a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Windows Vista and the PlayStation 3. He also shared his thoughts on porting games to new hardware, including bringing FFXI to the PS3 as well as the PlayStation Portable." More details are likely at E3. Update: 04/20 14:03 GMT by Z : Link fixed.
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Square's Next MMOG For PS3/Windows

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  • WoW envy (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by elrous0 ( 869638 ) *
    Yeah! The PS3 will be the first on the block to get a MMORPG that no one plays!

    Victory is theirs!


    • Not sure how it would work out for PS3. Keyboard for MMOGs is pretty much required, especially if the game is action oriented with multiple skills/talents/abilities like City of [Heroes|Villains] or WoW. Sitting in your couch with a keyboard on lap is not the ideal setting to play a MMO where you need to type a lot and use hotkeys. This game probably won't have custom UI like WoW because after 3-4 addons it gobs already 64+ megs of ram. Since PS3 memory is not like a PC, they will be limited in storing data
      • "Keyboard for MMOGs is pretty much required"

        People said the same thing about keyboard and mouse for FPS games a few years ago. While that may be ideal, there are a large number of FPS games on consoles nowadays and most of them play just fine. Just because nobody has figured out a good way to translate MMOG controls to a console controller yet doesn't mean they won't be able to in the future.
        • I had no issues playing Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2 with a keyboard and controller then moved over to FFXI with the same setup before moving on to Lineage and EQ2 on my computer. Sure, EQOA and FFXI didn't have the customization element to it, but it doesn't need to have that in order to be fun.

          My wife and I even had two televisions set up next to each other, her on her PS2, me on mine. We had some great times and I even wish my PS2 could handle EQ2 because I'd be back on the couch in a second.
        • The big problems I see are

          a) If they put console-players and PC-players in the same world/realm/whatever. I'd love it if Halo 2 supports console vs PC ... it'd have to be 5 on 1 just to keep things "even".

          b) If they dumb down/scale the UI/game so it functions better on Console (see Oblivion)
      • Not sure how it would work out for PS3. Keyboard for MMOGs is pretty much required

        Well, at least consoles have the capability of doing voice chat, which most PC MMORPG's still don't support. Having a limited number of controls on the controller will be a disadvantage, but it's good that teammates will be able to communicate with each other without having to use Teamspeak or some other 3rd party solution.


        • Some do support it- Dungeons and Dragons Online, for example.

          Ignoring that- I find a good teamspeak or ventrillo server is FAR better than any built in voice chat I've ever used. I'd rather just have in game bindings for connecting a TS client to a given server and room than having them write a voice comm program as part fo the game.
      • Due to a severe case of Jet lag after visiting Japan, I found myself primarily playing with Japanese players back when i played FFXI. I can't speak Japanese other than ordering food and finding the lav, but using the auto translator I was able to get along well enough. Given, it still required the first two keystrokes to get by, I am sure there is a way around that.

        That said, I still don't think a portable MMO is worthwhile, since the only time I am on the move for that long at once is on road trips... whic

      • WoW has shown that is possible to eliminate most zoning vs games like EQ where you constantly zoned from one area to another

        Little tidbit of info for you:
        Asheron's Call was doing this in 1998.
    • Re:WoW envy (Score:3, Informative)

      by falcon5768 ( 629591 )
      how do you figure?

      FFXI did very well for a MMO, prior to WoW and Lin2 it was the 2nd best selling MMO of all time and is still number 4 at 650,000. Likewise they still are turning a huge profit, enough of one that their Japanese players got a second strategy based MMO called Fantasy Earth not long after, though SE wont release it here cause there is little market for a strategy based MMO in their opinions on the NA market.

      EQ isn't even close in the number of people they had at the most popular, and that

      • unless Blizzard can get their act together and see that computer gaming is on its way out.


        Just... Stop.

        When you can play F.E.A.R., counterstrike:source, C&C Generals:zero hour, Eve Online, and Civ IV without a mouse and a high-def monitor 18 inches from your nose, let me know.
      • Wait, did you say MMO Strategy? WTF? I WANT THIS!!! Well, better sign up for classes in Japanese... sigh...
    • Re:WoW envy (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward []

      Because being #4 means no one plays it...
    • So when I went in to EB Games just now and was told to come back next week because they only had enough FFXI Expansion disks for preorders I guess "nobody" was the one buying em all up. This reminds me of a comic, where the kids blamed stuff on "nobody" "notme" "someone else" etc etc.
      • Lots of pre-orders = we buy stock for shelves.

        few pre-orders = we don't want any extra.
        • I guess the stack of 20 copies I saw was fake huh. I had the same problem with WoW btw when it first came out. Both times I ended up buying one of the few copies left at Futureshop.
  • is there a link to the story?
  • by farker haiku ( 883529 ) on Thursday April 20, 2006 @09:23AM (#15164152) Journal
    From the article

  • by voice_of_all_reason ( 926702 ) on Thursday April 20, 2006 @09:23AM (#15164154)
    - a new video game
    - it will be released
    - sometime between now and the destruction of the universe
  • Jumpgate: The massivly multiplayer online role playing game with an extremely realistic space simulation...

    And nobody showed up.

    • Surely with a sufficiently realistic space simulation it wouldn't much matter how many people turned up? Space is big enough that most of the time you wouldn't see anyone else anyway. :)
  • Isn't it time that new MMOs take a different direction? Different types of games brought into a MMO environment seem like they'd do well. Atari's Test Drive Unlimited [] seems to be headed close to that direction. MMO's can be so much more than slaying dragons and fighting in space.
  • Wait a second... an MMO on the PSP? Think of the potential for this... Gold farming anywhere, on the go! Lose your job or fail in college while you're actually there now!

