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Comment I love CLI (Score 1) 267

Actually, no I don't and that's why I don't use any *nix anymore. After years of dealing with BSD and others, I like a system where I don't have to build or configure every last item that I need to do my job. Linux is great for servers and all kinds of backends, but as a desktop day to day usage OS I hate it and having to maintain it.

Comment Twovarieties of Windows (Score 1) 599

My work machine is 8.1 and all three of my home machines are 10. I've gotten to a point in my life where screwing around with OSes isn't fun anymore and takes up up time I don't want to spend on it. So just using ones that have the software I need and don't have to build stuff specially is the goal.

I have used many types of *nix in the past, but I'm lazy now and can actually afford to pay for stuff.

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