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Xbox Live For The Players 19

jasoncart writes "Ferrago has an article up suggestion how Xbox Live could be improved with a unified multiplayer matching system, clans, and player-funded dedicated servers." From the article: "Meeting friends via Xbox Live can happen only in the heat of battle, you can send friend requests to people you've enjoyed playing with, and keep an eye on who you have met during your gaming adventures. But as yet there is nowhere in Xbox Live (although plenty of places if you use a PC) to meet up with other likeminded Xbox 360 gamers, chat, arrange a game, and get playing. This is why the Xbox 360 needs a unified multiplayer matching system."
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Xbox Live For The Players

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  • If it became possible for anyone to run a dedicated server on a pc for xbox live games then jolt et al. would be queueing up to offer dedicated clan-servers at $$$ per month.

    Apart from the potential extra work of producing pc dedicated server software, I can't really see why this isn't already a reality.

    • Yeah, great idea. I'm sure every game developer would be chomping at the bit to port a fair chunk of their game to a completely different platform and offer it up for free.

      Oh, and allowing random PC users to connect to Xbox Live and interact wouldn't be a security issue either, I'm sure. Cause no PC users would actually try and hack things to manipulate the data, alter the workings of the server, or try and screw with Xbox Live itself.

      Or, just maybe, they might be wanting to discourage games from followin
  • by Golias ( 176380 )
    Isn't this something you could just do with a web site on your own? Hell, even a myspace page or something would do the job. Don't most X-Box Live players own computers?

    Last time I looked, the X-Box 360 has no keyboard. Not an ideal machine for interacting with people beyond in-game chat.
    • Not to sound like a dick, but it's called a USB Keyboard. It plugs in and works fine! That's how I went through the setup process on the my Xbox 360.
      • How does plugging a keyboard into your game console make you sound like a dick?

        Is that some new voice modulation option which can only be accessed via keyboard?
  • I'm sorry, if you have broadband access, why would you want to pay even more money to get fewer features, when most game sites hosted by game publishers do a far better job and interfere less often?
    • Cheaters...

      It works...

      Voice communication...

      and the best one- 'Barrier to entry'

      Yes, people can be annoying on Xbox Live. But it is far less frequent than on PC games. On the PC I can create as many profiles as I want. If I am feeling like a pain in the ass, I can log on as 'Dickfucker' and harass everyone. Then later on go back and play serious games.

      On Xbox Live, you have one account unless you want to pay for more. Generally, those who WANT to be idiots don't have credit cards (mom and dad do) so th
  • "This is why the Xbox 360 needs a unified multiplayer matching system."


    This problem is solved easier and cheaper by existing communities already. Online gaming communities do this SO much better than anything Microsoft (or any other company for that matter) would be able to put together. The author has no understanding about community development. It doesn't happen because Microsoft enables us to do that, it happens because the PLAYERS do it themselves. This is how it happens on every successful on
  • walk over to your computer and get on irc
  • This practice of stories opening with a "X has an article up about such-and-such" without explaining, in the story summary, who the hell "X" is, is really becoming trite and cheesy. Who or what is "Ferrago?" Am I supposed to know? It sounds like an expensive foreign sports car, but I'm pretty sure they don't have any opinions regarding XBox Live... I think.

    If it's a guy's blog, fine, say so: "'Ferrago,' the blog of hardcore gamer-pundit Joe Smith, has just posted an interesting article..." OK, got it,
  • He suggests you could scan across games to find different matches ignoring the fact this would probably be incredibly difficult for the 360 to do how can you possibly make this easy and steamlined. Youd have to have ever single game in the 360 catalogue listed. Maybe you could select the games and then only ever look at your selections. Itd still be adding in a whole bunch of new menues and complications.

    As for clans, youd need a page for the whole thing. Youd need a subsection for a given game and another
  • ...get rid of kids like this []. Or, Microsoft could start offering Parenting seminars.

    [You have to sign up for a free account to d/l the file, but it's worth it.]

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