    Then there's the issue of the reduced battery life when the wi-fi switch is on. Anytime I've wanted to play online with my PSP I've always found myself becoming attached to the nearest wall unit via an umbilical charging cable, which I feel sort of defeats the purpose of a handheld unit. The party mechanics of the game also somewhat dooms t
    • the article mentions changes in the gameplay to suit shorter playtimes.

      in order to play a MMO, you have to be in range of a wi-fi point anyways, so i dont agree with your major gripe with being plugged in. you can move around and plug in when necessary. otherwise, you can spring for one of those external battery packs, or one of the new larger capacity batteries.
    • "Gold farming anywhere, on the go!"

      I just got this image in my head of people all across the country looking like the tech-mining Chinamen in C&C Generals.
    • You're forgetting the main hurdle: lugging around a USB keyboard (and mini-USB adapter). So long as they rely on multi-language servers and their auto-translate, the most you'll see is a proof-of-concept PSP FFXI client.
  • Now I can spend *another* seventy-five levels fighting crabs! Heck, they could even call it "Crab Fighter 2.0" and it would be a pretty accurate name.

    In all seriousness, though, I hope they make it better than FFXI, which was essentially a tear-your-hair-out collection of aggrevating timesinks. Since quitting, WoW and EQ2 have shown me how fun the MMO genre can actually be without resorting to things like having "very easy" mobs kill you more often than not and instituting a crafting system where you still

    • I love the FF family of games but was disappointed at FF Online. I find it just as boring as I find EQ, EQ2, WoW, and every other game of the type. Essentially they are fancy IM programs with a sucky boring game attached. Only the chat gives any purpose to playing at all. Wake me when somebody invents a MMORPG that isn't frustrating, dull, and essentially plotless.

      The only fun things about FF Online (and EQ2, etc) was checking out the almost-nude girls (woo that was xciting for about 2 seconds) and the inte
  • I refuse... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by rAiNsT0rm ( 877553 ) on Thursday April 20, 2006 @11:15AM (#15165042) Homepage
    To upgrade my OS to Vista purely for games, and I also will not get caught up in the 360/PS3 and attached format war, so it looks my only gaming will be XP Pro and the Revolution with the DS for portability for some time.

    Vista offers nothing of value or interest and I really don't see a mass switch to Vista happening so the least amount of sales MS sees should hopefully stop this new "trend" of claiming new games will be Vista-only.
    • Theres nothing you can't do with windows98 that you can do with windows vista when it comes to programming a game. They just 'struck a deal' to do this. I also refuse to buy any windows vista only video games.
    • The whole Vista only thing is very likely due to the games being designed for DirectX 10 which will only be on Vista. This is because of a graphics subsystem rewrite that can't(won't) be back ported. This change in the display system isn't being aggressively advertised, but from my reading it will cause a performance increase.

      There is also the change is how hardware is going to be DX10 certified. Now your hardware must support every feature in hardware to claim compatibility. So no more ATI X8(0/5)0s

      • Re:I refuse... (Score:3, Insightful)

        by rAiNsT0rm ( 877553 )
        Oh, I fully understand and agree... except that DX10 COULD be ported to xp if they wanted to, they just WON'T in hopes that this will force the consumers hand. I think it will fail. Just MHO but developers right now need to reach the largest audience as possible to attempt to make money, and depending on sales numbers for Vista (which I believe will be low) Developers will go elsewhere (Mac?) and that is the kind of paradigm shift I would like to see. A company finally crushed by it's heavy handed business
        • DX10 COULD be ported to xp if they wanted to, they just WON'T in hopes that this will force the consumers hand.

          That's because selling stuff is what companies do. It can't have escaped your notice that Apple, too, makes a habit of restricting new technologies like Spotlight to the latest version of their OS. There's no reason why Spotlight couldn't be ported to Panther, Apple just WON'T. Because it wouldn't make any business sense to.

          developers right now need to reach the largest audience as possible to a
        • The Mac doesn't have anything compelling that is "Mac-only" when it comes to games. Apple is being bitten now by doing the Right Thing and going with open standards such as OpenGL.

          So, people developing games for the Mac won't topple MS. Why? Because it won't be too much work to make them work on Windows (which also has OpenGL), or hell, even on Linux. If developers find Windows lacks the features they need from OpenGL, Nvidia and ATI will rush to support them, if as many developers start doing this as y
    • I don't understand why one cares about things like formats, companies, or whatever... Are you purchasing the Revolution because of it's popularity in the online presses for the controller and the cheap price and Nintendo's "focus on games" (which is rather a rather laughable statement really--the hardware division is responsible for it's part while the devs are responsibel for making awesome games)?

      If your purchasing the Revolution because your favorite games or genre of games will be on it then kudos to y
      • Well, my main reasoning and rationale come from my personal experience. I have worked as a writer/reviewer as well as an analyst and retail specialist in the gaming industry. I also worked directly with Sony for a number of years, so I have some insight and real hard facts behind my intentions.

        Media format wars are not a major issue in other tech industries like the PC market, but in a console it is a life or death venture. Blu-Ray has been widely accepted as having only 30% market penetration by a number o
  • by Achoi77 ( 669484 ) on Thursday April 20, 2006 @11:16AM (#15165048)
    Handheld MMOs are the future. As we begin to see more and more wifi access being readily available, what's really going to sell the handheld systems - especially in Japan - is going to be the wave of online rpgs coming forth. (I'm referring to the PSP and the DS, since those two are the only systems I am aware of with wifi connectivity). Yes yes, I am aware the DS is selling very well in Japan, but just wait untill something like pokemon the mmo comes out for the DS. You won't be able to stock the shelves fast enough. That is, of course, if they don't have any problems running their MMO servers...

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