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Comment Re:Exactly that (Score 1) 339

How is it a no win scenario? If the company wishes for the developer to be able to actually work they will either relax the 9-5 so a developer can work when others aren't there to bug them, or to allow some work from home time.

Either way the developer isn't working 16 hours days and can actually live a normal life with time to spend with their families. Unless you are getting paid overtime, working 16 hours a day is just cutting your hourly pay in half.

Comment Re:If (Score 1) 76

Really? Jesus was very much anti taxes.

There was an article about times Jesus was a passive aggressive dick. One of the stories had tax collectors being forced to wait around all day as Jesus performed a miracle. As the fishermen would clean fish they would find a coin in each one. So at the end of the day the tax men were paid, but all of the money reeked of fish that was out in the sun all day.

Comment Re:And now a Rant from all the Vista Supporters... (Score 1) 167

The issue was this was the move for the majority of people from the 9x to NT kernel which impacted drivers.

Vista had the exact same issue as 64-bit was now a thing and new drivers for old hardware had to be written. The drivers were created and working when Windows 7 was released so suddenly all the issues with Vista went away even though 7 was mostly just a reskinned service pack.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 101

Exactly, I do this all the time in MS SQL to troubleshoot application bugs by creating a DEV copy to a specific point in time.

RESTORE DATABASE SomeDatabase_20170202
  FROM DISK = 'd:\Backups\SomeDatabase_20170202041500.BAK'
  MOVE 'Data' TO 'D:\SQL\SomeDatabase_20170202.mdf',
  MOVE 'Log' TO 'L:\Log\SomeDatabase_20170202.ldf';
RESTORE LOG SomeDatabase_20170202
  FROM DISK = 'd:\Backups\SomeDatabase_20170202050500.TRN'
  WITH NORECOVERY, STOPAT = '02/02/2017 4:48';

Now PiT recovery for some tables, while not overwriting other tables in the database. Or even across multiple database can make things get interesting really fast.

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