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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

My old MotoACTV was pretty functional.

It had on board GPS, WiFi, BlueTooth 4.0, and ANT+.

This allowed you to use it as a fitness device and leave your phone at home. It could track a run via GPS, while having a heart rate monitor connected via ANT+ (it also supports footpods, and bike modules). You could have a pair of Bluetooth or wired earbuds connected and listen to locally stored music or Podcasts/Audio Books. And when you get home it automatically uploaded the run to your online profile.

When connected to a phone it showed calls and SMS. It didn't support emails very well.

It even ran full Android and you could hack it and run whatever you wanted on it if you really wanted to deal with the small screen.

It was a great first gen product, and then Google bought Motorola's mobile division and killed it....

Comment Re:Hope the crow is tasty (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Nothing has changed. Microsoft has had this type of licensing in place for Enterprise before now. Adding a subscription to Home and Pro would be a major change. But if they threw it into O365 it would actually be a good change, just as long as they still a purchasable copy that doesn't have a recurring fee.

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Why? Because you can't deal with the outcome of a democratic vote? Tell me honestly, do you actually want to replace democracy with something else? And if so, what?

A dictatorship of course. All of these super intelligent people know far better than anyone else. Get around that pesky voting thing and just let them have their way.

Comment Re: Versioning Filesystems (Score 1) 102

That's the biggest lose with Microsoft dropping their home server OS. It's still available in Windows Server, but it's several hundred dollars versus $100-150 for home server.

It provided automatic daily backups in a way that didn't have a user accessible mounted share. Restores were provided by a read-only network share that would become mounted, as well as a boot able USB key for full restores.

File history included with Windows 8 & 10 does give an automated time machine style backup system. But it backs up to a user writable network share or external drive.

Comment Re:a selling point? (Score 1) 221

Real world performance of SATA III is around 600MB/s. My several years old Samsung EVO4 hits 520MB/reads. There are even faster drives that do make out the full bandwidth provided by SATA III.

There are PCI-E SATA drives that were made to go over the SATA 3.0 bandwidth limitation. And there is also the SATA 3.2 spec that goes up to 16Gb/s.

Comment Re:whining (Score 5, Informative) 122

Needing to swap in a second battery in the middle of the day isn't the issue. The problem is that batteries lose their capacity after a year or two. Being able to swap in a new battery and have the same battery life from when you first got the phone can put off that upgrade for another year or two. I can see why manufacturers don't want user replaceable batteries though.

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