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Comment Re:Plex Pass - for what? (Score 1) 81

Hmm.. sitting in my house I connected to my brother's Plex server with my Android phone. I selected a TV series to sync and it started remotely downloading the transcoded file.

It's true with non-iOS devices you can just copy the media directly. But having the files automatically transcoded is nice. I don't notice a difference between 1080p and 720p on my phone's 5" screen so why take up more storage on it when I could just hold more content. But keep the full file on the server.

You might not care about syncing watch status, but for people who keep a large library, that can be a huge feature.

Comment Re:Plex Pass - for what? (Score 1) 81

The big feature is offline syncing. If you travel or have a commute you can configure it to sync shows or movies. It will transcode them on to your phone/tablet and you can watch them without a data connection. When you reconnect to your network it will sync the play status and automatically transfer over new episodes you haven't watched yet.

There used to be more features that required it, but they keep moving those over to the free tier after they've been out for a while. Chromecast streaming was one of the killer Plex Pass features when it was first released.

Now, there isn't much reason besides offline support to subscribe unless you want to support the project. I did jump into a Plex Pass before they doubled the price, but the onetime fee is much better IMO.

Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 2) 81

I still run Kodi on my HTPC and have used PleXMBC for several years. The Plex player app was never that good, and Kodi is excellent from an interface perspective. But Kodi only had a shared library back-end database with no official stream lined daemon.

I'm not a fan of how uncustomize-able Plex is, but it's library is really nice to have. Being able to use Kodi at home, but then fire up Plex on my phone and stream something from my server to a Chromecast at a friend's house is great. Also having kids be able to use tablets since who watches TV now days, but keeping everything synced is well beyond what Kodi does.

Comment Re:Maybe time to hang up his boots? (Score 1) 181

Exactly, it was supposed be 45 years old but you know how government contract jobs always run over in both time and money.

I'm still amazing how accurate they were able to recreate everything even after the last one blew up.

Just remember to be careful on where you post information about this, we can't let the people who were considered to stupid know about it hear this, remember that it was decided that would cause wide spread panic.

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 2) 387

Because bringing on someone new and training them has no cost associated with it.

Maybe the issue is something going on in the employee's life, and working with them and getting consoling resolves the performance problems.

Or maybe the issue is something else internal that working through the improvement plan reveals.

Bottom line, finding, hiring, and on-boarding someone is a long and expensive process. Retaining the talent you have is normally better for the bottom line and moral.

Comment Re:Okay... (Score 1) 172

Exactly, won't a more useful tool be one that clones the SID and MAC of a open WAP at a coffee shop, over powers the existing network, and then forcefully disconnects all the clients so they reconnect automatically to the hacking device?

Only people using their own data connections would be safe, but who actually does that versus using the free connection?

You could then do everything this does without needing to physically connect to the machine.

Comment Re:Visual Studio Suckage (Score 2) 133

Visual Studio 15, next version not VS2015 which is actually version 14 go Microsoft numbering, is supposed to fix this.

It's broken out so you only install what you need to you'll have to much smaller footprint and patching will be faster. If you do a full install of everything it will probably still be slow. But you'll be able to choose a setup like I want to do just Windows apps in C# and it only installs the bare minimum to make that work.

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