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Accordion Hero Postmortem 30

The same folks who brought us Age of Ornithology have returned to Gamasutra with a postmortem on their smash hit Accordion Hero. From the article: "Although most of us had played the accordion, we had never designed a game controller before! I quickly threw together a prototype made of dryer ducting, two cheese graters, tape, buttons, and a few Werther's Originals. It took a great deal of imaginary accordion playing to determine where the buttons should ultimately go, and the cheese graters scratched Crispin's hands up pretty horribly. But we told him that one must suffer to become a game tester, and one must be a game tester before one can be anything in this industry (of course we did not tell him that the rest of us were never game testers. Ah, it is to laugh)."
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Accordion Hero Postmortem

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