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Comment But, but, you can plug USB into teevees now (Score 1) 403

I just bought a samsung 55 inch LED, it has two USB ports and a media player app built-in. Threw my MKVs and divxes at it, it would play everything.

VLC server, geexbox, XBMC, "plugging a computer into the teevee" and so on... They're obsolete to me now. Even my internet/TV provider's box has usb plugs and can read even the most obscure, piraty formats ever.

I'm kinda dubious towards this "technology". It would have been cool FIVE YEARS AGO!

Comment Re:Hebrew vs Dutch (Score 1) 242

"People who say in this topic that Tokyo is crowded obviously never been to Time Square or for that matter the Kalverstraat. But your brain can parse those signs and classify them as unimportant. "

You're really trying to compare shibuya crossing with times square? ...

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 468

But it wasn't even advertised as one. To wit :

"In remarks made to Japanese website Impress Watch, and translated by consumer website Beyond3D, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Ken Kutaragi has commented in more detail on the concept that the PlayStation 3 is a computer, rather than a game console.

Kutaragi pointedly commented of the next-gen console, which is due to launch this November at dual price points of $499 and $599 in North America: "We don't say it's a game console (*laugh*) - PlayStation 3 is clearly a computer, unlike the PlayStations [released] so far."

He went on to outline a scenario where many parts of the PS3 were upgradable, much more like a PC, noting: "Since PS3 is a computer, there are no "models" but "configurations"", and continuing (though talking in the theoretical): "I think it's okay to release a [extended PS3] configuration every year". It's clear from the comments that Sony is indicating that it will be possible to upgrade hard drives and perhaps even other components easily.

The Sony CEO gave another example in the interview: "As PS3 is a computer... it also wants to evolve. We'll want to upgrade the HDD size very soon - if new standards appear on the PC, we will want to support them. We may want the [Blu-ray] drive to [have a writable version upgrade]." He then tempered his comments: "Well, BD may not develop like that, though." But extensibility is what Sony is stressing that you get for the price of a PS3, nonetheless.

Kutaragi's comments echo a recent Phil Harrison interview in which he commented: "We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play games, watch films, browse the Web, and use other computer functions. The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC." The combined executive comments appear to signify a change in marketing tactics for the company, who may have always had this scenario in mind, but are pushing it much more strongly following a somewhat mixed E3 showing from a PR perspective."

But really, why drop a feature?

How did one home menu item screw with my enjoying god of war or metal gear?

Was there some system menu bug? They could have at least PRETENDED there was one..

Comment I am colorblind, and... (Score 1) 981

If they could just change the red/green LEDs to red/something-that-isn't-even-close-to-being-mistaken-for-the-same-fucking-color-by-us-daltonians LEDs, I wouldn't need a cure. You know, red/blue would work. That is the ONLY thing I resent in everyday life. Assholes. Instead they wanna prick my eye with a needle, fuck that. I don't care about being a pilot, or a chemist.

Comment Re:Birth Control (Score 1) 477

The "blacks can't keep it in their pants" story is actually about having a high enough ratio of children who make it to adulthood before disease kills them. In the countries where the death rates from disease significantly decreased, guess what happened? Birth rates significantly slowing down.

But I think both of you guys should set foot in Africa at least once before you talk the whole "it's ethnic cleansings everywhere!!!ONE" garbage.

Comment Re:No more working for the man (Score 1) 453

When my last job began encompassing resonsibility towards even the lowly fax and TELEX machines which were older than me, "IT" became "I- fucking qui-T".
You *will* make more money if you work on your own than for a boss.
But you *will* need to go through the initiation phases first!

Now, please, could you come and help us change the paper in the printer? :D

Comment Re:cheap highpower photocells, the ultimate vaporw (Score 1) 155

plus fucking one. THIS revolution is going to be televised and there's nothing we can do about it.

Only a big company would bother to start mass-buying and installing these, and be able to feed its employees.

And what about the end-of-the-food-chain-customers? In my case (france), you also have to convice the other landowners/condo owners that it "will not make their roof ugly". It's a seven-story building... -_-;

That's in France, by the way. Last time I went to germany, most individual houses had solar roofs. I found them beautiful.

Comment Re:Send me! (Score 2, Insightful) 489

It's not really hard to do better than "oh I can't adapt a thousand-page book in less than three movies OH HERE'S A BUNCH OF UNNECESSARY SCENES, HERE'S LIV TYLER BEING PRETTY FOR THIRTY BORING MINUTES, also, ELEPHANT-TRUNK SURFIIIIING IS HOW WE ELVES ROLL, DAWG"

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