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SOE Partners with Perpetual Entertainment 27

jkdove writes "In a surprising move coinciding with the launch of the new Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising site, Perpetual Entertainment announced its new publishing partner, industry powerhouse Sony Online Entertainment. From the announcement: 'Today has been a most exciting day with the announcement of Sony Online Entertainment Platform Publishing as our Co-publisher for 'Gods & Heroes' and a complete re-launch of our website! I know that I have talked about Publisher/Studio relationships before in previous posts, but with this announcement, I feel that it is important to let you know how this relationship will affect you, the players of Gods & Heroes.""
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SOE Partners with Perpetual Entertainment

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  • Well at least I know to avoid the game now. After Planetside and EQ I was skeptical about ane SOE title, and after the pain and suffering of the Galaxies crew my decision was cemented.

    Thanks, SOE, for giving me a reason to stay away!

    • Except that with this game SOE is not the developer, Perpetual is. SOE is simply distributing the game.

      I can't think of something bad that SOE has done as a publisher that would make me steer from this game.
    • I'll avoid it simply because the game's home page requires FLASH 8. If it's not possible to tell me about the game without unnecessary animations, it can't be that good a game to begin with.
  • What are you people talking about, they are PUBLISHING the game, not making it. The developer still remains the developer, SOE just probably has a bigger publishing network to get games on the shelves than a smaller company does.
    • The problem is, they will sooner or later have some say in the way the game evolves. Patches, new direction, gameplay fixes, nerfing shit left and right...
      So it wouldn't be far-fetched to speculate whether this is going to be the next SWG.
    • What are you people talking about, they are PUBLISHING the game, not making it.

      Sony also PUBLISHED music, not make it. That doesn't mean I have to be happy about getting a free rootkit surprise on every disk.
  • be working with Sony. I understand that Sony's distribution channels for getting games on the shelves is better than a trying to get that done as an independant developer. However, it also gives your product the stigma of being "Sony".

    Because of the rootkit incident, a large number of the fan-base for this game (computer users with an active internet connection) will be the same demographic affected by the rootkit.

    Granted, I'm sure the developers are going to make money hand over fist, but at w

  • AVOID SOE AT ALL COSTS... They are so ethically challenged they make Enron executives look like saints. Yes, they are that bad...

    They release stuff half finished, make earth shattering changes to games overnight (right after charging you for the expansion of course), and have managed to revamp and nerf SWG to the point where it has barely 50,000 subscribers.
  • Well, I was looking foward to Star Trek Online, because SoE had nothing to do with it... but... ... ...

  • of SOE at Penny Arcade []!!!
  • Meanwhile later in the same article "As the recognized leader in online multiplayer gaming in North America, partnering with SOE's Platform Publishing division to publish Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising was an easy and obvious choice," said Chris McKibbin, co-founder and president of Perpetual Entertainment. "Nobody understands the retail channel for online games better than SOE."
    Was Mr Mckibbin receiving sexual favors while making these remarks? Currently working on Star Trek on-line ,Perpetual Enter
  • Heh, I see /. hasn't changed much. Just mention "SOE" and the flamethrowers turn on. Of course, this is the same userbase that bent over backwards convincing itself that waiting 30 minutes to start playing a competing game is a feature. If the queue were found in an SOE game the complaining thread here would top the 1000 post mark.

    Not saying SOE is pure as driven snow, but hey, try and see past your bias, guys.

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